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  1. That’s not a good point at all. Miles better the way ND did it. Why ruin the mystery around Abby etc ? Angry joe gave it 6/10. He’s a fucking goon mate
  2. Thinking about this more . bits I didn’t like or felt were a bit poor. 1. the sex scene. No problem at all with happening , was a great moment. But there has never been a sex scene in video gaming that isn’t just *cringe* and this is no exception . 2 . Lev . I really like lev as a character , but all I kept thinking was it was rip off of eleven from stranger things series one with the naive view of the world and language . 3. And that’s it . things I did like . 1. the world , just a staggering realisation . Every location just oozes attention to detail. 2. Abby. Who knew . Spent half the game hating her and then did a complete U turn . 3 . the story . Fantastically well told and superbly acted . 4. the tension . Every second of every location you are on edge waiting for something to happen . 5. the gameplay . An evolution of the first game and some superb opportunities to improvise . 6. The sound design . The best I have ever experienced in a game . By some distance . 7. Guess what . You can have have lgbt characters you care about and know about their sexuality and gender choices and , yeah, some times it does matter because it adds to the richness of the story being told . ( thinking about the usual “we don’t care if someone is gay, why have it in there though” crowd) . 8. the violence . The delicious , raw violence . 9 . Spending ages playing the guitar . All in all , its not as good as the original. But then the bar that game set is , for me, the pinnacle . But my goodness it comes close .
  3. Yeah naughty dog are the masters of misdirection. I was convinced too . Glad it didn’t though cos Santa Barbara was great . One of my favourite oh shit moments was the realisation that the shit hot sniper and the person I had been desperate to kill was Tommy.
  4. And done . Absolutely wonderful game . For me. 10/10 . And that’s all that matters
  5. And finished . Astonishing game .
  6. Mercedes basically following the dragonball z plot line “ no, this is my final form “
  7. Finally, a reason for your posts .
  8. How much does going to a movie at the cinema cost ? How much does going to a football match cost ? How much does a round of golf cost? What’s a pint cost ? whats the average wage ? What’s the average house price ? How has your Netflix sub price changed ? just because Blu-ray and cds have remained at a fixed price doesn’t mean you can apply that to everything . the costs of producing games if everything remains on 2000 terms has gone up inline with inflation , I mean that’s indisputable . Then you factor in Productivity improvements cancelled out by the huge increase in what is being delivered ; purely from a measure of data that is being shipped it is a order of magnitude higher .
  9. Inflation is a perfectly acceptable reason for price rises . Not all games have MTA . You can vote whether you buy into that with your wallet . I feel I get I get value for money for £55 . I will feel I get value for money at £60 . It’s entirely subjective .
  10. It’s Entirely optional . If people want to buy micro transactions they can. In the same way they can decide to buy the game . Or they can steer clear of games loaded with MTA. It’s entirely up to them . As a single off payment £55 is better value than many previous years. And even more so given the enormous budgets some of the some them have . Of course if you decide that it’s too much then that’s entirely reasonable too . But when you say things like “imagine thinking that £55 is a good deal “ it’s you ridiculing individuals that think that’s it’s ok to pay that (or even more) . People spend their money in all sorts of silly ways , and you make your choices accordingly .
  11. funnily enough I spent the same on micro transactions this year as I did in 1993 .
  12. Which lever ones I am happy with the value for money , and that is entirely subjective .
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