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  1. Having a re-watch of the Daniel Craig Bonds, a good a time as any: Casino Royale (2006) Forgot how long the poker segment goes on for. Might be tense for poker fans. Mixed feelings about the much-needed reboot for Bond, it's more serious and gritty, silliness dialled right back. The Bond elements are there albeit with a drier wit, Bond is still sleazy albeit in a less smarmy way. Enjoyed it more than when I first saw it. 3.5/5
  2. Was Frankie Ward involved in that last PC Gaming Show thing at E3? I got the impression she was somewhat hamstrung by the material there but otherwise seemed genuinely into games. Oh god, just reminded myself how lifeforce-suckingly awful that presentation was. Made me want to throw my PC off a multistorey carpark.
  3. I'm going to wade in here and say the Switch is at its worst when games that were clearly not designed for it are shoehorned onto the system (Borderlands, Doom 2016 etc). When devs play to the console's strengths it really shines. Obviously first-party Nintendo games generally run well because Nintendo understand their own hardware, naturally. The Switch doesn't need to be more powerful, the best games on the system don't need the heft of a PS5.
  4. ‘Absolute beast’: critics go wild for No Time to Die, Daniel Craig’s last Bond film Critics are generally positive, feel Craig's performance is good, the Hollywood Reporter described the plot “so convoluted and protracted you might find yourself zoning out through much of the villainy”. I've been critical of Craig's tenure as Bond, reading these reviews had mead me want to watch the film eventually, but I'm waiting for real people's opinions.
  5. QoS had the spark of classic Bond, it had a megalomaniacal baddie, even if his motivation was a bit more subtle compared to the crazier villains of old, there were fights and not so much introspection, as I recall. The tone was still typical of the Craig-era Bond and there was considerably less camp, but at least it felt like a return to the old formula. Oh and it was 1h 46m.
  6. You like to think this is because they think it's going to be mega-popular, but it smacks of a desperate attempt to make as much money as possible before reality sets in. They've had to keep the hype up for 18 months or so, got to go in with a bang.
  7. My immediate thought as I saw 5 stars. Once again just because a professional critic raves about it that doesn't translate into a film that can be enjoyed by yer average cinema-goer wanting what they normally expect like action, tension, a bit of comedy, intrigue. So yes, it's not looking good. I want to know if it's an enjoyable movie, not how genre-defying it is etc.
  8. https://torrentfreak.com/rom-emulation-site-pleasuredome-shuts-down-after-15-years-of-gaming-210927/ Yes bad timing indeed. Doesn't really matter about naming it now.
  9. I look at things like this, think why don't people just watch the original ones as they were only on the telly a few years back, then realise it finished nearly 25 years ago.
  10. No riverdancing his way through every scene, no watch.
  11. The 40 Year-Old Virgin (2005) Attitudes have changed a lot in the 16 years since I saw this first time around. There's material in there that probably wouldn't land in 2021, at its core there's a curious combination of coarse laughs and romance here that despite having some decent laughs doesn't quite work for me. The virgin geek thing was probably bullshit back then, it's hogwash now. The fact he had to give up his passions to "grow up" is frankly depressing. I did laugh more than I thought I would on a second viewing, there are moments of quality humour here. It felt hyper-contemporary for 2005 though, it definitely hasn't aged well on some levels. It may be because I'm 16 years older and my experiences have made me feel differently about sex and relationships. 3/5
  12. It only takes one idiot to buy this, that's the problem.
  13. I am using MAMEUI64 with a 0.215 ROMset. There are obviously newer versions of MAME but as they keep messing about with the way it handles ROMs I just stick with this. It plays the vast majority of the classics perfectly fine. Once you get into 3D things get sketchier but by the sounds of it you'll not be interested in that. I know there are MAME aficionados who know how to merge sets and use data files to keep theirs up to date, I'm not one of them. I just think if the version matches the set you're good to go. You're on your own finding the sets though.
  14. I can say if you use a decent ad-blocker arcadepunks is fine. Base Coin Ops 2 is still huge though.
  15. I miss him in the same way I miss Tim "Edge Lord" Langdell, i e whenever their name popped up you'd think "oh what's he gone and said/done now?"
