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  1. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    When changing my micro sd card for a larger one do I have to follow the nintendo website advice to copy contents across via my PC or can I get stick the new one in and then download everything from scratch? I know this will take a while but I have no card readers at home at the moment to use the cards on my PC. Edit- Found a reader now so just copyng 128 gig over to PC before copying to the new card.
  2. Unbelievable, ridiculous, nerveshredding, incredibly unfair. Proof positive that the best two teams were in the final, sod the Aussies n Indians who thought it was their automatic right to contest the final.
  3. Cheers Will get it from there. The lack of gyro aiming on RE4 seems to be severely hampering my enjoyment of it at the moment.
  4. Sorted the auto renewal from switch itself, instead of from my phone browser on the nintendo site. Now on Russian shop to download RE4...tempted by Hellblade while I'm here.....but that's actually cheaper back on the UK store!
  5. I've switched regions before but now I have an online subscription with auto renewal it won't let me switch without me first cancelling the auto renewal and the option to do that isn't obvious on the site. Combined with the fact my two sons are in the family group and then will probably have to enter passwords they've no doubt forgotten when I switch back doesn't seem worth the hassle for the £4 saving on RE4.
  6. Press A to win... https://amp.theguardian.com/sport/2019/jul/10/virat-kohli-india-bad-cricket-new-zealand-world-cup-semi-final
  7. mwaawm

    Gaming grudges

    For a Jonny come lately to the 16 bit experience that may be the case ie post 1990 but prior to then the ST versions were invariably superior, and all 3D games were always superior on the ST. The Amiga fanboys got to gloat over the ST in the gaming deathnell years of the home computer when gamers worth their salt were busy playing on consoles. 30 years on they still don't realise this.....amoebas.
  8. Saw episode 2 and 3 of season 2 with the Mrs who had raved about season 1........boring drivel yet the masses have been lapping it up.....now watching episode 4 where they are planning on hiring the demon to crack a certain someone they have in custody......ridiculous this is sub A level student writing.
  9. North and South was amazing to behold back in the day.
  10. Alongside Mega Ste's the Amstrad CPC is the other bit if hardware I will browse eBay for, lord knows where I'd stash them if I ever pull the trigger.
  11. The American author in some ways added to the appeal as I was pretty much here as a uk based owner to experience the European scene, there may be specific north American perspectives that passed us by.
  12. I keep prevaricating over a gotek as don't want to lose access to my actual floppies evem though I have hardly any idea if any of them are still readable. There's a registered copy of Square Off (two player tetris clone) and Asteroidia, both by Dave Munsie that I've never managed to unearth online - only the unregistered versions seem available on the web.
  13. I picked up an ste a couple of years ago that Powered up but wouldn't work on the modern flat screen the guy tried to demo it on through the RF connector. Been meaning to pick up a VGA cable and try it out on an old monitor but can't bear the thought of my hundreds of disks now being dead. Back in the day I had a lovely 4 Meg machine with an internal 235MB IDE hard drive installed by a shop in Windsor (system solutions or maybe the upgrade shop), miss that machine so much.
  14. Maybe worth a look for those old atari fans https://www.extremetech.com/gaming/293349-when-the-atari-st-was-the-future-of-computing I keep browsing ebay for a mega ste to revisit my favourite computer in style, but uk models are like hens teeth.
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