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  1. https://brothomstates.bandcamp.com/album/rekobn-tich-ey Brothomstates had an album and a couple of singles on Warp in the early 2000s. Before that he was active on the demoscene doing really nice Aphex-y electronic music. Here's a collection of tracks from the late 90s.
  2. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley was on release in 1987 just another SAW production, although it was to mark a new more bland era for them. It was number one, natch, but easily avoided, and pretty harmless. Whilst the song did remain in people's memories it wasn't granted 'classic pop' status really, it faded away as any pop ephemera should. All was fine. Then some bellend created the Rickroll. Probably funny the first time someone saw it, but it soon became intolerable. Worse though the song seemed to take on this ironic classic mantle, all of a sudden it was the epitome of "old pop", most likely lofted to this position by people who weren't born when it came out in 1987. So now the people who had hoped it had gone from the cultural consciousness forever have to put up with this insufferable record. Enough!
  3. Telegram Sam by T Rex. Can't really complain about that. Just looking at that week's chart, it's choc full of total class: 29 - Theme From Shaft by Isaac Hayes 22 - If You Really Love Me by Stevie Wonder 20 - The Persuaders theme by John Barry 15 - Family Affair by Sly and the Family Stone 9 - Let's Stay Together by Al Green 4 - Horse With No Name by America Lots of other fun stuff like Brand New Key by Melanie and Son Of My Father by Chicory Tip too.
  4. Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001) Proper mess of a film, fin in places but it's so all over the place it's difficult to get with the vibe of it. Essentially a metal band (industrial metal, strictly speaking) do a gig on a plane that's being live-streamed, it gets ... well, saying it's attacked by terrorists is a stretch, just another mis-hit. It sets up nicely, and the ending section is a good take on the old Airport talking-them-down cliche. The rest just felt like it was made up as it went, plus there's so much stupidity on show here. I have to say I was recovering with the flu whilst watching this, and maybe I wasn't totally up to PARTY like the people on board. 2/5
  5. Last couple of films off that 6 Flight Disasters box, firstly: Flight From Hell aka Mercy Mission: The Rescue Of Flight 771 (1993) TV movie based on a true story about a pilot flying a crop-duster from Hawaii to Australia, loses his navigation, a commercial airliner searches for him. Everything that could go wrong pretty much does, well, except the plane crashing, obviously. Honestly, this is medical-grade emotion-baiting stuff scientifically designed to get the old heart strings pulled so tight you think they can't take any more. It uses every trick in the book to get an emotional response, right down to the frankly awful continuously mawkish soundtrack. They were doing something right because even this massive cynic had a lump in his throat towards the end specially when the two pilots (Scott Bakula and Robert Loggia) meet up. Go on, take the piss! The downtime in the drama was all a bit too wistfully sentimental, but I guess that was all part of the cunning plan to rev it right up, the swines. Can't give this anything less than a 3, honest. 3/5
  6. Barring things like Beatmania, there were some terrible novelty arcade "experiences" in the late-90s/2000s. And at a quid a go you couldn't fully adjust to them without spending a load. Well remember some bloody awful skateboard one that was just unplayable.
  7. Bet that card has a minimum value too.
  8. Stating the obvious here but these sorts of arcades are just so damn boring. There's only so much enjoyment you can get out of dropping some 2p's into a machine, or watching a claw limply scrape over a cuddly toy. If you need to make the money to cover costs then this lack of sustainable enjoyment really won't cut it. Last time I went to a seaside arcade was in 2018 with my then girlfriend, afternoon in Scarborough. I tried really hard not to moan about the good old days etc and just enjoy spending some time together, doing a bit of people-watching whilst feeding a 2p pusher, exaggeratedly pretending to be some rich guy gifting her 50p to go on a grabber, anything to get some fun out of it. But we were bored rigid after about half an hour. Every other place was exactly the same, so rather than having a go on different machines in each place we'd walk in and go yeah, nah. Back in the day you could literally spend all damn day in those places and never get bored. Obviously on here we're going to be all bring back proper arcades. They're never coming back into general use. But unless these arcades start offering something genuinely compelling at a reasonable price (not paying £1 a go for some crappy on rails shooter) then, and I hate to say it, they deserve to close. Yes the seaside wouldn't be the same without them. The sights and sounds of an arcade wafting over the seafront whilst you have a 99. But then I guess everything has to come to an end eventually.
  9. Serious answer: Manhunt - maybe not 10 episodes but you could do some grotty Maniac-style slasher for the first half, then he gets caught and sent out as in the game. Pure, grimy, exploitation telly. Not-so-serious answer: The Sims except it's as if the game was played by a complete arsehole. The various characters just having the worst days possible, totally out of their control. Could contrast nicely with the clean American suburbia style the game goes for.
