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  1. True, there’s something there a whole new developer could build on. It’ll be a shame if it all goes to waste. Even at that it may end up no better than the flawed Elite Dangerous but there’s certainly potential there.
  2. The foundations for Star Citizen are all in place. I’m not really sure why they haven’t built on it. There’s more there and it’s a lot more polished than I expected. If some giant publisher came in and oversaw this you’d think someone would be able to produce an Elite Dangerous type experience out of the template that’s in place. Not as bad as I thought / the internet made it out to be. Where do I sign up for the $3000 ships?
  3. It’s not really a rebuttal. I’m just saying VR has done ok and it’s slowly growing. There’s enough people out there with it to make it worthwhile for devs to continue to create games & experiences. I’m not a VR evangelist in any way but it’ll be interesting to see if they get it right, at the right price, for the masses. What we’ve had so far is clearly flawed but the PSVR sales figures show there’s clearly some interest in the format.
  4. PSVR has sold over 4 million units. There’s certainly a market out there for VR. I agree I don’t see much of a market for PC VR in years to come. It’s all about standalone and possibly PSVR 2 if Sony get the price right. If Index moves the tech forward then it’s job is done. Presumably some of it will find its way into cheaper alternatives some day. It’s going to be fascinating to see Valves games though. It certainly sounds like one of them will see the light of day anyway. VR still doesn’t have a killer app. Yes, Beat Sabre is pretty cool and I’ve had some good times with Elite Dangerous but neither are essential.
  5. True although I suspect that kind of end user may end up using HoloLens 2 rather than VR.
  6. I’ve a Rift so none of these announcements have made me get my wallet out yet but the Rift and my previously owned PSVR have totally convinced me any future that VR has is some sort of Oculus Quest type concept. Not tethered to anything, no base station requirements and no prohibitive pricing. I’m not sure how much of a high end VR market there is out there. The Vive sales figures suggests it is a very small market.
  7. If developers can make PSVR and Rift games easily adapted to use the Index controllers then there is certainly a niche to be carved out. If early adopters are relying on Valve to bring the software to make use of them then it might be a very painful wait.
  8. This has no chance of success at that price. Then again how successful do Valve want or need it to be?
  9. If this has a premium price it’ll never gain any traction. PSVR is far and away the best selling proper VR product followed by Oculus and then Vive. Obviously they are cheapest through to dearest. The market for very expensive VR headsets etc is niche to say the least. I’d suggest the one to watch for this year is the Oculus Quest. A Rift like experience that isn’t too prohibitively expensive and requires no PC is fascinating.
  10. The 4K remaster is an excellent job. It’s clearly not a cash in. The image looks incredibly fresh. It blows my mind it’s 40 years old.
  11. It’s certainly a reasonable theory. It would be a surprise if both aren’t using some form of Ryzen (Zen 2) and Navi.
  12. It feels like I’ve well and truly reached my limit with BFV. I’ve saw the 9 maps too many times and with all the bugs & crazy fluctuations in latency I’ve gone back to BF1. I miss the new additions like squad revive but it’s nice to have so many maps to choose from and a game that simply runs a million times better.
  13. Looking at the reviews collated at Metacritic from the people / publications I’ve actually heard of, hailing this as ‘a really good game’ appears to be not what they’re saying.
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