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  1. Played for an hour this morning and really liking it, the combat is probably a little easier to fit in with modern tastes. As I said never got far in exile back in the day so not sure how similar it is on a deeper level but superficially has the jetpac physics and sprawling levels feeling right as well as the native flora and fauna reminding me of that game there are however more NPCs to interact with in this so not getting wrote the same feeling of isolation as in the of 8/16bit wonder. It actually includes explicit references to the old game in fact so am surprised it's not been mentioned more clearly in the reviews about it being inspired heavily by Exile.
  2. Just purchased but not played it yet as the mrs hogs switch for her daily animal crossing fix in the early evenings. The levels and physics certainly look very reminiscent of Exile in the vids not sure if the puzzle element will be up to the same level as that game.
  3. Just picked up Willy Jetman in the sale for a bargain £4.58. Reminds me a lot of Exile on my ST even though I never got very far in that game back in the day would be rude not to support this game at that price.
  4. Does the oled switch fit the flip grip tate holder?
  5. Though I'm completely rubbish and only really progressing by playing on squire difficulty all the endless punishment feels like great fun....not sure it would do for anyone not familiar with the series. Whilst it's hard its not a masochistic endeavour, as you can see generally when its screwed you over how to avoid that in future runs, the fun is in seeving the many shitty unexpected ways it finds to kill you and then outwitting them.
  6. Astounded at the lack of botw pics in this thread.
  7. You're probably right....a very long time ago now
  8. I have a modded snes in the loft with a couple of physical switches on the side for changing region and refresh rates as well as a somewhat ugly cart port hack to allow it to accomodate NTSC carts as well as PAL. Just browsing ebay and seen some auctions for cic modded consoles that look much nicer with it all being done via the reset button but note none of them appear to have had the cart port modified so am worried they will never accomodate my US chronotrigger cartridge. Are the port hacks to accomodate ntsc so neat these days that the console looks unmodified or is there some other work around (other than purchasing one of the PAL knockoff versions of the game)
  9. Recall being in Phoenix in the states and purchasing my launch GameCube together with Mario sunshine, monkeyball and rogue leader. Great fun with monkey target in the desert evenings. Subsequently purchased a switchable panasonic Q when I was back in UK, at the time it and the TV were the only things furnishing my newly purchased first house. The Q is packed away in the loft will take pride of place in my man cave some day.
  10. This game was awesome on the N64.....Unfortunately middle aged me finds it soon induces motion sickness in me these days.
  11. mwaawm


    Thanks for the replies, as I said I havn't experienced many BH games and certainly no recent releases but some shooters I have enjoyed included dragon blaze, progear, anger force, guwange, whilst they can get busy dont think any of them would qualify as BH games. My comment was probably misguided by static screenshots a case in point being searching for the recommendation by ImmaculateClump of blue wish resurrection plus and finding the static screenshots off putting but upon seeing some vids looks really good and reminds me of dragon blaze a little so will check it out. Doesn't help that I also find the ultra HD graphics that accompany many BH shooters off putting as to me they seem sterile like many early cgi/mobile games.
  12. mwaawm


    Are bullethell shooters a dumbing down of the venerable genre? I have played very few as don't like them compared to traditional style shooters but just randomly thought that if most of the screen is covered in bullets barring a couple of safe spots isn't it a bit too much hand holding in making it obvious thats where the players ship should be on screen? Not saying they are easy just that on the face of it seems a design choice that would deliver an overly curated experience as opposed to the apparently greater freedom with less prompting traditional style shooters gave players. The fact you're not served up the illusion of working out and learning patterns but seemingly being forced through a template of movement might explain why some like myself don't particularly like bullethell shooters. Big caveat that while a fan of traditional shooters I am still a novice at them and as I state have played few bullet hell shooters.
  13. mwaawm


    love the disclaimer at the end telling me this is a fictitious story
  14. mwaawm


    https://www.destructoid.com/hishou-same-same-same-toaplan-compilation-coming-in-2022-ps4-switch/ Disappointingly it's flying shark....when will they finally cough up Outzone on a home format.??
  15. I have been forced to downgrade from legend to knight then to squire before I was able to make any real progress....at least I didn't have to face the shame of page. Maybe will be good enough to progress to knight in a few weeks. Back in the day on my ST I only completed it using cheats anyway.
  16. Can confirm that ghosts n goblins resurrection is well worth it. Hard as nails but lots of options to keep things playable....awesome revitalizing of a dormant franchise.
  17. Ghosts n goblins resurrection reduced to £16.99.... Will end up pulling the trigger this weekend.
  18. My gaming panasonic plasma is still faultless....the living room general viewing and occasional gaming panasonic plasma is now occasionally making a funny whining noise.....LG OLED in the new year perhaps and an OLED switch for christmas to replace the existing one. Trouble is splurging on a house extension means I feel stony broke at the moment.
  19. Assume the prices posted are for a single subscription. I have a family subscription that cost 30 odd quid, what will be the cost of renewing this as is and with the additional premium content?
  20. My fire emblem 3d's XL is coming back from CEX unrepaired. It boots but fails to read anything from either the cart port or the micro sd port. Turning it on get nothing but a blank screen (creating impression its a screen fault) but hold down the home or power button long enough and you did get that screen that asks if you want to shut down or go to the home screen. Nintendo have stopped support so I may as well get myself a New 3DS XL but seems a shame to let that lovely old case on my dead one go to waste....also not sure that I will be able to get any of my downloaded content transferred across to any replacement console of Nintendo no longer support it.
  21. Sorry a bit off topic but how safe is Facebook market place in comparison to ebay for example?
  22. Thanks hadn't thought to check Facebook, will have a mooch around later.
  23. My fire emblem 3DS XL powers up but hasnt been reading carts or the micro sd cards for a while and just sits on blank home screen, disgustingly been ding nothing but gathering dust for a couple of years. Nintendo no longer seem to offer repairs on the machine so I think it's time to pick up a 'new' 3DS XL so that I might get some use from all my old carts. Are there any new ones out in the wild anywhere or is it a case of picking the best condition used one I can find?
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