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  1. You’d need 1,000 words to try and describe New World fully. For better or worse its quite the hybrid of numerous ideas.
  2. vezna

    Squid Game

    I watched up to and including episode 3 and never continued. I don’t think it’s anything special and moved on to other things. The concept is good but the execution (no pun intended) was oddly quite tedious all too often.
  3. Every time I’ve played there’s seemingly been far more people chopping down trees than questing. The tree falling sound effect is very good to be fair.
  4. The first time I played this it was for over 7 hours. I’m not sure if that’s a good or bad thing. Ultimately they have the framework of something in place that could end up pretty spectacular in years to come.
  5. This is pretty good. Ultimately I’m a Battlefield veteran since 2 on the PC back in the day and have flip flopped between console and PC over the years. On my rig (2700, 2070 Super, 16gb ram) it doesn’t run too well. I am playing it on medium on an Ultrawide though but the fps are 60ish and it looks a bit bland. I had a much better time on PS5. Visually superior and it controls surprisingly well. The map was baffling at first but once I got the hang of it I really like the flow of it. They’ve certainly made significant changes to how a BF plays now. The classes system could be very interesting if it gets fleshed out. I’ve no pre order placed but on this evidence I’ll possibly get the PS5 version. Turning off cross play is ‘interesting’. Getting to massacre a load of bots is quite amusing.
  6. I’m very interested in giving this a go but due to the server issues I’m just not bothering. If it’s still not sorted within a few weeks I’d guess I’ll just turn my attention elsewhere.
  7. This could be something pretty spectacular. First couple of episodes are certainly more of the ‘set up’ variety but there are some visually stunning parts. The budget must be astronomical. I’m definitely interested to see where it all goes.
  8. It’s a terrible film. I like a challenging movie, even something that’s stylish but impenetrable. However, The Green Knight is incredibly tedious. I’ve watched some crap recently but this has to be one of the most boring things I’ve ever saw.
  9. ‘Games Season’ is pretty much non existent until next year although I’d be surprised if I’m not on Battlefield 6 from day one. It will be absolutely broken though but I accept that as they always are. I have to admit to being curious about Halo Infinite but after 4 & 5 I’m not optimistic at all. Forza Horizon 5 doesn’t do that much for me, I much prefer Forza or Gran Turismo style racers. Cheap Autumn / Christmas this year, that’s for sure.
  10. It's not reviewing too well via users on Steam. Technical issues are frequently mentioned.
  11. Both officially released on Tuesday.
  12. Not GPU related but I see Icarus is recommending 32gb of ram. I suppose someone had to start that trend. Possibly to compensate for the typical 8gb on Nvidia cards?
  13. There’s not a hope in hell I’m going back to 16:9 after my 21:9 adventures. A 34” OLED ultrawide would be ideal but it doesn’t exist as far as I know. My rig couldn’t power it at all but I’d be more interested in a super ultrawide before I upgrade my LG OLED.
  14. Ultrawide perhaps? As in 21:9 rather than 16:9. It’s fairly popular in the PC gaming world and I think it’s a game changer. I play a lot of first person shooters though so I get some serious benefit but even things like RDR2 or Witcher 3 look remarkable.
  15. Card sales at AVForums have died a complete death. You still see the odd one getting listed but few are paying the inflated prices now. I'll probably see out the year with my 2070 Super. I'd be interested in a 3070 / 3080 but there's nothing out there I can't currently run well enough.
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