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  1. The "game" itself doesn't need a fast CPU, but yeah directx and driver overhead kills most PC games. Hence Pulsemyne's point about Mantle.
  2. Games don't actually need particularly fast CPUs, by far the bulk of the processing power is needed in the GPU, so that's where it's focussed on the new consoles. The CPU needs to be fast enough to feed the GPU with information, and since consoles don't have much overhead in the graphics library this is pretty easy.
  3. Um, almost definitely due to the CPU overhead of the graphics API and driver. The last game I ported to PC spent about 10% of the time in gameplay code, and 70% in the nvidia driver. The PS4 and Xbox CPUs will be plenty fast enough for game code, its really not an issue.
  4. I worked with Ed Clay for ten years and really miss him. Smartest person I've ever known. PGR was loved for its car handling and graphics, both of which Ed was responsible for since he wrote the vehicle physics and most of the graphics engine. A genuine genius, and terribly sad loss.
  5. Regardless of whether this is true, its such an non-issue. SDKs always use a lot of memory in the early days because the OS usage can never go up throughout a console's lifetime, otherwise the launch titles wouldn't work anymore. So its far safer to assume the OS will need loads of memory in the early days even if it doesn't use it and then gradually reduce the usage and give it back to developers as needed. Also, since the console devs have been working in 512MB for the past 8 years, even 4GB seems like absolutely loads, so it simply doesn't matter. In five years time though, having closer to 8GB may be something devs are pushing for, and Sony (and MS) can decide whether they want to give some of it back.
  6. Not only is it bigger, but it needs an external power brick too. PS4's is internal.
  7. It was my birthday yesterday. My wife told me for my present our daughter was going to the in-laws so we could go camping in Belgium in a few weeks. Hurrah, I thought, a long weekend away, nice road trip with the missus and some good tunes on the stereo, great beer and food, awesome. Then I saw the Spa tickets So, any recommendations for where to go with general admission? Worth taking camp chairs etc? I'm working on the assumption that plenty of gortex is a good idea too... Been a massive F1 fan since the mid 80s, I can't tell you how excited I am to be going to my first actual GP. And can't believe my wife actually picked Spa which is pretty much my favourite track!
  8. VS is pretty good, one nice tip is in the find box you can type >of main.cpp and it will open main.cpp. Nice for when you have a codebase of thousands of files, at which point solution explorer becomes a bit hard work. It does loads of other stuff too: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/c3a0kd3x(vs.71).aspx Also, you can write little scripts for the debugger windows to understand your own types, i.e. if you have your own array/list/string etc. classes you don't have to go rummaging through m_pData pointers and casting and stuff. Google for autoexp.dat for more info.
  9. For added awesomeness, try slicing up a french stick and spread each slice with garlic butter, lay on top of the stew (to cover it) and bung in hot oven until golden. Its then a flemish dish that I've forgotten the name of but its utterly delicious.
  10. MemoryLeak


    I think the new video shows it off pretty well.
  11. Anyone watch this? Unbelievably, I thought it was actually pretty good. Contained genuine lolz. Real ones, where I laughed and everything. Clunes is much better than I would have guessed. 8.3/Rossiter
  12. There's so much to improve with game graphics I hardly even know where to start. Mainly it comes down to lighting and surface detail in one way or another, and the various hacks in place to get round where we are limited with both. Things like resolution are only a tiny part of making "realistic" or even just "interesting" stylised graphics. People tend to get hooked up on resolution as a way to make things look better, but I suspect that's because as the end user its the only thing you can do to make things look better (ok, AA and AF as well). Generally, using high res, lots of AA and AF will look better than low res, aliased stuff, but there are so many other things we can do to "spend" that power. Remember no one complained that Eastenders doesn't look photorealistic in SD (although real life cameras don't have aliasing issues). The big thing is lighting. At the moment we tend to have a few dynamic lights in a game, generally only one casting shadows. Those shadows are direct only, so despite having soft edges with the best techniques, they still don't represent any kind of indirect lighting or shadowing. The nearest I've seen anyone get to realtime indirect lighting is the Geomerics middleware, and that's only low res. There are no games out there with proper lighting as its simply too expensive, this means we either ignore it, or try and choose art direction which works with say one strong shadow casting light (say, the sun). If you look at something like PGR, it looks fairly realistic because most of the lighting is precalculated, and only moving things (cars) need to do anything with dynamic shadows. GOW is actually a weird one, because it isn't realistic at all, it has no fancy indirect lighting, but they make an amazing job of using direct lighting with normal maps to make everything look interesting and cool, and that "interestingness" of surfaces convinces you that its real as it looks as complicated as reality. Things like textures, normal maps, displacement maps etc. are all just hacks to try and increase surface detail as SteP said earlier. We'll use them, and other hacks to pretend there's more detail but I suspect we'll still be rendering triangles with maps on even in the next gen. Texture mapped triangles is a pretty good solution, and has nice behaviour in lots of ways compared to say voxel volumes or nurbs curves or something. I think the next gen will let us do much much more with lighting passes, and some realtime indirect stuff, which will get us into really photorealistic screenshot territory. But that leads onto the other big thing: animation. Animation is really far behind the curve at the moment, we can make cars and cities look near as damnit photorealistic (with certain lighting constraints). We can even make pretty impressive skin and hair shaders which could possibly get near photorealism (again, in certain circumstances) but put an animated human figure in the scene and as soon as it moves it isn't real. I think we need to start dedicating similar amounts of resources as we do to textures and graphics rendering, to animation data and processing. Oh, and yeah, AA is accomplished by rendering to a high res buffer (i.e. 720p*4 or whatever). There are some architectural peculiarities on various platforms which make this both faster and slower, but at the end of the day AA is accomplished by rendering to a high res buffer and then downsampling.
