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  1. Black Cat Supremacist

    Anthem (Bioware new game)

    The NDA suggests I can’t say anything but having played the alpha on PC it is a game I’m now somewhat interested in. I have to admit I didn’t know a huge amount about it beforehand.
  2. Black Cat Supremacist

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    Another vote for Cam. It’s fairly engrossing with a nice tight running time. A pretty decent watch.
  3. Black Cat Supremacist

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    The intro to this game was very good. Obviously for a lot of it the player is merely a spectator, but it sets the scene nicely. Now having played the game for several weeks I've pretty much had enough. It controls terribly. Arthur has a certain amount of 'weight' to the way he moves but I find shoot outs to be vague and unsatisfying. The actual controls are insanely complex and make Elite Dangerous on a joypad look simplistic. Having single buttons do multiple things depending on the context of the situation can be randomly infuriating. It's a beautiful looking game but can be oddly sparse all too often. Colliding with objects while on horseback is inconsistent. Providing for the camp is a pointless mechanic that is only in there to extend the life of the game. I'll give the online mode a go when it launches in the hope it lives up to the hype as for me the single player really doesn't.
  4. Black Cat Supremacist

    Beat Saber

    I have it on the Rift. It’s an essential VR game and one that is an endorsement of the format as it’s just not possible without the technology. If I’m ever demonstrating VR it’s certainly one of the games I use.
  5. Black Cat Supremacist

    Black Mesa Source

    Kudos to them for seeing this through. I never did get to the end of what they had made so far. Should really return to it as it’s pretty decent.
  6. Black Cat Supremacist

    Battlefield V

    I’ve played enough of this now to form an opinion although I haven’t been on all 8 maps yet. A few have came up multiple times. It’s a stunning looking game visually on the Xbox One X. It really does look sensational. It’s good that they’ve tweaked things a bit. I’m a Conquest player and one of those annoying bastards that somehow occasionally manages to get in behind and take a flag on his own. Not so far on BFV though. There just seems to be (thankfully) less vehicles about and the game is currently veering towards all out battles between the majority of players trying to take a solitary flag. The addition of a class being able to build fortifications is interesting and prolongs firefights. It feels to me that the time to kill is reduced from previous games in the series but I think this is a good move. Squad mates being able to revive each other negates this. Reduced spotting is perhaps contentious and it’s probably fair to say snipers are going to have fun but I’ve not encountered anything too frustrating so far. Load times are far, far quicker than BF1 and BF4. It was quite the wait to get into those games but this is way better. Perhaps that has something to do with the game not actually being fully released yet. The only bug, if it was a bug, I’ve encountered so far was a machine gun that veered between fully automatic and single shot for no apparent reason. I couldn’t see anything in the controls that suggests it was something I was doing wrong. First impressions are favourable although it feels like a game now that will see players that rack up most kills top leaderboards rather than support players. Scoring is perhaps biased towards the most deadly with a gun.
  7. Black Cat Supremacist

    PlayStation 5

    Looks like you’re correct. AMD Ray Tracing AMD don’t appear to be pursuing ray tracing anytime soon. They could implement it in the generation after.
  8. Black Cat Supremacist

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Anyone tried Pokerstars VR? I was literally crying with laughter at the table. For whatever reason Pokerstars have gave us $50,000 to start with and more importantly a load of mad props to play with. People are all in before the flop and everyone is sitting there dressed like idiots while armed to the teeth with pistols. In VR you can shoot the guns, smoke cigars and give people sitting beside you fist bumps. You can throw rubber ducks and plastic sharks at opponents. It’s mad.
  9. Black Cat Supremacist

