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  1. WipEout-HD. Elite Campaign Legend at 1.77%. 26th in the world to do so apparently- this was pre-patch and hard as balls due to the ridiculously broken A.I.
  2. Pretty sure the same thing happened at the ps2 launch thirteen-fucking-years ago, so yeah, not new, or even original.
  3. I used to play Gals Panic in the arcade. I would have retained more dignity if I'd whipped my dick out and started wanking in public.
  4. I saw a 170 hovering in a mavrick at the airport yesterday- 2 lazers spawned behind the helipads, yikes.
  5. "Get. That. Scum... Make. Him. Pay."
  6. Basically I use it so I can feel like robocop. I think the patch might have done away with the bounty/personal vehicle penalty thing.
  7. Apologies for blasting your personal vehicle to kingdom come, btw. Kudos to the pilot for the maze bank sniping position, that was a smart move... although I was mildly concerned when donut took the controls for our escape. Edit: Oh yeah, you do the combat roll by aiming down sights and square with a direction.
  8. The race side has been poorly implemented- catchup is flawed, it would have made more sense to boost the speed of the other players rather than limit the leader's; more risk/reward for those lagging behind, although I'd prefer if it wasn't there as a option at all. Also, the payout should be lap number and track difficulty dependent. It's a real slog finding a race that isn't down the drain or criminal records as it stands.
  9. I was having serious issues with pop-in/freezing and attempted the recommended defrag, only to spend the last hour abortively trying to restore a corrupted file system. That's the last couple of years of ps3 data gone. So, yeah, don't try that (at least without a back-up). Level 1 here I come.
  10. Yesterday, through the inventory, I discovered that stuffing your face with sweets and ecola while under a hail of bullets is a surprisingly effective strategy.
  11. I don't know if this is documented, but if you have free aim you'll only join freeroam where the same setting applies- Only annoying thing is, sometimes I'll get invites to other 'muk players who are using other aim modes, and have to quit to story mode to change it back to free aim on completing the job. Edit: this is true of any quick jobs you undertake from a free aim freeroam too. Actually, thinking about it, this could screw up crews- if we don't share the same aim mode we'll be spread over several hubs.
  12. Hnng, this is addictive, I had a marathon session with Lyrical yesterday. Those fighter jets are incredibly twitchy. And explody.
  13. Die Hard Trilogy was the first thing that came to mind. The rendered intros and the like; it had fantastic production values, but most importantly really captured the blockbuster 'feel' of the films (except the curious soundtrack choice for Die Hard). Man, I love DHT.
  14. I was fiddling with Franklin's ability an hour ago- it's a little broken, but in a fun way. If you turn a corner at greater than 90 degrees (140 seems to be the sweet spot) while continuing to accelerate in slow-mo, you can achieve ridiculous speeds via some kind of weird sling-shoting effect on exiting.
  15. Got to be gameboy tetris- 24(!) years on I still give it a punt every now and then. Insane.
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