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  1. Ultimately it’s unlikely to stay on console and PC GamePass for ever. At some stage I’m guessing we’d have to buy it on either format.
  2. I’m not alone looking at Reddit and Microsoft’s own forums.
  3. I’ve gave up on the XSX version and ponied up the money for the expansion and pass for PC. Could never finish Beyond Light on console as I kept getting disconnected. Smashed my way to the end no problem on PC tonight.
  4. When my Series X was borked I held down both the buttons on the outside of the console and then pressed the power button. This let me into the reset menu and allowed me to get it going again.
  5. Having had the Series X now for a week and beyond mine turning up a day late as it went to France & having to do a hard reset out of the box as it was basically fucked I’ve got other issues. I was baffled reading about people on here having quick resume problems. Now I’m the same, most games that did work with it now don’t. Also, I can’t play online. I’ve been trying to complete the new Destiny 2 content for a week. I get disconnected with the same error at random times every time. Apex Legends is unplayable due to lag. Runs ok at times then teleporting kicks in. I’ve a One X a
  6. My Series X was delivered by DPD last week. Turned up a day late after a very random detour to France. Bizarre to say the least.
  7. Virgin Media. It’s a Xbox issue. Apex Legends and WoW are working online 100% on my PC.
  8. Can’t finish the new Destiny 2 expansion due to random disconnections and Apex Legends is too laggy to play properly. No issues with the same games on my PC on the same network in my house.
  9. This is infuriating. The amount of errors and times I’ve been kicked back to orbit is beyond a joke. Today’s patch has made things worse.
  10. One package left across the street from his previous drop off. Not too much to ask from a representative of one of the worlds wealthiest companies. Amazon guarantee their customers a delivery date. They can adhere to it.
  11. The driver should have delivered the package without the need for intervention. There’s absolutely no excuse as to why he wouldn’t.
  12. Considering the photo above shows the van across the street I’d suggest it’s not unfair to think the driver could take a couple of minutes to deliver his final parcel. It’s not like he had to go completely out of his way.
  13. My Series X turned up a day late and refuses to go beyond the ‘Checking for updates...’ screen. I still have my One X and it works online absolutely fine.
  14. Mine is still in France and has been since just after 4am yesterday. I’ve had a few delivery issues over the years but having something sent to France rather than Northern Ireland is the strangest one yet. No point in messing about, will get on to Currys now for a refund. Edit: It has went from England to France to Northern Ireland. I’m not a logistics expert but I’d imagine that’s probably not the most cost effective route.
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