    Valve - Soon Shipping Other Companies' Games Again

    Interesting stuff. Standard games have been stagnant for years. It’s all slight increases in graphical fidelity while core gameplay has barely progressed in a decade. VR is fascinating. Being within the actual game rather than being an interactive observer is a game changer. There’s plenty of quality games now like Elite Dangerous, Robo Recall, Luckys Tale, Astro Bot, Superhot, Beat Sabre etc but we are just waiting for that solitary exceptional game that sells VR 100%. There’s certainly 9 out of 10 games out there but we are still looking for an undisputed 10 out of 10 sooner rather than later. If this Half-Life prequel is a first person shooter it’ll be interesting to see how they solve locomotion. I’m not sure teleport is the answer, although I like it, but having persevered with ordinary ‘stick’ movement in something like Resident Evil 7 I’m pretty sure that’s not the solution. I’m totally not convinced by the staggered turn idea either.
  10. Black Cat Supremacist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    It’s been speculated that a small number (3 or 4) of these events will be pay-per-view, but nothing as of this time has been officially announced. We don’t actually know what Eleven Sports are going to do yet. Beyond McGregor I can’t see a decent buy rate for £20 UFC ppvs in the UK. I’m certainly a football fan as well and would like to watch ‘legal’ Champions League but I’ve had year long full Sky packages cheaper than the ludicrous amount BT were trying to charge me. I’d be amazed if BT Sports is still going in its current form in 5 years.
  11. Black Cat Supremacist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Eleven Sports is £5.99 per month. As a Sky customer BT wanted about £34 a month from me. The sooner it’s off BT the better.
  12. Black Cat Supremacist

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Add your tag to the list in the OP

    It’s actually been vastly improved graphically, on the X anyway. It was far rougher at the start. I’ve found it preferable on the PC due to the far higher frame rate but anytime I dabble in the Xbox version, how much better it looks always surprises me.
  13. Black Cat Supremacist

    PlayStation VR

    It's £14.99 on the Oculus store and £15.49 on Steam so I'd presume the PS4 version will be similar.
  14. Black Cat Supremacist

    PlayStation VR

    Superhot is one of the most essential VR games I’ve ever played. Thumper is quite the interesting experience although it gets pretty damn hard. If you’re into car games Driveclub isn’t half bad although the graphics are pretty ropey. I play Beat Saber on the Rift but it is apparently due on PSVR this year. It is another absolute must buy.
  15. Black Cat Supremacist

    Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Add your tag to the list in the OP

    Now confirmed for launch on PS4 in December
  16. Black Cat Supremacist

    Is Read Dead Redemption 2 any good?

    I originally voted for the over the moon option but the more I play the more I find myself getting a little bit bored with it.
  17. Black Cat Supremacist

    Elite Dangerous - Beyond: Chapter Four - 11/12/18

    I’ve been dabbling in the Xbox version since launch on and off. Mostly just making money trading as I suppose I see the game as some sort of relaxing space based sight seeing endeavour. I bought an Occulus Rift last Monday and restarted with the PC version. Mind is absolutely blown. Being ‘in’ my Sidewinder and docking at a gigantic orbital platform is stunning. Not to mention arriving at the entrance only for a Beluga liner to roar out above my ship. Incredible stuff. I had PSVR before but this on the Rift is just something else. A lot of it actually makes more sense now as in hindsight some design decisions were clearly made with VR in mind.
  18. Black Cat Supremacist

    The Haunting of Hill House

    I enjoyed this up until the final episode. Everything was tied up but it just wasn’t satisfying for reasons I’m struggling to work out.
  19. Black Cat Supremacist

    Gaming things you regret buying...

    There’s very little I regret buying as anything I didn’t like I just sold on or traded it in. An exception was the Rock Band peripherals. I did enjoy the game but I could hardly stick the drums in the drawer when I was done. Eventually I just binned the lot as they were worth little at Game etc.
  20. Black Cat Supremacist

    Xbox One X

    Same here. It’s the only game I’ve ever played on the X that is extremely audible. I can hear the fans over my 5.1 surround sound.
  21. Black Cat Supremacist


    I could wear my glasses no problem with a PSVR but it’s just not happening with Rift. They just don’t fit in there. Bear that in mind if you do pursue VR. I can get away without wearing them, for a while anyway.
  22. Black Cat Supremacist


    Bought an Oculus Rift yesterday and Elite Dangerous + Horizons in the sale today for £16 (I’ve played a lot of it on the Xbox). I don’t think I’ll ever forget the first time I arrived at large space station and docked in VR. Wow.
  23. Black Cat Supremacist

    Red Dead Redemption 2 - Single Player, NO SPOILERS thread

    This is absolutely stellar. The atmosphere and the voice acting is second to none. I’ve quite enjoyed the combat and they’ve nailed the feeling of the stereotypical western shoot out. The graphics on the Xbox One X are incredible. The textures on animals and clothing are breathtaking. The deformable terrain is very impressive.
  24. Black Cat Supremacist


    It’s the original 2010 game and appears to be the full game for nothing. There is obviously the redux version but it’s £5.09.
  25. Black Cat Supremacist

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    DJ vs Dillashaw could have been quite the interesting match up.

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