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  1. cheers guys. Had some credit sitting on Amazon so just ordered the t3pm pedals
  2. Ah cool thanks for this. And they are compatible with a t150?
  3. PaB

    PSVR2 - out now!

    Wasn’t this guy found out to be full of shit just recently? It’s just journalists and analysts speculating. If it’s drops in price then that’s a good thing. More people will buy one. I suspect though that adoption is in line with projections given the launch price
  4. PaB

    PSVR2 - out now!

    I’ll have to pick up Pavlov . Can’t do tomorrow but around usually for stuff
  5. Yeah I have come to the conclusion that I’m gonna need to spend a bit more for a worthwhile upgrade
  6. Yes I’m a console gamer; I race with youon Monday nights but yeah they are both on offer , I just wasn’t sure if the g29 was an upgrade. From what you have said and looking around they are much of a muchness
  7. I see the Logitech g920 is on sale at Amazon for £179.99. Is it worth the upgrade over a t150? ( is it even an upgrade)
  8. PaB

    PSVR2 - out now!

    They come with the charging dock and plug into the controllers so you don’t have to plug anything in when they rest on the charger. There’s some pins in the charging station that get pushed down by exposed pads on the dongle. You leave the dongle in the controller so it’s a one time installation. ( unless you want to take them out for any reason)
  9. https://www.opensecrets.org/members-of-congress/maria-cantwell/summary?cid=N00007836&cycle=CAREER
  10. PaB

    PSVR2 - out now!

    Just got round to picking up synth riders oh my word
  11. PaB

    PSVR2 - out now!

    Update . I’m not in because of the true pioneers in this thread providing actual useful commentary.
  12. PaB

    PSVR2 - out now!

    Dunno if it’s reviewed poorly. Just not stellar. If you read the reviews you’ll see that the general concensus is that if you liked rush of blood, you’ll like this. It just do any thing particularly new. I’m in because I like rush of blood and the new controllers should make is a less frustrating experience
  13. Stranglehold. The very definition of a game where the demo was the best bit.
  14. I don’t regret spending £70 on demons souls or ffvii remake or tlou part 1 remake. I’m certainly not going to worry about spending £60 on a modern remake of one of the best games ever made
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