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  1. If you buy the disc PS4 version the upgrade is free . Minus the Yuffie dlc
  2. After what feels like weeks of trying ( but given my limited gaming time these days is probably more like several hours), I managed to get past biome 3 , with the slightest tiny slither of health remaining. real yaaaaaas moment .
  3. Go to the ffvii remake PS4 version on the store. Click on the three dots next to download then view product that will take you to the inter grade page click on the three dots again choose final fantasy upgrade for PS4 version owners download it ( This assumes you are accessing the store via ps5)
  4. Yeah i thought after playing this that I would try and dive back into Ubisoft land and picked up AC Valhalla . And bounced off it completely. Whilst there are obvious similarities in the structure, there is something about GoT that makes it far less onerous .
  5. I think that was a typo . It’s listed as £37.49 now
  6. Gt sport remains the best HDR presentation I have ever seen .
  7. It just means I have adjusted to having loads of stuff I never play installed to actually only having stuff I am currently playing installed . I’ve got a 600mb connection so it’s never too much of a pain to DL stuff I do want to play again . But for sure I’ll be investing in I get al storage once it becomes available for ps5
  8. Yeah not being able to stop and change game is an arse . I’ve used rest a load of times without issue , but the fact I can’t play anything else mid run is terrible .
  9. Just failed at my first attempt at citadel boss . This game is all kinds of amazing . Absolutely stunning .
  10. Am sure you know Big falls damage can be avoided by dashing just before the ground .... the trick is remembering to do it
  11. Yup I had it earlier . Not at the same point but very early on .
  12. Without spoiling anything , getting out the first time is just the beginning
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