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  1. Which one? RIchard Leadbetter? John Linehan?
  2. The problem for control is that you are exploring an office block. I;ve put this down now, there just isn't enough in the story to keep me playing it through the frustrating layout and the woeful combat.
  3. Booked in to see this at the Empire Leicester Square on Saturday - Box seats too . Woooo
  4. Anyone going? I'm there Saturday. Quite looking forward to it, haven't been to one for years. Reminds me of the Commodore Show in Hammersmith in the 80's or ECTS at Earl court and Olympia in the 90's
  5. Ha same thing happened to me in the LMP 1 race, right in front of @mexos
  6. @McSpeed took this from tonight’s final race.. it really is the best game ( don’t pos me for this , give them to joe!!)
  7. No, But having the PSU packaged in the same unit means compromises in cooling .
  8. mumble mumble tyres and fuel But yeah the LMP1 are fantastic
  9. Then you end up with Dragons Lair.
  10. To be fair I don’t think this mechanic was particularly unusual for games back in that day
  11. I don't get why people are gettign het up about this. The entire history of games is littered with plagiarism
  12. Well the speculative article you point to suggests consolidation of marketing and sales functions. Was that what Boozy was claiming? I thought he was caliming the downfall of Sony is imminent due to Shawn Layden leaving and him not having a massive leaving party and award cermony?
  13. PeteBrant

    Google Stadia

    ...And in just five years, we here at Google predict you won't have to hold the controller at all. NegativeLatencyPlus© will predict all of your movements, and will play the game for you whilst you can enjoy that important family time.
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