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  1. Runaway - I can’t remember anything about it except weird robot spiders and Gene Simmons from Kiss. Which clearly makes it the best film ever, if it wasn’t for... Crossroads - No, not Britney. No, not the soap. The one where Karate Kid goes on a road trip with a grumpy old dude and has to beat Steve Vai in a guitar based boss battle at the end. Yeah! Seriously I’ve seen this at least 100 times and spent about 20 years trying to play the bit at the end.
  2. Those pics of Thatcher look great, really looking forward to Gillian Anderson in this
  3. Saw this today and thought it was basically perfect. Loved every minute. Highlights: Kristoff’s song. Obviously. Into the unknooooooon!!! Olaf’s recount of F1 All the characters have grown convincingly. Samantha. teh grafx
  4. I don’t think sequels have to reflect the tone of the original. All I want is a good film, the trailer looks intriguing. Aliens is nothing like Alien and is awesome. T2 is nothing like T1 and is awesome. I also have a soft spot for 2010 (shut up it’s good )
  5. The line between lentil soup, dal, pottage, pease pudding, ful, mushy peas etc. is indeed a blurry one. Entire civilisations survived by dipping bread into one of the above.
  6. Thread needs more lentils. poverty version: boil lentils in water with salt slightly better: use stock cube better version: usual fry onions and garlic etc first, add spices at end of frying, add this to boiled lentils best version: add butter or cream or coconut milk bestest version: use proper stock, a bit of saffron, blend if you like it smooth It sounds like a joke but plain boiled lentils are pretty nice. Everything else just makes them better.
  7. Yeah I decided to finish this and actually rather enjoyed it in the end. It’s so different from the first half of the book that I really struggled to accept it, but the second half felt much better. I still ill think it doesn’t really make sense to make a somewhat straight war drama from the book though. There are loads of war dramas, but Catch 22 is a pretty unique book. Why not try something more ambitious? Feels like they got a perfectly serviceable result, but missed an opportunity for something great.
  8. I’m struggling with this. Catch 22 was my favourite book as a teenager, and I was really excited about this, but... Yossarian is totally wrong. He should be gregarious, funny, mad, horny and scared. This guy is too quiet, too sensible. Orr isn’t mental enough. Cathcart is too confident and not paranoid enough. In the book every character is pretty much unhinged, but this feels like it’s played way too straight like a standard drama. It’s a bit boring. Also maybe I’m misremembering it, but I felt the first half of the book is just really funny and silly, with tiny flashes of darkness, so you really feel it as the tide turns in the second half. This has felt much more straight from day one. I’m still finding it quite watchable, but it just feels like a different story and characters.
  9. Finished this tonight. Loved it. Dirty, silly, violent, sordid fun.
  10. No chat on this? I’m hooked, highlights every night! Alaphillipe setting everything on fire. Peloton split in crosswinds causing mayhem, and we’re just about to hit the mountains proper!
  11. That's because it's the single most fucking terrifying film ever made. The fucking wheelers. Jesus. The very definition of nightmare fuel. Just checked on youtube to see if I'm making this up. Nope, still totally horrendous! I'm 40 years old.
  12. Think so yeah. Sainz and the McLaren looking commendably not shit too, race sim runs looking faster than Ferrari!
  13. Looks great, loved the first series so looking forward to this!
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