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  7. Thanks, the mirror solution is very ingenious to allow pixel to pixel transition between screens without the need for a bezel at the join. Some clever tetris skills to fit all that lot and leave room for player controls and the player themselves without interfering with reflections.
  8. Given they would have been CRTs, how did they get the displays to not have an obvious bezel / seam / join between the 3 screens?
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  12. Well you aren't playing on hard mode so technically......
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    Sorry should have said on switch.... the single joycon control configuration does use the x would be perfect if that could be the default for standard/ dual joycon controls. On the reaction / memorisation discussion I thought I didn't like bullet hell games because they invoked too much memorising of the patterns and where was 'safe' and wondered why i couldn't have the simplicity of r-type which my recollection was of the first 3 levels at least being more about enemies shooting at you and you reacting to evade their shots and actively take them down. Also interestingly I've recently switched to using the players with more focused attack patterns as opposed to those with more of a wide bullet spread attack which again I think means more active planning and aiming is needed to eliminate enemies. Someone here pointed out that as I'd stated I liked guwange, dragon blaze and progear which were all protobullet hell shooters i should give some other bullet hell games a try. Did so with mushi himesama and anger force and really like both. They are different and currently depends on the mood as to which I'll play. Anger force is currently being played and I feel its got a good mix of reacting to bullets directed at you and memorising bullet patterns. Mushi I enjoyed but also struggled with till I tried the harder settings and found them actually easier as you are gifted with much more powerful attacks from the start to counter the increased level of bullets and enemies. I havn't played many others but from YouTube vids my impression is if a game veers too much into bullet hell mechanics it ends up looking like a rhythm action game to me as opposed to a "proper' shooter I'd want to play.
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    Played a bit more anger force today. Is there no remapping option for the buttons? The default control scheme leaves the x button unused and uses the left shoulder button for one of your specials. Would much rather have that mapped to x so that my left is only concerned with movement of the ship and all attacks are on the right.
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