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  1. I totally agree. They’re all good multiplayer games and some are certainly better than others. I always come back to BFV as it’s a nice contrast to Apex Legends, Valorant, Counter-Strike etc. Even though it’s seriously unbalanced it’s nice to play a game that you just kill / die / respawn indefinitely. No requiring revived, respawned or sitting out the round.
  2. I’m not sure there’s a market out there for a Battlefield title to do huge numbers. The battle royale obsession doesn’t look like slowing down. I actually more or less enjoyed BFV despite the glaring flaws. On PC they never did enough to combat cheaters and too many matches of conquest ended up as landslide victories.
  3. I like unlocking stuff. Gives me something to aim for beyond improving at the actual game.
  4. I like to give Respawn something every once in a while but as stated before in this thread, the current Battle Pass is oddly terrible. Feels like it was cobbled together with no design flair evident.
  5. Shrine of Storms is the only part of the game so far in which I found it fairly hard going for a while. I had a black phantom near the start that owned me numerous times.
  6. The Demons Souls remake is the first From game I’ve played through using a predominantly magic build. I’m just annihilating the bosses though. Got to Flamelurker last night and demolished him using nothing but Soul Ray. Not a complaint as such but he got absolutely destroyed. Leechmonger was previously dispatched from distance without taking much of a hit as well.
  7. I had a Series X and got rid of it. Ultimately it served no purpose to me as I’ve a decent PC. Microsoft game studios currently have nothing to offer me as games like Halo and Gears of War have been in a downward spiral for many years. The Bethesda purchase may well change that but I want to play first person games with a mouse & keyboard on PC anyway. I bought a PS5 with the proceeds from the sale of my Series X and it’s been a bit of revelation. I’ve been out of the PlayStation loop for a while so God of War, Days Gone, Ghost of Tsushima, Gran Turismo Sport etc have been a bit of an eye opener. Then you have stuff like Demons Souls and Miles Morales that are miles ahead graphically of anything I played on the Series X. I haven’t even mentioned Last of Us, Uncharted, Horizon etc. Ultimately Sony have some stellar IP to their name and Microsoft didn’t until their ZeniMax purchase so it’s going to take quite a few years for the Xbox to build a comparable quality library. Lastly, the DualSense is far better than the somewhat prehistoric Xbox pad. Even the Elite controller feels dated against what Sony have come up with. I mostly still play on PC to be honest but have been dabbling in the PS5. It offers things my PC just doesn’t have. The Series X did not do that at all.
  8. The writer and director of Days Gone both left the studio last year. Neither appear to be currently employed elsewhere.
  9. Nintendo are perhaps a better equivalent to HBO but nonetheless Sony have output some stellar top tier games over numerous years. Blockbusters like Horizon, God of War, Last of Us, Spiderman, Uncharted etc are stellar. Microsoft have a real issue competing with them and their decision to concentrate on GamePass and their purchase of Bethesda suggests they are going about things in a different way.
  10. GamePass is full of games I played quite a while ago and everything else I have tried has ended up being abandoned after an hour or two. The Netflix comparison is really good. There's a few classics on there but it's own output is quantity over quality with a couple of exceptions. Sony feel more like HBO. I have no idea who is actually subscribing to GamePass. Everyone I know seems to be fixated more by 'games as a service' titles. I also include games that use the season / battle pass model. Destiny 2, Apex Legends, Fortnite etc.
  11. I had a similar sort of decision to make today, although I do have Witherhoard already. It came down to Jotunn or Bastion in the end. Now I've ran through a Lost Sector and Battleground with Jotunn it seems to be one crazily overpowered weapon.
  12. V3zna

    Secretlab Chairs.

    Interesting. Will have to try a bar stool next time I sit down at the PC for a session of Apex Legends. Perhaps a deck chair instead? Decisions, decisions.
  13. V3zna

    Secretlab Chairs.

    Having spent a bit of time looking at various chairs for PC use I'd certainly put the Secretlab Titan high up my list for purchase. There are certainly a few ergonomic office chairs that are contenders but it's hard to find anyone saying that a Secretlab chair hasn't done wonders for their back. That's my main priority. Currently using an Ikea medium backed office chair that I've kitted out with memory foam lumbar support and the same again as a seat cushion.
  14. Triple LG CX OLED setup powered by a 3080. I don't have a room big enough in my house I could actually set this up but this bloke is clearly not messing about.
  15. I’ve obviously missed the previous ‘discussion’. I sit about 6 feet or so away from my 55” OLED and that feels about right. Sitting at my desk with a 48” version directly in front of me would be difficult. Surely you’d have to turn your head substantially to see parts of the screen?
  16. A 48” monitor on a desk is a crazy idea. If you are playing with a controller from a distance then fair enough but primarily using k&m with anything over 27” on a desk can be hard going. A 32 or 34” curved monitor can certainly work but beyond that is madness. Unless you have some incomprehensibly weird sized table
  17. The ray tracing in Miles Morales is pretty impressive. Even more so when you consider it’s happening without the magic of DLSS. As a first effort for PS5 ray tracing it bodes well for the future.
  18. Pulse 3D headsets also in stock at Amazon. That’s me complete now. Console few weeks ago, dock last week, headset today. Got there in the end. Unless you hate From Softwares type of games then Demons Souls is a remarkably good looking game. It and Miles Morales are the only two games I’ve played that scream next gen.
  19. I've yet to see that problem. I'm sure I've played 25/30 hours so far.
  20. I was perplexed when I first saw the design of the PS5 but I think it looks well in the up right position in reality. Looks a bit like a large fancy router.
  21. It matches the console and you simply set the controller in it. Unofficial charging docks involve putting the controller in upside down or clipping something to the actual controller to get it to charge wirelessly.
  22. Just ordered one. Still in stock after 17 hours is unusual but I’ll take it.
  23. They never have any stock so it doesn’t really matter what they’re supposedly charging.
  24. I’ve never saw the first version of this but if it was significantly worse than what I’ve just watched then my mind is blown.
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