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  1. Yeah 9 is the correct score .
  2. The top down angle shows the ball didn’t go out .
  3. It’s because souness and Neville had Spain as being an unbeatable force at half time. Exactly . They had one point going into that game.
  4. Fucking hell well done Japan . Belgium and Germany out on the same day . Delightful .
  5. 7 added minutes lol . How?!? The Belgium game had 4 with far more stoppages . This has been 45 mins of Spain constant possession
  6. Gow is a 9 for me but horses for courses. It’s On a par with the first which was also a 9 for me . But I can understand giving it 7 if you boxed yourself into a corner by mistakenly giving the first one an 8 because it doesn’t really do anything new.
  7. From this years FoS . Basically every car that people have listed here is there . If you’ve never been you should go .
  8. Yeah it happened on one of the group games. Can’t remember which one
  9. It wasn’t a VAR call though. The VAR asked the ref to look but it was his decision.
  10. That is one of the most ridiculous penalty decisions I have ever seen.
  11. I havent tried switch emulation ( I don’t need to, I have a switch) , but thus far any gc /n64/snes games are a piece of piss to emulate on the deck . As are Dreamcast/mega drive/anything Else etc. emudeck ( and I’m sure retrodeck) make its as simple as you could ask for . The only one I have struggled with so far is Xbox .
  12. Rashfords ball control is fucking shit.
  13. “ integrity and loyalty”
  14. i mean USA have played well. But they are there for the taking with a bit of quality. It’s just Southgate is doing his usual tactic of playing not to lose rather than playing to win. he’s got the best player England have had in years sitting on the bench because … well I really don’t know why.
  15. I think excellent might be overstating it.
  16. Man that’s a harsh pen. How is that not getting reviewed ?
  17. Too busy playing it/avoiding unintentional spoilers
  18. that’s not padding . It’s loading screens for last gen consoles
  19. For real. I don’t think it’s a huge problem, certainly no worse than it ever has been. I think any move to introduce more playing time will introduce more time wasting. The biggest problem facing the game? Not racism, not homophobia, not clubs going under, not financial imbalance, but time wasting. Nah.
  20. I think it’s my favourite Tarantino film . It’s between this and Jackie brown. I absolutely love it.
  21. It’s not a big problem though.
  22. Just remember . We will be begging for tyldesly and Hartson when Sam fucking Matterface commentates.
  23. Yeah. One was 45 minutes and the other was 924.
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