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  1. No it isn't. Stop being daft. It measn MS will have the top performer ona techincal level and enjoy the best verison of Third part games (as we now with the 6TF One X and 4.2TF PsPro).It doesn't mean one will be like a Rolls Royce and the other will be a Mini Metro.
  2. Bscially yes. Its effective continuing with the "ending generations" narrative. But nice to see it put into practice. I don't think SOny will follow suit. I think they are going to stay withthe traditional approach
  3. Smart delivery, as nice as it is, only matters during the relatively short cross gen phase. Game pass is nicer. But as things stand I wouldn't trade the Sony exclusives for Gamepass. Whether that remains to be the case in the next gen remains to be seen.,
  4. I think you might be overstating that. Diminishing returns means that as you go higher the less perceptible the difference. Remember PS pro has double the terrflops of a PS4. Yet the differences are not exactly profound. I think the PS5 will be around 9TF and I think MS will have the premium console in terms of performance, but it will also have it in terms of price.
  5. PeteBrant

    The Boxing Thread

    Hearn is doing exactly what he should do as a promoter trying to get the fight he wants. Applying pressure to make it happen .
  6. You only need to buy one version and it will update accordingly. But they had to do this whilst they are pushing the one platform angle. Unless Sony follow suit with the one platform approach, they don't necessarily need to do this, and it only really matters during the fairly short cross gen period.
  7. No good can come of this. It will absolutely not to live up to expectations and hype. It can only disappoint. It is an extremely cynical exercise.
  8. I think a graduated apprach is proabably right. You are going t learn the techniques between 12-16 and certainly you will develop the muscle groups required. You can do alot of that with a foam ball.
  9. Well, you have to remember the same amount of game get played in 3 weeks in the prem as in the whole world cup. As your sample size grows, so does the true reflections of the systems failings.
  10. PeteBrant

    The Boxing Thread

    Well there's no guarantee that Wilder or his team will want a third fight. There's lots of arguments to say he might be better off rebuidling a bit after a beating like that
  11. It's basically a game of chicken. And if the specs are true, then MS are going to release a more powerful machine at a higher price (as opposed to what they did this gen which was a weaker a machine at a higher price and launch it as a great way to watch telly). At some point, in the not too distant future the prices will get revealed. Last time round it was at E3. So I wouldn't expect any pricing information much before June (regardless of Sony not attending)
  12. I'm sure they'll get the Knack of it eventually... Not sure that the quality, or otherwise, of said exclusives was under discussion?
  13. First party? Welll we know thats not Going to be MS then. But since this is the PS5 thread, thats irrelevant. I'll be amazed if Sony don't have a First party exclusive game for PS5 in the first year. Time will tell.
  14. The fact that this has happened in every previous generation isn't going to deter you then.
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