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  1. Forbidden World (1982) Super-cheap Roger Corman-produced Alien knock-off that was actually surprisingly entertaining in it's crapness. Genetic experiment gets loose in an isolated lab, the story offers no surprises, there's lots of screaming, goo, boobs and idiot decision-making. The base level of watchability managed to roughly coincide with my already low expectations so I ended up going with the flow. It's fast, loose, sleazy and unashamedly borrows from better films in that era's SF boom. 3.5/5
  2. I'm curious what other streaming services people are using these days as there seem to be more specialist ones springing up. Thought it might be a good place to discuss what's on these smaller services. Just started a 14-day trial of BFI player after someone at work recommended it. They're doing a deal on an annual subscription, £35 instead of £49 with code PLAYER35. If anyone is already on there please share some recommendations. I also have annual plans on the go for BritBox and Arrow Player. Have used Shudder for horror films before too. Really liking Arrow Player, it's genre film heaven.
  3. Death Race 2000 (1975) Within the first 10 minutes of watching this I knew I was going to love it, and this really is a gleefully absurd, entertaining film, with all the inexpensive action and sleaze you'd expect from a Roger Corman production. It could have just been a straightforward post-apocalyptic cross-country road race but here it's elevated to something special thanks to the darkly humourous touches and not-so-subtle satire on the American Way. The tone of the humour was just right for me. There could have been more with the rivalry between Caradine's and Stallone's characters, and the resistance sort of went nowhere, but overall it's a good slice of cult 70s viewing that I'm really surprised I'd not watched sooner. 4/5
  4. 21 - Blackshirts And Reds by Chris Parenti - Was recommended on a socialism-related subreddit. Thought-provoking analysis of why the Russian-style communism failed and how capital-led governments have done their best to stop the rise of any sort of socialism and worker power.
  5. Back then I had an Atari ST-owning mate who was fiercely loyal to Atari. The two main point he'd press constantly were the Falcon 030 and the Jaguar. Not sure of the story of the Falcon, but it was pretty obvious to us at the time the Jaguar wasn't doing any damage. Then the PS1 got revealed and that's was that. Even my mate couldn't defend the Jag.
  6. I liked the mention of the fact that losing should be seen as part of the fun of DF. As someone who feels depressed when things go totally awry in other games that'll be the hardest thing to take on board.
  7. I've attempted to play it before but the fact you really had to use other software to keep on top of everything just made it hard to get into. Fully realise you have to commit yourself 100% to this, it's not really one you can have a quick go on, but if they at least have more tools for keeping on top of everything going on I'd be interested. Been hovering over buying Rimworld as well which seems heavily inspired by DF. The game never goes on sale though.
  8. The Dark Knight Rises (2012) On the surface this is a quality production that delivers intrigue and excitement, yet the epic scale of the film appears to try to hide its flaws. Bane was never going to be as interesting a villain as The Joker. Being ruthless, having a backstory and making some speeches can't compare to the unique relationship between Joker and Batman. In an age of endless franchise film-making it was good to see Nolan round this trilogy off and give it an ending. If I could give this 3.75 out of 5 I would, but will give it the benefit of the doubt as for all the plot faults and a lacking antagonist this was a good time. Oh yes, and having to sit with the remote in my hand all the way through to constantly adjust the volume was a pain in the arse. 4/5
  9. Sworn To Justice (1996) You never know what you're getting minute to minute with this. One minute it's a soapy workplace drama, the next there's a comedy fight in a convenience store complete with animal sound effects, an erotic thriller, a courtroom drama, with a couple of good fights thrown in. And to top it off Cynthia Rothrock swiftly discovers she's psychic! It's such a tonal dog's breakfast, it did have me laughing in places though. 2.5/5
  10. 20 - Garth Marenghi's Terrortome by Garth Marenghi - hugely entertaining and a must-read if you ever enjoyed Darkplace. Audio book is of course read by Garth and if you're able to it's the best way to enjoy it. I particularly enjoyed how he makes a meal of the credits at the end.
  11. Stroud is small but a cosy, hilly and bohemian sort of town, I'd say. Loads of cafes and small shops. I enjoy my trips there.
