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  1. Yeah but he had like a 20 year break didn't he?
  2. My youngest has just bought a secret lab because his office chair is killing his back.
  3. Miyamoto is 67. At his rate we have already had his last game,
  4. What did you think of Ghost of Tsushima and Last of us Part 2?
  5. Saw it yesterday . Quite a clever film the way it ties everything together without any of the usual time travel paradox stuff ( although this isn’t strictly speaking time travel ) . Had some issues hearing dialogue but mostly got it all . Loved the soundtrack , and some great sequences. i need to see it again , but I’ll wait for the 4k release .
  6. Only if you make sacrifices to your new game for the current gen. going back to shadow of Mordor . It was a very poor version on 360/ps3 but great on PS4/bone. I.e. the New version was the focus and sure , you got a version on the old machines but it wasn’t very good . Even Cod has form with ghosts having a compromised online element vs the next gen consoles .
  7. Thats exactlly what they did. The engine that MW used and Black Ops will use , was brand new last year and was designed for next gen machines
  8. By doing did the sensible thing and using the new machines as the baseline and scale back for previous gen ( as per shadow of Mordor etc last gen ) . As opposed to 343 who used a OG Xbox as the baseline and scaled up .
  9. I'm not sure the main focus , at this point, should be any perceived problems with the plot..
  10. Course it isn't. You can't have a binding contract to agree to pay a indeterminate sum at an indeterminate date in the future for an indeterminate service. If you have an agreed service or goods for an agreed price, then yes it is a contract of sale. I.e. service or goods for an agreed sum of money, Pre-order generally allow you to cancel or refund prior to shipment. Any agreement missing either what you are buying, or, the price you are paying, isn;t worth the paper it isn't printed on.
  11. You can’t have a contract of sale without a price . Don’t really care what Tesla did or didn’t do . They might have offered people a chance to buy one at a unspecified price for a deposit . But then that’s not a contract of sale . Ie either party can pull out at any time .
  12. Yes a pre-order is sale. The fact that some places only take the money at the point of shipment is irrelevant (you could cancel the contract at any point prior to shipment at get your money back if it is taken at point of ordering). The key point is you are buying goods or services for an agreed price. Without the price, there cannot be a contract of sale. So no, you cannot have pre-orders without a price.
  13. What does it being Sony have to do with anything. You literally cannot have a contract of sale without an agreed price.
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