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  1. She loved it! I think the texture was pretty good, but I need to work on the flavour next.
  2. My daughter is veggie and really misses her favourite BBQ ribs, so I thought I’d take a punt at a vegan version. I present to you, Seitan/jackfruit/dowel “ribs”
  3. Why do we do this with films? No one says “let’s rewrite lord of the rings but with grime raps instead of boring elvish songs*” or “we’ve reimagined the Mona Lisa with a new, more modern smile!” *actually, someone should totally do this
  4. Really? I thought it was genuinely great. Kept moving at a pace, creepy robots had the kids hiding behind cushions. I’d argue that replacing the obvious evil Amazon empire with “blame it on the individual nutter with socialist leanings” was a bit of a strange piece of social commentary, but it was fun family TV.
  5. I bought this years ago and had great success with it: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Curry-Secret-Indian-Restaurant-Meals-ebook/dp/B002S0KC1M/ref=mp_s_a_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1541861535&sr=8-1&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_QL65&keywords=the+curry+secret Top tip: close your kitchen door when making the onion base, or your house will smell of boiled onions for a fortnight.
  6. FWIW I would respectfully disagree with @Liamness in that I think the microwave is actually the best place to make scrambled eggs. It’s just a bit of a faff. Break 3-4 eggs into bowl and beat No milk or other liquid Add salt to taste. Science says leaving this to sit for a bit helps and I think it might, so give it 10-15 mins Microwave for 30s, stir Microwave for 30s, stir At this point it should be hot, and edges catch slightly, so drop down to 15s, stir 15s, stir By now it’s probably getting close. Repeat 10s blasts and stirring until done. Personal preference comes in here, but I aim for thick custard, so it’s really important not to overdo it. Caution! Spoon onto buttery sourdough toast, or bagel
  7. Even toned down it doesn’t quite seem to capture the mood right now, with the armistice centenary and poppies everywhere. ”what can we do to get onboard with the armistice memorial in November guys? Peter Jackson has brought the trenches to life by colorising and enhancing loads of old footage to give a insightful and relatable view of the First World War. JJ?” *takes deep pull of smoke* *nods sagely* ”Nazi zombies?”
  8. Bloody hell episode 4 was hard work. But so well done. Again the characters are just nailed on, the grandparents could literally be my mum and step-dad. The conversation between Emily and Simon in the past when John took the kids for a walk was so accurate it was horrible to watch. The last two minutes was perfect though, I was genuinely laughing and crying at the same time.
  9. Is anyone watching this? I stumbled across it by accident the other night and it's brilliant. At first I thought it was a grim documentary about autism, and it sort of is, but then David Tennant deadpanned about having whatever is wrong with his daughter named after him "I could be the next Tourette!" and I nearly spat beer all over the sofa. The setup is Tennant and Jessica Hynes have a daughter with severe learning difficulties, and the plot bounces between when she was pregnant and with Rosie as a 9yr old. Obviously it's not wall to wall jokes, but the drama is brilliantly written and played and makes the comedy feel well earned somehow. Rosie is trapped as a roughly 18 month old mentally, so any parent will recognise the tantrums and stubbornness, but magnified by her being 9 years old. Shaun Pye wrote it from personal experience, and all the characters feel properly real, but credit has to go to Tennant and Hynes for genuinely great performances. They both come across as smart, funny people, who just have a hell of a lot to deal with day to day and just about manage to keep their heads above water. There's no way in hell I would have watched this from either a description or the trailer, but having stumbled across it accidentally I'm glad I did.
  10. I was so excited for this series that I think it's taken me this long to really admit to myself that I don't really like it. Jodie Whittaker seems pretty good, but the script and plotting don't seem that great. For me. A 40 year old nerd. My kids (5,9) love it! Every episode is them on the sofa, excited, scared, even the 9 yr old climbing on my lap when there's any peril! And I'm not hating it, not even bored really, the episodes have all bobbed along fine, but I'm just longing for the cleverness and tricks and "hang on a minute I just realised what the pile of skulls is zomg". Its not for me though, its for the four of us, and that's pretty cool. I can't help but think they missed the point with Torchwood. Adult Dr Who is a great idea. But someone read adult as "tits and swearing" instead of sophisticated plotlines and it was all a bit shit*. They should reboot that and make it good. *except children of earth which for some reason was ace.
  11. I thought it was great. Episode two might even be better than the first. The bit in the car especially, proper edge of the seat tv.
