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  1. Yeah I got stung with the Gameboy Micro 500 -> 300 thing. And they didn't even want to know about the Trauma Center ccode, like they've disowned the game or something.

    They try and do something nice for you, then slap you in the chops anyway!

    I also cannot register my Trauma Center code. Anyone know why this is? I think I've chucked it away now after countless fruitless attempts. Strangely, the code is recognised as a valid product code, it just claims that it's not a product in their system...

  2. Student ? The game's RRP is £49.99 it'll retail at £39.99 or £44.99 like everything else.

    Some incredible posts in here so far.

    Nah, not a student, just frugal/poor.

    Don't have a problem with the standalone game price, I just personally won't buy it at full price (as I don't most games). The fact that the game ISN'T INCLUDED with the peripherals takes the piss though.

    And yeah, the main point was: vote with your money. Relying on gullible early-adopters to pay over the odds is nothing new, but it's a cynical, greedy move. Don't fall for it!

  3. I'll pick up the game to play with my Guitar Hero guitar when I can get it for sub-£20. No great loss if that turns out to be "never".

    Anyone that buys this at full price is part of the problem.

  4. That's amazing. I totally predicted a flop for that title. Too expensive, needs 4 players, needs a load of physical space etc.

    I know someone who is buying it just to play by himself. More disposable income than sense, I reckon. There are probably others in the same boat. I could barely justify buying Guitar Hero, let alone something like Rock Band.

  5. It can't be right that both N+ and Rez are selling for the same price.

    N+ has '400 pointer' written all over it. I still wouldn't buy it for that price.

    Erm, having spent a bit more time with the demo, I've discovered that it's actually really quite good after all. If it were 400 points I would have it already. 800? Still not sure.

  6. And whomever is doing the game's PR has a nice box quote: "10" - NGamer

    That's be a terribly low score from NGamer, though.

    I'm always a bit dubious of "exclusive" reviews - I'm sure Bully's a great game though.

  7. I just tried:

    c. redeem 48 hour Gold code from H3. I'm still Silver.


    What about d) Create a new Live account and opt for the free month's trial?

    Does that still work?

    EDIT: that's pretty much the same as b, innit? Sorry.

  8. Oh bollocks. I'm sorely tempted to go to Asda at midnight for this (24 hour Asdas do sell games from midnight, don't they?), just in case my copy from Virgin doesn't arrive on Friday.

    I'm only paying £24.30 for it from Virgin - trade-in at Gamestation will be more than that, won't it?

    I can usually wait until after launch day for games if it means saving a few quid, but not this one.

  9. Got mine for 25 quid from Virgin, think its gone up now though.

    I like the idea, 25 is a realistic price, i picked up VF5 today in game with get it for 20 quid with the "get it for 20 quid when buying anything else" deal. Picked up a 2nd hand fifa for 3.99, and VF5 was mine for a total of 23.99.

    Whaa?! Someone in the Bargains thread said that this offer had ended. Is it still on? Will it still be on tomorrow?

  10. I don't buy many games, and I'd already set myself a limit of £20 for new games, with similar conditions on trade-ins etc to the ones you have. I've broken it twice recently: once for Super Paper Mario, once for Super Mario Galaxy, though I've managed to get both for under £25 each. I might raise my limit to £25 too.

  11. Monkey Ball's already been mentioned, but fannying about with switches in Super Monkey Ball 2 was a right pain in the arse, and detracted from the wonderfully simplistic gameplay of the original.

    Also: Super Monkey Ball on Wii is desperately missing a proper Monkey Baseball mini-game.

  12. Fast forward 20 years and now we see the emergence of games that creep me out partially because these are the very sort of games that would appeal to my tormentors. Would it have given them extra ideas? Who knows, they would have had access to other media that would have shown torture I guess.

    I have to say that I'm very much with Ste Pickford on this one. Don't ban, just don't advertise in kid's mags and sell it either in restricted outlets or make it a behind the counter job.

    On the other hand, would you have played Manhunt 2 to "act out" the violence against those who were tormenting you? I probably would've, in a "virtual Columbine" sort of way. I'm not saying that it would necessarily have been a good idea to do so, but I know that if I'd played such a game as a child that's exactly what I would've done.

    Having said that, there is no way in the world my parents would've bought me an 18-rated game. It took a lot to persuade my mum to buy Reservoir Dogs for me one Christmas - when I was 17.

    I agree that games such as Manhunt 2 should not be advertised in kids' mags - remember the RedEye column in Edge about this very subject? Have Gamesmaster covered it at all? They really shouldn't.

  13. I've added everyone on here. Please add me too! Please add me to the first post as well.

    060230 357214 (name: Paul Twist)


    PS I am really bad at the game so play me if you want an easy win, not a challenge.

  14. Haven't got mine yet. I don't think my copy has ever been late before in the 3+ years I've been subscribing, so it seems that something's gone wrong somewhere. If it's not there tomorrow I'll give them a call.

  15. Other than for sale items, I have no idea why anyone would buy from Game in this day and age.

    I'm surprised the ten day return scheme lasted as long as it did. If it's as popular as it seems Game must either have a lot of "faulty" software to return or they must re-sell a lot of "used" software as new. Either way, it always seemed like an unworkable scheme to me.

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