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  1. Valve - Soon Shipping Games Again

    I suppose in hindsight anything they’ve been connected with in recent years hasn’t been a success. Like you said - Vive, Steam Machines and Steam controller. Nonetheless they still have that legendary status due to the games they have put their name on. I can only presume this forthcoming Campo Santo game is pretty spectacular. I’m guessing Valve aren’t taking a chance of tainting their name. Working for them sounds awesome. Do what you want, when you want with no pressure to have an end product. I have this mental image of people in shorts lazing about playing DOTA 2 all day.
  2. Valve - Soon Shipping Games Again

    Not the first time this has happened and presumably Campo Santo will uncouple from Valve in a few years. I wouldn’t mind seeing Valve buy up a few devs. Just seeing that Valve logo on a computer screen is probably as good as it gets for now.
  3. Battlefield V - Rumoured to Return to WWII

    A lot of PUBG players certainly don’t sneak about. I’d say 50% of the plane will land in ‘hot zones’ and immediately get to work murdering. Like Simmy I prefer a more low key approach though. I find it oddly relaxing.
  4. Battlefield V - Rumoured to Return to WWII

    The tension in the PUBG end game is unbearably brilliant. Fortnite just doesn’t compare in that regard.
  5. Playerunknown's Battlegrounds - Add your tag to the list in the OP

    I played and enjoyed PUBG on the Xbox One X a fair bit but found it a little janky, although charming. I played it for the first time on PC tonight. Holy good fuck. Having such a high frame rate that is remarkably steady is wonderful. It's like a different game. I got two kills in my first match as well so I should probably quit now having peaked early but I'll perservere regardless.
  6. Ring of Elysium

    I stumbled across Deadmau5 playing this on Twitch yesterday. It said he had been streaming it for nearly 14 hours! It looked ok to me although presumably he’s playing it on some uber rig.
  7. Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 - Releases October 12, Reveal May 17

    I’m still amazed anybody actually wants to play these in single player. Same goes for Battlefield. They always feel like about 10% of the development time was spent on them.
  8. Warhammer: Vermintide 2 - The Rat Pack

    I bought a gaming PC to dabble with at the weekend and have bought Vermintide 2 for £17 just now. I played the first one on a Xbox One but it felt a bit unwieldy with a controller. Presumably a mouse and keyboard will add to the experience.
  9. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Clearly feels like a set up, paving the way for McGregors return to face either Khabib or Max later this year.
  10. Star Wars: The Last Jedi - December 2017

    Well said. It’s just incoherent, lengthy, tedious rubbish. I’m 41 and grew up with the original trilogy so how we got here all these years later with TLJ is beyond me. It’s too late now for redemption although I suppose there’s hope after this specific trilogy ends. Someone needs to come in, take control and oversee a rethink of the whole Star Wars project. Despite Dunkirk being a bit underwhelming I wonder if Chris Nolan could do a Batman with Star Wars. I can’t see Disney going for him though.
  11. Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Fascinating fight. Holloway probably has as much chance as Ferguson did. I hope he does well but ultimately I’m still intrigued by Khabib getting locked in the cage with McGregor later this year. I’d love to see him smash McGregor to pieces.
  12. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    I’m still really enjoying this, in fact I think it’s outstanding. It’s just not like anything else out there. Sailing a galleon properly, at full speed takes coordination and I jumped into a game with mute randoms only to later find myself hours deep into a well drilled pirate tour de force. There’s always something to do for all crew members. Whoever designed this hasn’t missed a thing. I was playing on my own for a while and could see another solitary player always in my vicinity, doing their own thing. Eventually I went to an outpost to deposit various bits & pieces and oddly enough the other person appeared to be sailing towards it. I hid on the beach, pistol drawn and 2 minutes later he was jumping off his little boat with a treasure chest in his arms. I had him, he was doomed. Once I jumped out I forgot there was proximity chat and he just said he was friendly. Bizarre pirate that I am I said nothing and put my gun away, leaving him to unload his treasure. Felt good that but not really typical of this game. One hour later I was on a fully manned galleon firing cannons at anything that moved though.
  13. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    This has got a Eurogamer ‘Recommended’ and it’s a really spot on review.
  14. Amazon Prime Video

    I watched The Florida Project last night. Absolutely superb film. Incredibly absorbing, it’s like watching a documentary at times. The cinematography is wonderful. So much bright, garish colour. It looks amazing.
  15. Sea of Thieves - Get Yer Booty!

    Struggled with this game at the start but last night ended up in a random crew lead by a bloke from Finland. Learnt a lot from a really lengthy session and found it all great fun. Missions lack variety I suppose but I really like the treasure hunt variant. Also got into an absolutely classic showdown with another ship and sunk it. Tonight I had another long game but this time the three randoms I joined clearly had no idea what they were doing so I just took control, becoming the defacto captain. Worked out really well and eventually they all started to steer the boat and got to grips with the map reading etc. Good stuff, felt a bit like the golden era of the early days of Xbox Live. I’m not sure about the longetivity of the game although once you get beyond the slightly steep learning curve it all becomes quite the joy. Fair play to Rare, it’s different and if they can grow the concept it could end up an absolute winner.

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