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  1. Tell you what, you should go an quiz that Harry over on Games Radar. He's giving out bylines - and other little nummy pieces of behind the scenes info - like they were sweets.
  2. I've not said anything about the OPSM2 thing. It's the Minish Cap comment that made me post.
  3. Excellent! I'd always been working under the assumption that if you'd libelled someone, you'd need to offer proof and a demonstrable right to reply. I like how the law and stuff changes because everyone here agrees that it's fine.
  4. Click For Spoiler Car exporting is the key to a fuckload of cash. But the next best thing, in my experience are the BMX courier missions outside of each of the Roboi's Supermarkets in the three cities. You can find one in Los Santos just next to Pershing Square; start at the police station, go left and then right around the south end of the square, and keeping going onward until you see it tucked away just on the left after a junction.
  5. No, you're someone. You're a representative of your magazine, and your publishing house. You've even reflected such status in your username. Everything you say brings with it a certain kind of insider weighting. Like when you infer that NGC are having a hissy fit over the Minish Cap situation; are you willing to go on record to state that you know the specifics behind their situation? Because you just have. Regardless of whether you've just deferred yourself to man-in-the-street status, you still need tact; regardless of how many Rllmuk readers you could get to sign a petition stating that they see you as just another gamer and not an industry professional, neither your bosses nor those of the competition will see it that way. But, hey - at least you're not the one who's posting your own scores up on the internet. Now that's embarrassing.
  6. Could you elaborate on that, please? Especially considering that numerous people in this thread have stated the opposite, I'm getting a bit confused.
  7. This forum has cancer of the Edge.
  8. Click For Spoiler You've just got to keep up with him, but the mission failure distance is quite generous; once you've a general idea of the route, you can stick with him fine. I don't know if you can actually kill him before he gets to the end of his route, though - and once he does, you've got both him and handful of his bum chum bodyguards to take out. Then the mission is basically over, afer you've dropped Loc off at the Burger Shot. Radio X rules.
  9. Kri 2: Rise Of The Kasai Ratchet And Clank 3 A PAL release of Tales Of Symphonia, to give me an excuse to play it. I'm funny like that. Ummm. Mawaru Made In Wario.
  10. corky_hallway


    Hmm. I'm pretty sure that Downhill Jam and San Fran are in THUG2's frankly excellent Classic mode. Don't know about the Mall, although the inclusion of the Airport level has, in my opinion, put paid to that. There's a bunch of other excellent blast/past inclusions in there, too, from what I've been told. For me, it's the same with every Tony Hawk game - I absolutely hate it for the first hour and, just as I'm about to flush the game down the toilet and have a bucket of ice cream to lament its passing, my brain gets used to the new combo system and I'm in a greater heaven than ever before.
  11. Woah. Any more steps back from the issue at hand and we',ll be ruminating on the meaning of existence .
  12. I agree and stuff, but I was just giving you my own personal take on things. It',s a bit of a petty discussion that I don',t really want to bother with because, for example, you get a nailgun in Manhunt - and are so introduced to the vagaries of gun combat - in Episode 4. That',s just under 20% of the way through the game. But that may have taken you longer to get to than getting 40% of the way through Headhunter. Is it any more valid to give up on Headhunter at this point, than on Manhunt at that point? It',s a wee bit messy. No wonder all these horse keep coming out for courses ,)
  13. I liked KOTOR and Manhunt from the start, as well as pretty much all of the way through, although Manhunt did blossom in a way that just made me love it further, and not just delay any disliking of it. Didn',t like Sudeki, though, throughout its entirety. I rarely find myself agreeing with folk about those games that supposedly open up past a certain waypoint, in all those cases above, I don',t feel that the ',opening out', is really that intense, but that is just my take on them. Take Headhunter RD, for example, sure, there may be boss fights that people here can describe as vividly and as they like, but will that targetting system change into something less ',intelligent', for me to use? Unless it does, I',m not really interested. As for games opening up at the 30-50%, I just don',t care any more. There are plenty of games out there that open up at the 0% mark, and I',ve not even got the time to play many of them
  14. And also, back to that Manhunt thing (eeek) again - it',s a way more interesting and clear cut case, because of how so many of its critics seem to be able to use supposedly simplistic gameplay as an excuse for berating a game',s morality. Would NiggerBash: Turbo be somehow more acceptable because it',s got a great difficulty curve?
