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  1. I’ve watched the first 6 episodes and absolutely love this. It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen that’s reminiscent of Lost but obviously it’s far more ‘adult’. The people behind this did Narcos so clearly they’ve got quite the pedigree. 

  2. 10 hours ago, JohnC said:

    It’s possible we could though, isn’t it? They finished this “chapter” of the show, but not necessarily with Narcos in general. They’ve not really indicated either way on that, IIRC. 


    They've moved on to make a Griselda Blanco series for Netflix. She was a big deal in Escobar's time but never featured in the original series for some reason. Narcos is done.

  3. I thought this was ok. Nowhere near as bad as some in this thread have made it out to be. The original film was a classic and it's been downhill ever since. The sequels and 'reboot' are significantly flawed but they are at least watchable to some extent. This new film had a bloated runtime. It could have been made a bit leaner and would have been better for it. Nonetheless it's certainly far from perfect but 2 & 3 were no different. 

  4. 2 hours ago, moosegrinder said:

    The Series cross play is all Microsoft and their idiot design. It ruined Warzone. I uninstalled my trial for space, but I saw a video yesterday that said they're doing a limited time 64 player mode on PC and current gen? Sounds like back tracking without saying they fucked up.


    The 128 player conquest maps have been clearly labelled in game as 'Large Conquest' from the start. Presumably 'Conquest' always was going to arrive at some stage.

  5. I was contacted by EA to complete a BF2042 survey. Took forever to do and as I appear to be the only person alive that enjoys the game I’m probably not the ideal candidate to provide them with information. :lol:


    I’m on PS5 with cross play turned off so perhaps that has some bearing on my enjoyment of the game.

  6. I’ve played a lot of this now (beta / pre release / full release) and I’m enjoying it a lot. Once you get past learning the huge maps and certain weapons that need fixed by the devs it’s actually really good. The diversity of being able to fine tune an operator and / or their weapon was a decent design choice. Getting away from K / D and scoreboards is inspired. Makes it feel like a team game, as in a giant team. There’s a battle to be won and that’s the main thing ultimately. Visually it looks great on PS5.


    PC version is still completely terrible for me. Never did get acceptable performance for long. It’s now worse and barely loads without a multitude of problems. 



  7. Overall this was a bit of a flop. It looked amazing and Lee Pace is always good but it felt like it had been written by someone who learnt their trade on Hollyoaks. I’d be amazed if Apple bankroll this for 8 seasons unless they get new people in to write / run the show. 

  8. 6 hours ago, Gotters said:

    Well that's the Morning Show season 2 finished, my other half liked it but she watches endless Greys Anatomy which the Morning Show seems about on a par with for me. I have to say the second season was a steaming pile of shite.


    I agree with so much of this and it's a far more eloquent take than my pile-o-shite view



    I couldn’t agree more. A pile of shite and that final episode was nonsensical rubbish. 

  9. I’ve played a lot of this over the last week and ultimately found it hard to stop playing although there are genuine issues. Getting to know the maps makes a huge difference although the 14 mile run at the start of each game of conquest is insane. The operators and the mix & match load outs appeal to me as I’m endlessly experimenting. Then again, that whole system is clearly another EA cash grab. Ultimately you are often better off with a DMR although the PP-29 is shockingly OP and needs nerfed immediately. On both PS5 and PC I often get the same bug in which I can’t change my weapon load out. This happens in every other game. The PC version however has far more severe problems and it’s a badly optimised mess. I’m certainly not playing it on anything apart from console from here on. 

    I guess I’m in for the long haul and it’ll probably be Portal that is the success story.

  10. 9 hours ago, cubik said:

    A heads up for anyone who is looking for an SSD for their PS5, the WD SN850 1TB is currently £119.99 on Amazon.




    You'll also need a heatsink which are 10-12 quid.


    It's the cheapest it's ever been, but I guess there's always a chance it could go lower on Black Friday.

    I've ordered one today and if the price drops next week I'll be cheeky and ask Amazon's live chat to refund the difference and see what happens.

    I have that in my PS5 and it’s certainly a good job. Even so, I’ve just over 1.6 TB to work with and I think I’ll have to get an external SSD for storage purposes at some stage. There’s still a lot of games at over 100gb.

  11. 7 minutes ago, macosx said:

    I’ve seen a few streamers just say enough and quit it. Such a shame BF has come to this.

    The majority of them are on PC and that version is in a much worse state than console. 

    Dice deciding cross play between PC and console was a good idea is a terrible decision.

    I’ve mostly played on PC and when I logged into the PS5 version for the first time last night it carried all my progress over. I was very pleased by that but every time I tried to turn off cross play the game failed to load. 


  12. 1 hour ago, MansizeRooster said:

    It's eventually going to be free on PSPlus or PSNow. I'm happy to wait for that.

    Most likely. Buying a disc based game in Tesco is time consuming so I never picked it up. I’d probably take if for the same price digitally to be fair though. 

  13. Having read through the BF sub reddit it appears that the PC version is a disaster. Even people with the highest of high end rigs are getting poor frame rates. I’m happier now that I know everyone is also screwed and I can’t blame my set up on the many problems. 

    As for hovercrafts I’ve also been baffled as to why / how they’re driving up the side of buildings. I’ve saw trees flying about a map as well. 

    I actually do like the game although I liked BFV as well so clearly I have no taste. :lol:

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