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  1. No big online PC game doesn’t have its fair share of dickheads. CS:GO is probably the worst for it that I’ve played. Destiny 2 is probably the best, followed by Overwatch. Battlefield 5 is plagued by cheaters, although it and Apex Legends are my favourite multiplayer shooters. Valorant and Escape from Tarkov are two very successful recent additions. Tarkov isn’t particularly toxic but has a steep learning curve and is just a lesson in pure pressure due to its risk / reward system.
  2. Yeah, there is a bit of Q3 Arena about this. Thought it was ok by the very limited time I've played it. It's certainly very different than Apex Legends.
  3. For me it does. Those super competitive streamers on Twitch are using 240hz monitors. They are the absolute elite though so anything to give any slight advantage is well liked. None of this is particularly applicable to yourself though obviously.
  4. True although you perhaps still have the move from 60 to 120 or 144 to come yet. Whether or not you get much mileage from that upgrade perhaps depends on what you play. If I play Apex Legends at 1080p 144 fps my competitive abilities improve remarkably. At 1440p and 80/90 fps I’ll literally hold teams back. At 1080p 144fps I can certainly contribute. That’s the beauty and curse of PC gaming.
  5. Play a game and marvel at not being locked into 30 fps gameplay.
  6. If it was something criminal you would think it would have leaked by now. I’d guess he’s something lined up that involves Ninja and Shroud. New streaming platform or whatever.
  7. It’s even more densely complex and requires your undivided attention so yes, it’s business as usual. How they’ve managed to keep the whole thing together is some accomplishment.
  8. Two episodes down of Season 3 and my brain has melted.
  9. Overclockers have a prebuild called an Enigma Essential. I've tweaked it a bit but it comes in at £781.97 without Windows 10 but for them to build it for you. Ryzen 3600 CPU B450 motherboard Nvidia GTX 1660 Super 16gb Ram 500gb SSD 1TB HD That would more than do the job right now although I would also get them to upgrade the PSU. I'd then look at maybe getting a 2nd hand RTX 2070 or 2080 when the the new Nvidia cards hit and the market is flooded with people looking to shift their previous cards on. You could probably get a similar build cheaper elsewhere but it's who I've used before.
  10. Tencent are backers of some new streaming platform. Trovo it is apparently called.
  11. This does not look good. By not good I’m guessing the truth is going to be seriously grim.
  12. Since I returned to the 'Master Race' a few years ago I find it really frustrating to go back to my Xbox and play shooters on a joypad. The inaccuracy of the sticks drives me mad. I may be hopelessly inept at Apex Legends on PC but I can actually aim accurately on that format.
  13. Interesting monitor that although I'd recommend a standard 1440p 144hz one instead. The jump from 1080p to 1440p is substantial. What will you be playing that will benefit the extra screen size at each side?
  14. Stealth sections / games. Resource collecting. Single player games that are padded out to last 500 hours.
  15. I’d certainly be wary of next gen console games being churned out at decent resolutions with ray tracing but at 30fps. That would be a backwards step for me, even though ray tracing looks phenomenal.
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