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  1. Hopefully Collison will be back soon as he'll feature in the reserves match this week. I think we did well to get a point away from home considering our injury list at present.
  2. Usain Bolt is who we need! Him and Cole running riot would be a blast
  3. Pochacco


    My manager won't be happy tomorrow!
  4. I aim to get down to around half a dozen titles at most at any one time but those darn RPGs keep piling up
  5. Seriously? https://www.facebook...05281343&type=1 Seeing those photos reassures me that I've a mild form of geekiness with my lot around 35 titles... (which I'm in the process of cutting back!)
  6. ITV HD? I'll turn that tv sound down and 5 Live up!
  7. Apart from Louise! I like her
  8. I can't say I've ever received an abusive message over FIFA (Blazblue yes). I did thank one guy though after a Pro Seasons match - he was 1-0 up and dominating for large periods of time before a free kick and another goal 10 mins from the end had me whooping for joy, hoping to hold out for 3 points. He pulled a goal back right at the death so I felt compelled to thank him for a great match - to which he duly replied 'thanks mate same ' So if you're out there Forrester1995 from B'ham, you're a top chap and a gent
  9. For anyone interested, the bluray collection is £50 on Tesco's website: http://www.tesco.com/direct/james-bond-007-complete-blu-ray-collection/575-8106.prd?pageLevel=&skuId=575-8106&sc_cmp=aff_1018132 TDX-KJPW code for "new" customers to get it for £40 delivered. 3% via Quidco.
  10. Yea like Man City have a more expensive squad and they should beat WHU It doesn't matter how much money you throw at a squad. If they can't work as a team what's the point? BFS has to his credit drilled our boys well - while we may not be scoring loads of goals like other teams we have one of the best defences in the league. RS's take on Joey Barton was funny the other week.
  11. Good article here by Robbie Savage: http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/0/football/20568256
  12. We have a 4-3 record against them in the FA Cup Last time we beat them 4-0 - woo!
  13. Highlights here: http://theoriginalwinger.com/2012-12-01-video-west-ham-united-v-chelsea-highlights-premier-league
  14. Oh and another fuck you to Lawrenson. I swear that bloke chunders crap out of his mouth.
  15. Super second half performance by us. I was listening to it on the drive back from Ashford. Was dreading Torres would score against us as he has previous but that thankfully amounted to nothing. Should have placed a bet - West Ham odd of winning was 4:1! Happy that CC scored - will give him a big confidence boost for sure, considering Carroll's only found the net once in his dozen or so starts. Diame and Maiga did good too - happy for Maiga who was miffed at being subbed out so early on in the other previous match.
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