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  1. My Series X is never not silent. Nothing ever gets the fan to make any discernible nose from where I sit.
  2. The Ray Tracing and lighting on the PC version looks fantastic. It makes games on my Series X look last gen.
  3. The Overwatch sniper rifle changed the game for me. From that point on I just mowed down everything.
  4. The Xbox launching with nothing new to actually play is a bit weird. Not sure I can ever remember a launch in which there were literally no exclusive launch titles of note. Hard to say its botched though due to the current pandemic. This tech shortage is the worst I've ever saw in my lifetime. To be spread across so many products is unusual.
  5. The high refresh rate is ultimately mostly beneficial for multiplayer gaming. Personally I'd suggest 100 fps is the sweet spot and I'm not going to start dropping resolution / graphical settings to be constantly at 144 fps. People that take their competitive gaming seriously certainly will though. That's not me although I do mostly play shooters.
  6. I have a LG OLED with a Series X and now never use it. Once the new console novelty wore off I went back to my PC and its 1440p 144hz Acer monitor. I have a custom built desk and sit fairly close to the monitor. I do not particulary want to use a joypad for anything so this setup suits me as I'm always using a mouse & keyboard. All these people buying that 48" LG OLED for PC gaming and setting it on a desk like a normal monitor are nuts. Their retinas must be scorched by now.
  7. The default 30** series pricing is going to be the same as the crazy 20** pricing at this rate. Between scalpers and gougers the end user is basically being shit on.
  8. I finished it on a One X a while back and just started it on PC last night with Ray Tracing on high and DLSS 2.0 on. Typically getting 50 to 60fps but I don’t think I’ve ever played a game that’s pushed a PC so hard.
  9. According to Ebuyer they are taking preorders for a couple of 3070 variants and are expecting them mid February.
  10. That’s me technically finished at 34 hours. Main storyline + Judy’s + Panam’s all complete. To be honest i made the decision I would like to see out this playthrough with corpo lady V on Series X. Ultimately I want to try again but on PC. The console version ran well enough via performance mode and at times looked phenomenal but the PC version looks like something from the future. I found the storylines in this absolutely exceptional. I just had to see where it was going and it genuinely felt like the decisions I was making were important. Most of the main character models looked amazing. I’ve never saw anything anywhere near as good, not even close. Night City was unusual. Some bits were really busy and full of NPC’s and others were oddly empty. The game has little challenge. Well before the half way point I was just an absolute wrecking machine but that wasn’t really a problem. To me it sounded as if Keanu Reeves put plenty of effort into his character and the rest of the acting from others was of a pretty decent standard. Nobody appeared to be phoning it in. This certainly feels like IP HBO or someone could do wonders with. I didn’t like the braindance bits but that was the only real negative. Undoubtedly there are bugs but for the first 3/4’s of the game they were just the sort of things you saw at the launches of Skyrim, Fallout etc. From round about act 3 they got much worse. Sound went to shit, graphics turned into some really bizarre colour palettes and shadows went crazy. Had to do a save and reload the game a few times to rectify the problems. I’ve played and finished it once and I’m going to rebuy it and absolutely play the shit out of all the stuff I left out. I guess that’s high praise.
  11. I’ve a deal to buy someone’s 2070 Super FE. At least it’ll let me dabble in RT and DLSS until 30** cards become widely available. Currently have a Vega 56 so should be a step up regardless. With my current rig having a Ryzen 7 2700 on a B450 board it might be worth upgrading the whole thing anyway as I presume PCIE 4.0 will be beneficial some day. Perhaps something to look at later this year.
  12. I reached a point in which I have not come across any more Braindance sections and I’m also now tooled up with some serious firepower. Since then I’ve been obsessed with the game. It’s a staggering achievement in some regards and feels like a vague successor to my beloved Deus Ex from back in the day. Ultimately I’ll see it through on the Series X but fully intend to double dip with the PC version when I can get my hands on a graphics card that will do it justice. At the current rate of gpu deliveries that may well be 2023.
  13. Awesome news. Should mean I’ll actually be able to get a 30** card by the end of next year then. Got slightly tempted by a well priced 2070 Super with a good warranty earlier. It was a MSI card though and appeared to be longer than the average rowing boat for some reason.
  14. I honestly don't know although if that's your end game a 3080 might be a safer bet.
  15. I'm the same, 1440p with as high a frame rate as possible. I've zero interest in 4k / 60 fps so a 3060 Ti or 3070 would be ideal. Then again if a 3080 comes into stock without some insane markup there'll be a financially painful decision to be made.
  16. I finally upgraded my PSU yesterday so I'm happy enough to join the many in pursuit of a new GPU. A 3060 Ti would probably be ideal although a 3070 is definitely viable. I can get a Palit 3090 right now but I'm just not tempted at £1550. Although, Hardware Unboxed were talking about how they think needing over 8gb VRAM is going to be a thing by the end of 2021. Decisions, decisions.
  17. Hated this game on Xbox. Couldn't get to grips with the controls, jumping sections and general difficulty. However due to the post above I've gave the PC version a go via GamePass. It's way better with a mouse and keyboard. I'm hunting everything down in each area rather than just about making it through and basically running for the exit. I'm not against shooters on a joypad but this is light years ahead of what I endured on console.
  18. The brain dance sections have killed this game for me. I seem to be coming across a lot of them and find them extremely tedious.
  19. There’s a mod for PC Sekiro that makes it more forgiving in various ways. Probably an offensive idea to some but it opens it up to more casual players.
  20. Runs well on the Series X but seems to fluctuate between looking really dated and next gen. I’m not sure what to make of the game. Couldn’t stop playing but again it feels both old fashioned and state of the art. I’ve saw very little in the way of bugs so far.
  21. This looks unbelievably good on the Series X and an OLED. The particle effects especially.
  22. Quick resume works totally randomly with AC Valhalla and 100% of the time with Apex Legends (it then disconnects me within 20 seconds due to the nature of the game). It’s a bit of a lottery with other games I play much less frequently. Early days but certainly feels like a very broken feature.
  23. Reading between the lines and despite what 343 are saying, I’m guessing they went back to the drawing board for at least some of Infinite. Microsoft could do with getting something exclusive and must have out long before the new Halo.
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