  10. The Stone Killer (1973) Prime era Charles Bronson/Michael Winner no-nonsense cop drama. Not much in the way of subtext here, just sticks to delivering a solid crime drama albeit not totally coherent at times. Seen this compared to Dirty Harry but this doesn't have the dry humour even if Bronson brings the grit. Special mention for the absolutely killer Roy Budd soundtrack that really adds some class. 3.5/5
  11. And another... Ground Control (1998) Low-key yet surprisingly engaging drama revolving around air traffic controllers, with Kiefer Sutherland's character helping out on a shift, battling the memory of losing a plane five years earlier. It's definitely not a classic, not a great deal of actual action, about 90% of the drama takes place in the air traffic control centre and probably half the dialogue is callsigns and headings, but I slowly got to like the bunch of people trying to deal with various crises, and The Fonz being the comic relief electrical genius gave it a lift. Sutherland's character's flashbacks didn't amount to much more than a bit of sweating and some of the interpersonal drama didn't develop much. The final segment was tense although I couldn't say how technically accurate any of it was. Credit for trying to make hand-calculating fuel burn and headings exciting. 2.5/5
  12. Another one from the 6 Flight Disasters boxset: Shootdown (1988) TV movie based on the shooting down of Korean Air Lines flight 007 in 1983 when it strayed into Soviet airspace killing all on board. The late Angela Lansbury plays the mother of one of the passengers, she is trying get the truth about the incident from the American government, her tenacity alienating the people in her life. The film largely plays on the theory that the 747 was flown deliberately into Russian airspace in order to allow the US to monitor the Soviet response, with the US keeping certain information secret. The whole story is interesting, and Lansbury is always watchable, her inquisitive middle-age mother character similar to her most famous role in Murder She Wrote, albeit more serious, but the incident is presented more as a human interest story of a mother's search for justice over the circumstances of the incident itself, other than a few scenes near the end including a reconstruction/explanation. It's a bit too Hallmark and not particularly compelling, very mawkish and over-sentimental. 2/5
  13. It's like panning for gold. And if you have the patience you really can find gold because no-one gives a shit about CDs these days largely thanks to the vinyl fetishists*. * I do own vinyl and have a turntable but I am sick of the "vinyl is better" bullshit I still hear.
  14. You won't need to take it out unless you want to use it for something else. If you want to access the contents on a PC just use the charging USB lead, run Vitashell and put that into USB or FTP mode.
  15. I have stacks of old computer mags including random issues of Retro Gamer. Some of these are ones I bought at the time including CRASH, Zzap64, various Formats, I even still have some of the very early editions of Your Computer from 1981/1982 I "borrowed" from the school computer lab although they lost their covers many years ago. Right now I have nowhere good to store them, they're in my bedroom taking up space. I'm reluctant to just recycle them and by all accounts you can't even give these things away. Like most of the computing/gaming stuff I have in my possession they are more an accumulation of random stuff than any sort of collection. I just hold onto them because I always have. I never read them, would much rather just get some scans online. They're generally much higher quality now than then were 15-20 years ago when I used to read blurry CRASH scans off WOS. It's like throwing books away, it feels wrong, but if no-one wants them what can you do?
  16. Is there no network connector under the yellow sticker then?
  17. I got mine from Aliexpress. Probably cheaper than Amazon but takes longer. Lots on there. I have the black and white one.
  18. Did a bit of digging and it turns out the BBC sold it's shares in Britbox to ITV which explains why they're doing the ITVX thing. On a Doctor Who-related subredit about Doctor Who Classic leaving the service (massive loss), someone posted this link to an OFCOM article that appears to state the BBC is able to enter into negotiations to put a lot more archive material up on iPlayer which they've not been able to do. That might justify a license fee if they put a ton of old shows up, but it would mean BBC shows would disappear from other services in the UK at least.
  19. I agree I don't think this is the place for this as it's emulating a current console and will be used primarily for piracy no matter how good a case you put for there being benefits. It's certainly an interesting thing technically, and I take my hat off to those clever folks who can get stuff like this working. Is it retro though? I think not.
  20. I switched to a component straight into the telly. Had SCART into OSSC previously.
  21. I'm no expert on this but I think PS2 is a pain with OSSC due to interlace. I could never get a decent picture though it and doing some research PS2+OSSC is a proper ballache. I ended up just using a component cable in the end, but unless there's a good guide I honestly don't know of a good HDMI solution.
  22. Honestly 256gb is overkill so 512gb is bonkers. Even if you put some full sets of ROMs on there for retroarch and a load of Vita and PSP games you'll have absolutely tons of space. Mind you, I wouldn't advise full sets on retroarch on Vita. It is painfully slow to add them to the library, at least it was in my experience. Just having a small selection is advised.
  23. It's an interesting idea: basically Stella Street except they deepfaked celebs like Stormzy, Nicki Minaj and Tom Holland into neighbourly disputes. It's discussed in a Guardian article here. There's a teaser video but apart from a passable Christopher Walken you get no real idea of how it'll play out. The article talks about the technical challenges, like how the performers can only really look straight at the camera, can't do any movement or look in different directions. Personally this is going to be a watershed moment for deepfakes. The article quotes the writer saying a lot of people won't be aware of what a deepfake is, which is surprising. The show will have a disclaimer at the start but by all accounts they didn't get permission from the original celebs. Depending on how good the fakes look this will be an issue, even if they're just having an argument about a broken patio tile. This will either open the door for more or kick up enough of a stink to get celebs demanding permission, or even payment. Who can say? It's ITV so it'll be bobbins anyway.
  24. I'm that person who actually gets value from being subscribed to Britbox and have done for a couple of years on an annual sub. It's far from essential but I do enjoy crime dramas which there are tons of on there. Admittedly it is all very half-hearted, especially the BBC side of it which feels like they're the ones who have lost faith it in the most. In fact some BBC shows have disappeared. I've heard people describe Britbox as streaming for OAPs and hey why not? Britbox haven't sent out any info to subscribers re ITVX so I can assume that they'll be keeping Britbox going for the time being even if they're funnelling new users in via ITVX. Not sure what it means in the long run though. Will all the BBC and C4 shows on Britbox disappear and it just turns into ITV Player? It's this sort of fragmentation of streaming that just pushes users towards piracy, frankly. Or in my case picking up old shows on DVD because I'm old-fashioned like that. Mind you the prices of some box sets are climbing.
  25. Is there any good record of what's added to MiSTer chronologically? I hit update_all and have to do a "can you see what's different?" scroll through the arcade cores etc.
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