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  1. Norris could win this
  2. Maybe even quicker. Think mine was cool enough to pickup after maybe 20-30 mins. The stone was still warm (radiator hot, maybe 50c) but all the metal bits were cool.
  3. Used the Koda for the first time tonight. So easy, twist button, wait 15 minutes, put in pizza wait 20s, turn, 20s, turn, 20s done. No pics as we’d scoffed the lot before I thought about it. Properly totally restaurant grade pizza (and I mean Rudy’s, not dominos!). Dead portable too so can lend to mates/neighbours etc.
  4. Apologies the weather at the moment is most likely my fault. This turned up today.
  5. @Shimmyhill That looks amazing! How’s the internal structure in the crust?
  6. Tried using a Dutch oven and made a boule. Turned out a lot better than my last attempt which I forgot to put salt in and made WEIRD BREAD. Pleased with this though!
  7. Let this one rise in the cloche as transferring into it is somewhat awkward. Was worried that the cold cloche bottom would cause problems, but other than a bit of sticking it was fine.
  8. Yes, I think they’re similar, but geometry textures are much more powerful. In that rather than being used to add some dimples to an existing polygon mesh, you strip the mesh back to a cube and put all the geo in the texture. I’m not sure how they’re doing it, my guess is there are never any triangles tessellated, it’s raytracing the geometry textures in some way instead (not rtx style raytracing, just in the pixel shader) while rasterising the proxy geometry. Could be totally wrong though. I LOVE the idea of having geometry in a filterable representation. Mipmaps are so nice for textures, it would be great to have geometry behave the same way.
  9. This is the most impressive tech demo I’ve seen in years. The “nanite” tech specifically. If it’s using geometry textures like they’re hinting at on twitter then that’s really cool. I really hope they explain how it works!
  10. Ordered an Ooni Koda. Excited! Sourdough pizzas ahoy. Has anyone tried doing anything like tandoori chicken in one of these 500c ovens? It should work amazingly.
  11. So it turns out that in the cellar I have a stoneware baking cloche thing. I think I used it a couple of years ago and didn’t get on with it because the bread stuck. I have since discovered rice flour so have no fear of sticking. It’s ace! Lovely crust and sensible shaped loaf for slicing. Hurrah!
  12. I’ve tried with and without a Dutch oven and prefer with, it means a more delicate crispy crust, rather than the tank armour crust I get without. But... like you say it means using round bannetons and I have decided I prefer the shape of the loaf over the slightly better crust. Actually, more recently I’ve been baking at a lower temperature and that gives quite a nice compromise. A more delicate crust, but at the cost of colour. Im tempted to try and get a large rectangular Dutch oven of sorts to try and get the best of all worlds. Will report back if I get round to it.
  13. Today’s sourdough. So chuffed with this, after so many disappointments this is basically what I’ve been aiming for since the beginning.
  14. Yeah, cheat, it’s fine Just found the shaping video I used to learn how to do my loaves. Watched it again and it’s brilliant. One for the mastery thread too!
  15. Great to read @cowfields method and seeing everyone’s results. I started making sourdough a couple of years ago but got busy and bored and my starter died so I sort of stopped. As lockdown started I decided to make a new starter, and after a couple of false starts trying to remember how everything should feel I finally made a decent loaf. I agree with most of the recommendations in this thread but would add a couple of things: - for sandwich sliceability I moved from round to long bannetons - this means shaping is different, I do it by initial shape into a square or A4 sheet, then folding the ends into the middle, rolling it up them repeat, ends in, roll up. You end up with a sort of well behaved sausage with nice rounded ends. - shaping is REALLY important to the final loaf. Took me ages to work that out. I was all like “don’t really care about shape, just want bread” but the shaping determines the crumb quite a lot. - rice flour is godlike for dusting bannetons. I never worry about sticking. - I use a kitchen aid with dough hook because I’m lazy. process is as follows: - weigh ingredients except salt into kitchenaid bowl - autolyse 20 mins then add salt - knead 4 mins in kitchenaid - rest 5 mins - knead 4 mins again - leave for about 6-8 hours depending on temp - shape and put into dusted banneton, then put this in massive ziplock bag - leave overnight in fridge - preheat oven to Mark 8 - tip onto baking sheet and score deeply - bake 10 mins, turn down to 5 - bake 45 - cool on rack
  16. My youngest got bored in the iron man films but absolutely loved Thor Ragnarok and Captain Marvel (she’s a girl and she’s a total badass!) and to a lesser extent the Guardians and Avengers films.
  17. Yeah and I think most of the teams are involved in the rush for proper ventilators. Hats off to the engineers and teams involved, makes me proud to enjoy this sport. They could literally save thousands of lives here.
  18. “Netflix are a real bunch of cunts aren’t they? I can’t wait for them to play that” ”They’re not going to play that” Good fun this
  19. Runaway - I can’t remember anything about it except weird robot spiders and Gene Simmons from Kiss. Which clearly makes it the best film ever, if it wasn’t for... Crossroads - No, not Britney. No, not the soap. The one where Karate Kid goes on a road trip with a grumpy old dude and has to beat Steve Vai in a guitar based boss battle at the end. Yeah! Seriously I’ve seen this at least 100 times and spent about 20 years trying to play the bit at the end.
  20. Those pics of Thatcher look great, really looking forward to Gillian Anderson in this
  21. Saw this today and thought it was basically perfect. Loved every minute. Highlights: Kristoff’s song. Obviously. Into the unknooooooon!!! Olaf’s recount of F1 All the characters have grown convincingly. Samantha. teh grafx
  22. I don’t think sequels have to reflect the tone of the original. All I want is a good film, the trailer looks intriguing. Aliens is nothing like Alien and is awesome. T2 is nothing like T1 and is awesome. I also have a soft spot for 2010 (shut up it’s good )
  23. The line between lentil soup, dal, pottage, pease pudding, ful, mushy peas etc. is indeed a blurry one. Entire civilisations survived by dipping bread into one of the above.
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