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  1. I dare say Gina Carano’s “one of theirs” though, I’m many cases.
  2. TBH if the (male) Christian/religious Right keeps trying to fuck with women’s bodies, I could see me picking up a copy of the Darkhold in Waterstones and getting some Big Wanda Energy.
  3. Yeah - all totally valid IMO @Gabe. I suppose I would agree there’s less apparent coherency now, and I’m quite surprised that they haven’t capitalised on the covid “break” to get ahead with lining some things up and signposting where this is all heading (including what you say about core team). They’ve become absolutely top-notch at keeping secrets in the bag as long as they possibly can, but perhaps they’ve become so good at it on a film-to-film basis that they’ve forgotten the art of building hype for the longer-term goals.
  4. Ha - a lot of this is basically why I love it! I actually don’t think, historically at least, they’ve left that many loose ends, or plot cul-de-sacs. For me the coherency of how you can go back to the early films and see things planted that don’t bear out for films and films is nothing short of astounding, particularly in an age where Michael Bay and Roland Emmerich are still allowed to make films. I will also say I have no in-depth knowledge of the comics and don’t feel like it’s ever hampered my understanding of the films. I‘m not trying to convince you to see something you’re not seeing, though - different horses for different courses. And if you’ve got fatigue, I say take a break from it.
  5. Haha - I do! A couple of thoughts on “women on marvel”. I’m not going to claim it’s perfect, but - as someone who (like many of us) - grew up with a woman being no more than a love interest/damsel/cannon fodder, it’s leaps and bounds ahead of that. And also miles ahead of DC’s ongoing tits and ass approach. Any things I have problems with in this film I would primarily ascribe to Sam Raimi, who always taints his own product with some lazy and dumb decisions (seriously, just do one with the women screaming shots). Slightly spoilery, I suppose… Also, I will say I again noticed that our first night screening had several groups of (unaccompanied!!!) women, and was probably about 50-50 on balance. Maybe Kevin Feige’s collectively deluding us?
  6. Yeah this, in a nutshell. I loooooved it. Are some people expecting every film to be End Game now or something?
  7. This page fully pulling the energy out of the room. I’m excited for this!!
  8. Caravan of Garbage also noticed that the fish being drawn in the flashback (then pinned up in Marc/Steven’s bedroom) has only one fin. Giving you so much side-eye from here. I love her, and so do my niece and nephew. Looks to me like you’re outnumbered…
  9. I’d save Rios and also Jurati. It’s not lovely Alison Pill’s fault they’ve turned her into an offensive spinster shrew parody. “Girls, I’m gonna get me drink on and smash a window!” It’s like something the really weird girl in your Year 10 class would do to “act out”. And I should know. Big Jan from the Office vibes from Pat Stew’s wife’s cameo.
  10. I’m not sure who should be the most livid with the script-writers, but given that Jurati is now portrayed as some sad-sack alcoholic (why not just give her a cat too!), Seven just stands in the background, and Soji got relegated from lead to minor character, it’s probably one of the women.
  11. I’m pretty sure how “good” accents are must be in the ear of the beholder. I thought Oscar Isaac’s accent was spot-on, and I’ve met people who speak exactly like him.
  12. I think you mentioned Disney+ - they’ve got some lovely nature stuff. Wild Chile is particularly good. I’m also a fan of relaxing with a bit of history, and they’ve got some cool history stuff on there too. Or all of Time Team, which I guess is on All4. “We think we’ve got a wall in the bottom trench, Tony!” The original Cosmos with Carl Sagan is the best.
  13. I tried to re-watch Threads few years ago, and couldn't even make it past the build-up. It's even worse if you're the right age to remember the mum as being Mags from CITV's Children's Ward. Why not complete your Threads experience with a visit to Hack Green Nuclear Bunker https://hackgreen.co.uk/?
  14. It's a bit jarring when you re-watch Big, and a grown woman has sex with child-in-a-man's body Tom Hanks (playing Josh Baskin).
  15. Groundhog Day is a film about extreme stalking and gaslighting by a dangerous PUA.
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