  12. 19 - Paperbacks From Hell: A History Of Horror Fiction From The 70s and 80s by Grady Hendrix - Nostalgic look back at the boom in horror fiction that came from a fad for pulpy gothic romance in the 60s, fizzled out in the early 90s. The author manages to make everything sound like an essential read, getting to the lurid nitty-gritty of each book. Some asides about the publishers and cover artists, plenty of illustrations of covers too. They don't look great on the B&W Kindle screen but I'm sure a hard copy would be great to have. It does feel more like a primer for their Paperbacks From Hell imprint but there's enough nostalgia here if you remember that period. It's slightly depressing how this era is made to sound like ancient history even though I remember very well when it was current.
  13. There are enough rare/desirable games on PSP and especially Vita to satisfy the pure collector and that's only going to get more so. Surprising as it's recent but then I guess by the time the Vita came along digital downloads were pretty much the norm.
  14. I'd be up for it although wouldn't be until the new year as I've got an op coming up. I'll bet it'll be fully booked up for ages by now though.
  15. The Dark Knight (2008) This came in on such a huge wave of hype at the time yet it didn't really need it, it's that strong a film it could probably have got by on word of mouth alone. So much good about it,, not least Heath Ledger's Joker which dialled back on the camp and made him feel more dangerous and unpredictable as a result. Like the first film the story gracefully unrolls, albeit with more action. It's genuinely hard to fault it beyond minor quibbles like some mumbled dialogue. 5/5 Tiger Claws (1991) Definitely one of the better American-produced films to feature Cynthia Rothrock, although after the opening she has to take on the second fiddle role to Jalal Mehri who couldn't really pull off the moody "I work alone" renegade undercover cop thing convincingly. At least the fights are good and there's a serviceable serial killer plot. 3/5
  16. Here's my review from Letterboxed of one of Gene Rodenberry's post-Star Trek 70s pilots: Planet Earth (1974) Unlike some reviews here I came to this more for John Saxon who I was more familiar with through Italian crime flicks and other assorted trash. It's difficult to critique this in 2022 as the point of the story is so dated. It certainly has the feel of original Start Trek, with a civilised society clashing with something more primitive, in this case a tribe where men are slaves to women, but in the most cack-handed way. I can see why this didn't get to a series. It requires too much suspension of disbelief compared to Star Trek, the promise of a thousand more stories rings hollow. I can't deny it wasn't entertaining, but it's easy to see why this died in the water. 2.5/5
  17. Tried R-Type Tactics, an odd strategy game where you arrange fleets of ships against various enemies. Going to be honest, I had a job reading the small text even on the bigger Vita screen, but looked interesting. Might try it on the PC under emulation and see if that helps. More block-dropping with Koloomn, known as Kollon in Japan and the rather dull-sounding Ultimate Block Party in the US. Very bright presentation with upbeat tunes, has a similar vibe to Puyo Puyo but plays like a combination of a lot of block-related games, you make large areas of the same colour by rotating 2x2 sets of blocks in your cursor, you can add more as you go for big combos, has some power-ups which frankly take away from the purity of it. Gets very tough with more colours though. It does highlight the purity of Lumines.
  18. Got to the sex scene in Typeface and laughed out loud even though I was out on a walk at the time. Chuckling just thinking about it.
  19. Oh it makes sense, it's still a crap move that's only going to generate resentment. You could say hey it's only a couple of quid (I'm not near Steam so can't see the discounted price; guessing it's about a fiver), but that's not the point. It is an update, just a back-to-the-drawing-board kind of update. Hell, if Bethesda can give existing Quake owners the new port for free this lot certainly can.
  20. Yeah, we're not going to be giving links out, but it's not too hard to find.
  21. Well remember seeing one of these in an arcade in Weston Super Mare about 1995. At £2 a go I wasn't touching it (50p for Virtua Fighter was bad enough) but it was popular. There was a guy making sure kids weren't dropping icecream all over it.
  22. The Pro 2 works fine for me, although the MiSTer doesn't recognise the paddles on the grips, sadly.
  23. I have a Bluetooth controller but I have to keep pairing the bloody thing up every time I turn the MiSTer on. How do I fix it? Is it the dongle I'm using or just the way it has to be?
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