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  1. It's a bit jarring when you re-watch Big, and a grown woman has sex with child-in-a-man's body Tom Hanks (playing Josh Baskin).
  2. Groundhog Day is a film about extreme stalking and gaslighting by a dangerous PUA.
  3. Mark Kermode too. When I mentioned having seen it to a couple of friends, they said, “is that the one that’s been panned?” It breaks my heart that shit reviews are stopping people from seeing this.
  4. Just need that brutal, inevitable Doolittle flop to seal the deal.
  5. Hey, come on - he gave TRoS 4/5! Oh....
  6. So so good. Really weird 1 star review from Peter Bradshaw in the Guardian that reads like he just watched the trailer and formed a load of vague, but strongly held assumptions.
  7. Overall, my thoughts are that to create a four season arc that takes in cyber-terrorism, global cabals and their capitalist machinations, trans identity and, not least, Dissociative Identity Disorder, and handles them all pretty damn well, in the context of an entertaining plot and consistently creative direction* is a real achievement. * didn’t even realise what was (not) happening throughout episode 5 of this season!
  8. Is he even a great action director though? I wasn’t wowed by much in RoS - all seemed competent but not much more. Happy to be reminded of stuff I’ve forgotten though. By contrast, I thought the praetorian fight in TLJ, and the scene leading to it, was absolutely electric.
  9. Oh man, now I'm thinking about how that meant Doctor Strange knew that Tony would ultimately have to make his sacrifice :'(
  10. So, uh, how does Captain America get the aether back inside Jane Foster?
  11. So are we supposed to spoiler tag in this thread still? I don't even know anymore after what seanr said... Guess I'll leave some space Anyway.... I had convinced myself that RDJ was on for more Marvel. He even cancelled off another project recently, and I was like, "Yep. That's that confirmed. Fuck yeah Iron Man 4!" Was bawling my goddamned eyes out. Then bawling my eyes out some more with Steve and Peggy (ha - get bent, boring old Agent 13). I got a major flashback to Al and his wife in Quantum Leap with them dancing in the living room. Probably not even coincidence when QL was referenced earlier. 6 Bags of Popcorn and a tiny broken heart pin I will wear on my lapel forever more.
  12. Amelie Spirited Away and Porco Rosso Le Havre Hunt for the Wilderpeople
  13. I read Hanzo’s post under the assumption that further copies were actually owned.
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