  16. I don't deny that for some people it's all about the thrill of the hunt, tracking things down, going to expos, car boots and the like, dealing with some nutter on FB marketplace and finding that game you've been after for maybe years. That's fair enough. I don't think people are necessarily saying collectors are wrong, it's just at odds with the sort of people who have a different sort of passion, one for the experience of playing games. And it is important to separate the investment-minded collectors from the completists. For me personally it's about games and how they make you feel, the memories attached to them, where they stand in the history of games, and less about having all the games, and I'll admit to some slight resentment that it's mainly collectors who make it difficult to pick up some games, but that's just my tough luck. Again, they're not doing anything wrong, but it does feel at odds to how I personally associate with games. Investment collectors can do one though.
  17. I can honestly say I've never felt this uninterested in a Bond film in a very long time, and not because it's been on the shelf for so long either. That 163-minute running time suggests it is long for the sake of it, as are the vast majority of big-name films, like there's an expectation Bond can't be in a tight, exciting 90-minute film. It could well be the opposite, like Clear And Present Danger where there 141 minutes are jam-packed with plot and action, but my money says it won't. It almost makes me want to revisit the silliness of the Brosnan period, obviously Goldeneye is always going to be watchable, but even the other films feel appealing because for all their faults they are at least a romp, a good time. It has been said many times before but this needs to be a mark of the end of this era of Bond. Daniel Craig didn't want to do this one but was somehow tempted back. They need a clean break, a complete refurb. This dour Bond is a hangover from the 2000s dark-and-serious period where Christopher Nolan's Batman films and the like were popular. That style is way, way past its best to the point where it feels very dated. Cue spiel about the MI films, Bourne etc eating Bond's lunch. No Time To Die will probably break records not because it's a great film but for what it represents. It will feel like the cinema is properly back, the film that got held back due to the pandemic is finally here, for some I'm sure it'll mark a return to normal (even though it's far from it). There will be stories about this cast as such. But once the hype has died down how will history judge it?
  18. A "true collector" would probably have thrown that out as damaged. Sometimes it's about more than resale value, it's about emotional value, something with a story. It's great when you buy games and someone has put clippings from magazines with game tips, or game notes, maps etc. As you say it shows the games were played and loved.
  19. I can't believe Cassandra Peterson is 70. I don't need any more evidence time is rushing by.
  20. Generally though there are tons of great ideas that could be adapted into something simpler. Calling them demakes or directly referring to the original inspiration would highlight the fact they're limited, so just making something totally new but with those ideas would make them feel fresh.
  21. I'm not a programmer but couldn't something like Warning Forever be done by scrolling the background and having a few gun turrets on it instead of some massive moving sprites? It wouldn't have all the bells and whistles, would definitely be more like a static vertical shooter, but the core idea is sound.
  22. Elvira Mistress Of The Dark (1988) Was in the doldrums so rewatched this to cheer myself up, and it was the perfect film to raise a smile. It's full of the sort of lightly-naughty easy humour that may feel a bit lame to some but it's delivered in a way where everyone is in on the tone. It helps that Elvira is a great character, full of charm and time for the people in the small town who deserve it, and doesn't take any crap from the slimy guys and stuffier townsfolk. Not sure how this would go down with younger people who didn't know who Elvira was. To me though this was good fun with a likeable, strong female lead and a lot of recognisable character actors doing their bit. 3.5/5
  23. Running Red (1998) Acceptable late-era PM Entertainment action. Jeff Speakman is definitely one of the better lower-tier action stars, has a lot more charisma than most too. It's a shame then he's having to do his best with this routine straight-to-video fare, the unique selling point of him being ex-Russian army doesn't go anywhere and it ends predictably enough. It does have good action though especially the car stunts, and the train+bus bit is a highlight. 3/5
  24. Xyphoe, who is probably the CPC's biggest fan on Youtube, featured a preview of the new version on his last stream (timestamped). It has had significant update from the original version. About as near to Sensi as you'll get on an Amstrad,
  25. Underwater (2020) An SF disaster film of sorts, a deep sea drilling rig fails hugely, and as a small group of survivors try to find a way back up they encounter something strange and deadly. This film tries to hard to create an atmosphere of danger and foreboding it neglects everything else like a crew you care about, or, for a films that is mostly about the survivors, any interesting dynamics between the crew. It doesn't help that a lot of the action happens in dark, murky areas only illuminated by lights lost in a swirl of debris. As it went on I found myself caring less and less, the ending which was meant to be emotional felt more like an obligation to characters who barely mattered. Alien is still the textbook example of how to do this sort of thing, and that's over 40 years old. 2.5/5
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