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  1. Pete is a fucking idiot. What a fucking idiot.
  2. I HATE PETE!!!!!!! I. HATE. PETE. I HATE HIM!!! I fucking hate him. And I fucking hate George. He's a fucking cunt.
  3. me tom oli and raps are in defo
  4. olly


    pixxxx plzzzzz
  5. finally, i'll be able to find out what llamas sound like
  6. Well I've only been playing since Source, and I'm STILL better than all of you! Some of you. Emps.
  7. I couldn't BELIEVE when the 30 minutes was up, it flew by. Wicked stuff, guys.
  8. Don't you DARE suggest us Garth Merenghi fans like shows of the ilk of Max and Paddy, you BASTARD.
  9. Bromwell High was well shit. Like, proper shit.
  10. I've killed two people in one shot of the Scout before.
  11. Are your friends the cast of recent Brit horror flick The Descent?
  12. Nice story toony. It's easy to get disheartened on the rllmuk server, but when I remember the quality of the regulars there, I feel a bit better. I think the victim punishment system is a good idea, although they'll always be dickheads abusing it. 95% of the time I forgive people who kill me, because there isn't usually any malice aforethought.
  13. olly

    I Want To Live

  14. olly


    pizzas are cool? like, REALLY cool
  15. olly

    I Want To Live

    i've been to hollywood, i've been to redwood
  16. olly


    Hi i'm just here to say pizzas are really wicked
  17. Okay I'm sub 2. If I'm needed and not around get Tom* to ring me
  18. Seriously, no-one wants to hear your shitty juvenile bickering on here all the time. Take it elsewhere.
  19. What the fuck? No, seriously.
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