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  1. 60-70 fps most of the time with very occassional random drops to about 40 on a 2070 Super. Due to the lo-fi nature of the game I'd imagine that'll be fixed before long.
  2. I sold my Vega 56 for £290 on AVForums and that was a bargain price in the current climate. It's hard to see an end to all this madness. Hopefully in the summer months there will be a drop in demand but you just can't see 30** cards getting anywhere near close to RRP for the rest of the year.
  3. Fair point and I definitely have issues with sitting down at my home PC after spending all day on my work PC. But, I fire up the Series X, try to play a game on a controller, give up due to the terrible accuracy and promptly fire up the PC to play a game I can actually control properly.
  4. Played and finished the Series X version a while back. Finally got round down to double dipping with the PC version today as it's £20 at CDKeys. Graphically this is insane. The console version looked pretty damn good at times but the PC version is on a whole other level. I just used optimisation via GeForce Experience and I've been left with a graphical showcase that is retina meltingly incredible. The future bodes well if this is the type of visuals ahead of us.
  5. A 3060 Ti would have suited me perfectly back when I was looking but obviously getting one was pretty much impossible. I bought a 2070 Super instead and although I paid a premium to get a card, looking at the going rate on eBay I'd estimate it's went up in value by about £115 since I got it. I've a Vega 56 lying in a drawer. Was just going to keep it as a back up or build something cheap and cheerful someday using it but it appears it's worth £300 or £400 on eBay. There's a few auctions on there that are creeping up towards £500!
  6. Seems like a pretty decent season this. Bit more to do and Umbral Engrams are a nice combination. Changed my default loadout to a bow, smg and rocket launcher to freshen things up.
  7. Looks interesting and seems to be getting universal stellar praise. Might take the plunge with this one.
  8. I’ve done 5 episodes of this. It’s fantastic. It’s also the first thing I’ve saw via Sky Q that has absolutely stellar 4K HDR picture quality. I have to admit, I absolutely love Gomorrah, so it’s fair to say ZeroZeroZero always was likely to appeal to me. It is epic though and must have had a very serious budget put into it.
  9. Good call. Unbelievably good looking game. Not my cup of tea but it looks stellar.
  10. I usually play on PC but have been messing about with the Series X version today. There’s no way it’s 1080p. It’s a very crisp resolution whatever it is.
  11. 120hz games typically reduce or use a dynamic resolution and graphical effects are toned down to hit the higher frame rate. You’ll get a smoother experience at 120hz but if you want a game to look at it’s very best then you’ll be playing it at 60hz. I’d suggest the Series X upgrade of Destiny 2 is a remarkable looking game on an OLED. The competitive multiplayer can be played at 120hz as an added bonus.
  12. 4K 60 with RT and no DLSS would require an unbelievably powerful machine.
  13. Ray Tracing on PC makes the 1997 Quake 2 look superb. It is absolutely all that and more. As stated before in this thread, unless AMD can come up with a DLSS equivalent then the PS5 and Series X have no hope of doing anything comparable to what Nvidia have their graphics cards doing.
  14. An inferior version of RT and at 30fps? After all the hyperbole regarding the power of the next gen consoles it’s not what I expected. Fair enough on console you’ve different visual settings but with a Ryzen 7 2700 and RTX 2070 Super I get 70 to 80fps with RT settings all on. My set up is hardly new or state of the art. Nvidia’s DLSS is an absolutely killer feature that the PS5 and Series X need to find via AMD somehow.
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