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  1. It’s £11.89 at Humble. One DLC is £1.88 and the other is £4.49.
  2. If you’re into shooters then Escape From Tarkov is the current king on PC. Steep learning curve but it is like nothing else.
  3. Is Arizona Sunshine worth a punt, even though it’s four years old? Never ever did get round to buying it.
  4. Code sent. Just Superhot VR left now.
  5. The evidence against City is damning. I’m sure they’ll try and tie the whole legal case in knots but the emails that were leaked clearly show their misdemeanours. I’ve nothing against them but they fraudulently broke the rules and seemingly were arrogant about ever getting caught.
  6. I've a Steam code for both Superhot VR and Moss if anyone is interested? Free obviously as long as you're a forum regular.
  7. I was pretty much fine with Driveclub on PSVR and currently Project Cars on Rift. Even though it’s pretty much the same thing, Dirt Rally VR ruined me. Sickest I ever got. Although obviously completely different, Boneworks and Skyrim can also be trying. VR still needs to radically improve comfort to go truely mass market. I’d love a go on an Index to see if the superior FOV helps things.
  8. vezna

    Half-Life: Alyx

    Rift S is and has been in stock at Amazon for a while. It’s been some time since I’ve saw Oculus Quest available. Vive is out of stock on its own website but Vive Pro is there ok. Index has barely been in stock since day 1 although you’d guess it was manufactured in fairly low numbers. I’ve a Rift but plan to upgrade it to Rift S.
  9. Car games and flight simulator type things are phenomenal in VR. Perhaps a full on flight simulator might induce some serious nausea but things like Elite Dangerous and No Mans Sky are absolutely fine. Steam has an experience called ‘Aircar’. Basically you just fly about a Blade Runner like windswept neon city. I keeping coming back to it as it just drips futuristic sci fi atmosphere. Controls like a dream as well.
  10. Looks good. Could have sworn it was cheaper when I looked at it earlier. It’s a bit out of impulse purchase territory at its current price.
  11. I find it hard to make any sort of case for a Jones win. He was picked apart at times early on and even when Reyes tired he still faced nothing more than some poor takedown attempts.
  12. Watched a few episodes, seems ok. There’s certainly enough there to make me see all 9 episodes through.
  13. In the short term I think it’ll be pushed forward by Apple. They’ve long been rumoured to be working on a VR / AR headset and as they have their very own bespoke processors there’s nothing to stop them doing an Oculus Quest competitor. I think it’ll happen, the VR App store will open the floodgates and their headset will sell enough to start to cross over into the mainstream. The Apple Watch had a slow enough start but apparently sold 31 million units last year. VR is going nowhere and like mobile gaming may ultimately appeal more to a different market than us lot.
  14. I had never tried Pistol Whip until tonight. Holy shit, that is insane.
  15. It’s Ray Tracing. Once next gen consoles launch it’ll be the buzzword.
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