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  1. I love Bad North it's one of my most played eshop downloads.
  2. Thanks for recommending this. I never much liked Qix mainly because I encountered it after playing it's sequel Volfied which is probably still my most played game. Cubixx is very much in the abstract mold of Qix lacking any of the charm and thoughtful level design that volfied added. It has a fun multiplayer though which plays like a cross between Qix and light cycles which is great, just wish the single player was more compelling. I'd recommend this to try once it's in the sales.
  3. Hollow knight is certainly worth 6 quid, probably double that.....but it's not faultless, I found the navigation around its world map a bit tortuous and confusing at times. I've played around 20 odd hours and should really revisit it.
  4. I was hoping to scratch my Turrican itch when I bought it but was disappointed.....just didn't feel right.
  5. I have to confess that IX is the only one I've played, have VII on the 3DS but not got round to it. Too early to judge the latest instalment based solely on the experience of the demo of but just didn't strike me as quite as charming as IX even though there's nothing I could truly say was wrong with it.
  6. How are people finding Dragonquest? The demo seems ok but not a patch on Dragonquest IX sentinels of the starry skies on the DS. Also dont like the fact so many characters are cross eyed.
  7. Have the games and console still not dropped in price! Each to their own but really this is truly unfathomable.....there is no great nostalgia as the console was a failure with a very small peak user base (I was one of them).....most of the games were pretty poor at the time and even the decent ones barring tempest 2k have aged badly. I ploughed a load of money into my STe way after the system was dead but that's because I'd had an ST since 1988 and wanted to tinker about and continue to support it plus it was good seeing the system do all sorts of things it wasn't supposed to be capable of but even I wised up eventually. The jaguar fanbases willingness to throw money at this very mediocre system (development work currently consists of portng old ST games to it!) Is a mystery that defies explanation. I think the prices might be solely due to a bunch of MAGA capped America's willing to pay through the nose to keep the proud American label of Atari's standard flying high in the gaming world.....makes as much sense as the prices.
  8. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Couldn't stand Diablo 3, hadn't played any previous versions but have played Nox and Sacred many years ago.....seems nothing has changed in the world of hold mouse button to win games. Loved Fire emblem on the DS but the latest game seems to have a harry potter sorting hat houses vibe that's putting me right off. So a vote for Mario Maker from me.
  9. Played through Grandia 2 on PC a few years back and loved it. If I get this should I have the kids play Grandia 1 (which I've never played) before letting them play 2. Certainly when I played it in isolation my lack of knowledge of 1 didn't number my enjoyment of it.
  10. Maybe copyng their games is fine as well after all the pirates are just exploiting a loophole.
  11. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2019/jul/29/grand-theft-auto-maker-uk-corporation-tax-rockstar-north-games?CMP=fb_gu&utm_medium=Social&utm_source=Facebook#Echobox=1564411621 Does what it says on the tin
  12. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Formatted my new 256mb card on the switch copied the old 128mb onto pc and then copied content directly over to the new card. Switch recognised nothing on it so just redownloading the game tiles now. In future won't bother faffing with PC at all and just redownload.
  13. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    Would be an instant purchase if it was the gamecube version.
  14. mwaawm

    Nintendo Switch

    When changing my micro sd card for a larger one do I have to follow the nintendo website advice to copy contents across via my PC or can I get stick the new one in and then download everything from scratch? I know this will take a while but I have no card readers at home at the moment to use the cards on my PC. Edit- Found a reader now so just copyng 128 gig over to PC before copying to the new card.
  15. mwaawm

    Cricket Thread

    Unbelievable, ridiculous, nerveshredding, incredibly unfair. Proof positive that the best two teams were in the final, sod the Aussies n Indians who thought it was their automatic right to contest the final.
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