  12. Yeah reading around I think what I saw was possibly the three hour version, but it was so full of adverts on TV it was 4 hours.
  13. Did anyone ever see the crazy extended edition that was on TV in the 90s? I’ve not come across it since, and once wondered if I imagined the whole thing, literally checking with my brother to see if I’d dreamt it or not. We’d been at the pub, and got home around midnight after a skinful. Flicking through the new cable TV channels we stumbled across some weird sci-fi channel with a film just starting. So we grabbed a beer and sat down to watch, figuring it would be over around 1:30 and we’d go to bed. It didn’t finish. It it just carried on. For what felt like forever. It was strange, and captivating, and disgusting, and exciting. Picard was in it. And sting. What the fuck is this? I think it finished at about 4:30am. Years later I saw the normal cut and was confused that loads of scenes were missing. But I don’t think you can buy the long version anywhere. Cant wait for the Villeneuve version though.
  14. Avoid the Guardian. Peter Bradshaw predictably recites the entire plot. He liked it though.
  15. MemoryLeak

    Stone Roses

    Sounds like a seahorses cover band
  16. Yeah I don't think Layte was just being master race, he had a good point, you can't emulate a PS3 because the CPUs aren't powerful enough. In fact I'm pretty sure that no current PC chip is powerful enough to emulate a Cell either. Over the years we did some crazy stuff on SPU which I'm sure wouldn't run on any current CPU hardware. Its interesting because I don't think we're going to see the PS3 emulated for a long time yet.
  17. I play Destiny whilst drinking wine. This explains why I'm simultaneously skint and dreadful at Destiny.
  18. I don't think this makes any sense. Neither platform had a "native" resolution for rendering. Unless I'm misunderstanding you.
  19. Nah, sorry, the whole thing is nonsense. Literally every statement and assumption in that post is rubbish. Also, GPUs deal with reads and writes appropriately for the memory subsystem with caches and queues, ESRAM makes no difference here.
  20. Don't be silly. One plays on keyboard, the other plugs a joystick into the soundcard port.
  21. Sadly a lot of that article is wrong, I'm not sure the guy really understands what DX12 is, or even how game engines have worked for a while now. The stuff about cores speaking to cores, and lighting is just completely wrong. The big change in DX12 is to how state is represented, i.e. how the CPU tells the GPU what to do. They've seperated things out such that most of the state is static, and there is a sensible interface for changing only the minimum amount of data as is necessary. Previously, as state changed (e.g. changing parameters, textures, shaders etc. between different draw calls) a lot of data would be invalidated at once, and would need rebuilding. Now it doesn't, so its much faster. They've also designed it in such a way that means these command buffers can be built entirely on seperate threads (they sort of could be on DX11, but the driver still had to do a lot of messing around which cost CPU time on the main thread), so that's nice too. The end result of this is a much lower CPU overhead for normal game engines. This in turn means you can do more draw calls, so you can split things up for better culling etc. which in turn could possibly improve GPU perf too. But the main win is CPU side.
  22. Has anyone looked at Shadertoy? Its an interesting webGL based site that allows people to write shaders for fun without needing a whole game engine to mess around with. The cool thing is some people are really pushing what you can do in just a single shader, with demoscene style graphical showcases. A friend of mine did this: https://www.shadertoy.com/view/lsSXzD Its the opening area of Doom E1M1, in a shader. There are no polygons (other than the two triangles to form the screen), no textures, no file loading, no anything. Its just a shader, everything you see is completely procedural. Except its Doom. Mental. Oh yeah, its also got audio. Procedurally, from the shader. WTF.
  23. Lars said this was a greatest hits set. Puppets is safer than a bubble wrapped Volvo.
  24. If you're trying to recreate a reduced red wine sauce which you've had in a restaurant, the chances are what you're actually after is more like a Demi-glacé. The richness of flavour and the slightly syrupy texture come not only from the red wine but beef or veal stock. Make a couple of litres of beef stock first, add a bottle of wine, then gently simmer down until you have a beautiful glossy reduction. I then store this in ice cream trays in the freezer. For a steak sauce, once you're steak is cooked deglaze the pan with a bit of wine to take the heat out, then chuck in a couple of cubes of Demi and warm through. Then add a good knob of butter and whisk to incorporate. It's a lot of work to make the Demi, but you can make quite a lot at once, and the results are amazing.
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