  13. Belly Pork is possibly one of the best things ever. All the above sound great, I tend to do the following: Slow roast chinese style. Make marinade from a glug of sherry, garlic, ginger, soy, ketchup and 5 spice. Rub all over (meat side mainly, if its trussed up into a log undo and lay out flat). Leave for a bit. Boil kettle, put meat on rack over sink and slowly pour kettle over pork skin. It will shrink and toughen visibly. Pat dry, and roast at high temp until skin cracking. Then turn down and slow roast until meat is really tender.
  14. Excession is proper good. The conversations between the different groups of minds are fantastic, especially as you gradually start to piece together what's going on, who's telling who what and why. I think Banks does a pretty decent job of giving a large number of super intelligent computers characters, no mean feat.
  15. A touch on the cheesy 80s/90s side perhaps, but Nuno Bettencourt for me. He's fast, but not just sweeps and scales like Batio, pretty unique and quite often jaw dropping. Check out the solo to "play with me" (also famous as the music from the mall trashing scene in Bill and Ted). All of Pornograffiti is ace too.
  16. 4 kids in our house, parents working so we split the housework between the kids from us being about 12. One sister got all cleaning, one got all washing and me and my bro split the cooking and washing up. Cooking for 6 people every other day for 6 years did wonders for my cooking skill!
  17. This. The proteins which hold the egg together break down over time, this also causes the white to spread out all over the bottom of your pan. Its not that the egg is "off" or anything, but it will be easy to break the yolk. Its also the most important thing when trying to do poached eggs: if they go everywhere in the water instead of holding together try using fresher eggs.
  18. There's a beer called Deus (I think) which comes in a 75cl (wine) bottle and is produced like champagne. Its not cheap (about £15 a bottle!) but is definitely worth a try if you fancy something different. It tastes almost exactly how you would imagine a beer champagne to taste. But in a good way. Duvel is lovely, but pretty strong. Cue "fall down drunk" hilarity as my parents offered it to friends one night, who proceeded to drink it at the same rate as pints of bitter and ended up with heads down toilets like teenagers...
  19. The thing with sushi is its kind of like everything else, there's good, bad and indifferent. There is also completely awesome. Like, say, steak and chips. There is everything from overcooked "frying steak" with greasy chips, up to 8 week hung ribeye, perfectly medium rare with crisp, light, fries. Supermarket sushi is alright, but is basically inoffensive. Yo sushi etc I'd lump in with supermarket sushi. Good restaurant sushi can be great, there's a place in Leeds I love which does tuna and swordfish which is as fresh as a daisy and tastes amazing. Not just "oh, raw fish", but genuinely delicious. Then there is the real proper shit, like Toro (specifically otoro) which is simply awesome and extremely expensive. Its really fatty, and kind of reminds me of foie gras in that it has that peculiar taste and texture sort of melting in the mouth. I've only had this in the far east, although you can probably get it over here. So, yeah, I wouldn't want to go to Yo-sushi for my last meal any more than I'd want to go to MacDonalds, but a banquet of top flight sashimi/sushi I would argue is a proper last meal contender.
  20. I suppose. Did anyone really think "lets go for a slighting annoying somewhere between 18 and 22 fps though?". If your game runs half the time at 60 and half the time at 30, then cap it to 30. Anything less than that and you should probably consider optimising assets, using lods, simplifying shaders yadda yadda... Admittedly if you don't have the time or funding to do these things its difficult, but otherwise there's nearly always a way to keep things looking nice but speeding them up.
  21. Not really, because they're not. Certainly not the 360 anyway, that memory bandwidth statement earlier in the thread is a load of tosh because of the EDRAM on the 360. The EDRAM has absolutely phenomenal bandwidth (256 GB/s), and is used primarily for the output buffers, which frees the "normal" bandwidth up for texture fetches. Its a really nice setup. The RSX also has some interesting extra bandwidth due to its connection with the Cell so it can read the XDR memory as well as its own local memory. Consoles are interesting beasts, and you can really optimise the hell out of your engine compared to what you can do on PC where so much is left up to what the driver thinks is best. To answer the original post, well, it depends what you mean. We are running games at HD res, with shaders several times more complicated than the previous gen, so I would say yes, they are powerful enough. This has NOTHING to do with games being released with framerate issues, which is simply the developer/publisher running out of time or money to do anything about it.
  22. Personally I think resolution is massively overrated, especially at the expense of aliasing, framerate and other effects. It has such a small effect on the quality of the final image but because its a solid number it means fanbois and marketing men can use it for hugely uninteresting arguments with their opposition. I know its a cliche, but no one ever said Eastenders looks fake because its running at PAL res. That's because it has the proper detail, lighting, and antialiasing applied by reality. Yes, high res stuff looks nice, but I think we have bigger fish to fry in the computer graphics world before we try and run at higher res than previously acceptable video standards for depicting reality (SD PAL and NTSC for example). But, all that is from a graphics point of view. I agree that 60fps and high res can be useful from a gameplay perspective (you can see further with higher res, and react faster with higher framerate). EDIT: err, yeah, what ramone said about an hour ago. JP's right that photo realism is still a long way off, but I think there is still an argument to stay at low res until you've got closer than we have
  23. Did this with mutton once. The result was amazing, beautiful pink delicate meat, all medium rare, but really tasty. The downside was that I did the brown at the end, and 36 hours of 60 degree "roasting" made my house smell of sweaty sheep. For like, a week. Gets in your curtains or something...
  24. Potatoes surely. If you have to be dead specific then baked potato. I reckon you could probably live off that for a month, its not too sickly or weird, and nutritionally pretty good.
  25. Poo. I was looking forward to that. Was any reason given? Any idea when/if it will appear?
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