  15. Trouble is, like I said in that other thread, I bought it myself and got to around the 40% mark and Edge',s comment still rang true. By that point, I thought the game was shit, and it',s bosses were pussy pushovers, and I maybe would have gotten further if I hadn',t spent a good few hours having to realise that you need to scan the teeniest fucking micron of the environment with your visor before you',re actually allowed to shoot it. IMHO, of course. I agree that those latter bosses are, as far as I know, exempt from the pushover rule, but I have no sympathy for a game that reserves its good stuff for the latter half by bulking out the first half with such inane filler. And, didn',t we agree that the number of actual definite boss encounters is in the minority compared to the number of those ',sub-bosses', (who, let',s face it, are only thought of as something less than bosses once you',ve taken in the whole game and decided to ascribe your own hierachy)? So that even if there',s not 100% truth in that Edge comment, it',s really not that far off it. At least, not commensurate with the backbreaking controversy the internet had led me to believe. Anyway.
  16. I',d love to see the Manhunt scores, by publisher. It is, as far as I remember, a far more pronounced case than Headhunter (a difference of five whole points between, say, gamesTM and Edge',s score, compared to Headhunter',s two). Far more interesing, but not as topical, obviously. It even caused one of Paragon',s editors (Roy Kimber, P2) to write a dumb letter to MCV, decrying it as a being morally reprehensible because the stealth wasn',t very deep, or something equally sub-internet.
  17. The pair of press releases (specs and launch details) are up at Games Press, but neither make any mention of Hunters being part of the bundle.
  18. Anyone seen it yet? There's a preview of When Games Attack, featuring a slightly portly Dominik Diamond with Amish beard thing, up on www.gamevideovault.com It features a nice-titted woman playing a Dancing Stage game, and Dominik going "There is at least one more man I must have intercourse with."
  19. I'll second that wicked. Despite the abundant cackiness of SOS, I loved it. Those moments when nearby buildings just sheared and tumbled were something of a scale that I'd just not experienced in a game before. Well, there was that, and the crawling around on my knees and shouting "HEEEYYY!" into the crotch of the woman I was escorting.
  20. I'd say Burnout 3, then Outrun 2, but only in the same way I'd say I needed air, then water.
  21. S'alright I'm just a little disappointed, is all; on the back of the thunderous teacup-based storm on here, I thought I'd be assaulted by one of those aforementioned biggie bosses somewhere during the first third of the game, at least, and be able to get a good swig of controversy. Instead, I've gotten a sandy mouthful of a third-person game that does nothing for me whatsoever.
  22. But they are still bosses, aren't they, in that they have the energy bars and the big-ass weapons? Are there more of these 'basic' bosses than there are 'proper' bosses, then? Because, if so, that would make Edge's boss-count comment correct. Either way, I I see it as being very-nearly correct as it stands, and nowhere near as deafeningly scandalous as people are making out. Ho hum.
  23. Actually, how many of those 'proper' bosses are there? I've been playing the game on the back of this furore, and I'm curious as to just when it's going to throw one of these 'proper' bosses my way? And I do think that the men with huge guns and huge enemy bars, despite the fact that they take on the form of foot soldiers, do form boss encounters. There have been three of them so far; four, if you count the one who gets munched by metal spiders, which was another climactic encounter I solved by enabling invincibility and mowing everything down. I'm around 40% of the way in, and I've fought four of what I consider to be climactic, extended boss battles (five, if you include that dull, dull, dull bit with the switches in the reactor), and am yet to fail using Edge's technique. I bought this game to see just how valid all these 'blatant untruths' were, but I'm getting the feeling that the Edge comment isn't that far off the money at all. I was expecting a 'proper' boss really quite soon into the game, and I'm yet to see one. Plus, it seems arguable, from the comments I've read on here, that there may not be that many 'proper' bosses at all. Four? Five?
  24. The Tiger Woods series of covers are pretty funny, mostly because EA is obviously straining for differentiation without having to take Tiger away, or have him wearing a rotating sprinkler pirate hat or something. Thank fuck Activision/Neversoft had the nous to change the Tony Hawk's presentation, though; if THUG was fronted by just another pic of Tony doing a random trick up against the sky, I probably wouldn't have bought it, just because I would have reached for it on the shop shelf, and missed.
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