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  1. All the lighting looks broken, but I can’t quite work out why Edit: aha! No shadows!
  2. Me at the beginning of the session: “Hamilton’s getting old now, I wonder if he’s actually still got it?” Me at the end:
  3. Norris could win this
  4. Maybe even quicker. Think mine was cool enough to pickup after maybe 20-30 mins. The stone was still warm (radiator hot, maybe 50c) but all the metal bits were cool.
  5. Used the Koda for the first time tonight. So easy, twist button, wait 15 minutes, put in pizza wait 20s, turn, 20s, turn, 20s done. No pics as we’d scoffed the lot before I thought about it. Properly totally restaurant grade pizza (and I mean Rudy’s, not dominos!). Dead portable too so can lend to mates/neighbours etc.
  6. Apologies the weather at the moment is most likely my fault. This turned up today.
  7. @Shimmyhill That looks amazing! How’s the internal structure in the crust?
  8. Tried using a Dutch oven and made a boule. Turned out a lot better than my last attempt which I forgot to put salt in and made WEIRD BREAD. Pleased with this though!
  9. Let this one rise in the cloche as transferring into it is somewhat awkward. Was worried that the cold cloche bottom would cause problems, but other than a bit of sticking it was fine.
  10. Yes, I think they’re similar, but geometry textures are much more powerful. In that rather than being used to add some dimples to an existing polygon mesh, you strip the mesh back to a cube and put all the geo in the texture. I’m not sure how they’re doing it, my guess is there are never any triangles tessellated, it’s raytracing the geometry textures in some way instead (not rtx style raytracing, just in the pixel shader) while rasterising the proxy geometry. Could be totally wrong though. I LOVE the idea of having geometry in a filterable representation. Mipmaps are so nice for te
  11. This is the most impressive tech demo I’ve seen in years. The “nanite” tech specifically. If it’s using geometry textures like they’re hinting at on twitter then that’s really cool. I really hope they explain how it works!
  12. Ordered an Ooni Koda. Excited! Sourdough pizzas ahoy. Has anyone tried doing anything like tandoori chicken in one of these 500c ovens? It should work amazingly.
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