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  1. It pains me how dull the bits with Gaal and Salvor were. It would be totally tone deaf to make a show now which is dominated by big white man energy, but equally you cannot cast two such absolute powerhouse, charismatic actors as Lee Pace and Jared Harris and not balance that with excellent casting and writing for the Terminus and Gaal-in-space stuff. Tbf, I don’t think the actors playing Gaal and Salvor are bad at acting by any means - they certainly seemed good at first, but were dragged down by leaden plots and C-grade writing (that guy who plays Hugo though - hoooweeee, stinker!). It’s really like two different shows stitched together.
  2. I have rectified my egregious oversight with an edit. Been thinking about this all day (the episode, not forgetting ZOK). Amazing TV - if only they could all end this well.
  3. I’ve also now read it was a promo for the final part of the series - apologies if so. Seems to be conflicting thoughts, and can’t verify on Netflix due to trailers for Never Have I Ever
  4. I see there’s a post-credits scene - incredibly slight, and more a sign-off than a postscript, but open to interpretation of course. Was literally impossible to watch on Netflix due to them pushing other tat, but is on YouTube.
  5. Absolutely amazing. Was discussing top ten tv shows this weekend, and this has fully earned its place. Favourite things:
  6. Jesus. So good. This is the first programme since Twin Peaks to make me want to take notes and start drawing crazy diagrams. Seems to me that one thing they’ll have to work carefully around is Anyway - previously had Apple TV free for a year and watched literally nought, and now they have this AND Ted Lasso to draw me back for at least one perfect, binge-filled month per year.
  7. Roy Kent in the (cross-thread spoiler) My mind was yet further blown when I realised it was the same guy whose film podcast I’d listened to a few times.
  8. Film was ok, but one thing it definitely was was the worst Taika Waititi film to-date, and that’s my own biggest disappointment. My personal theory is that he’s in a stunning mid-life crisis, and it probably all sounded great to him and Rita Ora after a few lines.
  9. I dare say Gina Carano’s “one of theirs” though, I’m many cases.
  10. TBH if the (male) Christian/religious Right keeps trying to fuck with women’s bodies, I could see me picking up a copy of the Darkhold in Waterstones and getting some Big Wanda Energy.
  11. Yeah - all totally valid IMO @Gabe. I suppose I would agree there’s less apparent coherency now, and I’m quite surprised that they haven’t capitalised on the covid “break” to get ahead with lining some things up and signposting where this is all heading (including what you say about core team). They’ve become absolutely top-notch at keeping secrets in the bag as long as they possibly can, but perhaps they’ve become so good at it on a film-to-film basis that they’ve forgotten the art of building hype for the longer-term goals.
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