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  1. I also cannot register my Trauma Center code. Anyone know why this is? I think I've chucked it away now after countless fruitless attempts. Strangely, the code is recognised as a valid product code, it just claims that it's not a product in their system...
  2. Mine would be called British National Mario Party.
  3. Nah, not a student, just frugal/poor. Don't have a problem with the standalone game price, I just personally won't buy it at full price (as I don't most games). The fact that the game ISN'T INCLUDED with the peripherals takes the piss though. And yeah, the main point was: vote with your money. Relying on gullible early-adopters to pay over the odds is nothing new, but it's a cynical, greedy move. Don't fall for it!
  4. I'll pick up the game to play with my Guitar Hero guitar when I can get it for sub-£20. No great loss if that turns out to be "never". Anyone that buys this at full price is part of the problem.
  5. I know someone who is buying it just to play by himself. More disposable income than sense, I reckon. There are probably others in the same boat. I could barely justify buying Guitar Hero, let alone something like Rock Band.
  6. Erm, having spent a bit more time with the demo, I've discovered that it's actually really quite good after all. If it were 400 points I would have it already. 800? Still not sure.
  7. That's be a terribly low score from NGamer, though. I'm always a bit dubious of "exclusive" reviews - I'm sure Bully's a great game though.
  8. It can't be right that both N+ and Rez are selling for the same price. N+ has '400 pointer' written all over it. I still wouldn't buy it for that price.
  9. Both on the web and in store. Picked it up this lunchtime.
  10. What about d) Create a new Live account and opt for the free month's trial? Does that still work? EDIT: that's pretty much the same as b, innit? Sorry.
  11. Is this the episode with a certain big-headed guest star?
  12. £16.49 in Toys R Us. Still had some in Warrington at 6.30pm this evening.
  13. Fair point. Something that's funny without being laddish would do, then.
  14. Slightly off-topic: is there a decent 360 mag, or are they all pap? (For reference I like NGamer best, so something in that vein would be lovely).
  15. Virgin have despatched my copy! Hurrah for Virgin! Boo to Virgin for making me order it twice, after cancelling my first order for no reason whatsoever. Hope it arrives on Friday... Haven't been this excited about videogames since, ooh, December 7th last year.
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