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  1. Ruthless People (1986)

    Solidly entertaining farce from Zucker/Abrahams/Zucker. It gets twisty and silly in equal measure, so many great moments in here: "I've been kidnapped by K-Mart!" Danny DeVito and Bette Midler steal it but Bill Pullman's dim-witted accomplice was also top. 



  2. Would definitely agree Amazon Prime is a good source of trash. I've watched tons. You have to drill down a bit through, find a good in and you could hit a seam. Some are poor quality transfers though. Tried to watch Violent City aka The Family, Charles Bronson and Telly Savalas Italian crime thriller from 1970, but it was a total mess with no subs for the Italian bits. 

  3. Have to agree about 8-bit computers. FB groups can't seem to give tape games away apart from a few hard-to-find later games (someone was selling Addams Family on C64 tape for £50 the other week). You can pick up job lots of Speccy and C64 tapes for not much, but as has been said there will come a day when the link back to that era will break and it'll cease to have any value except to some niche collectors. Only nutters would want to load games from tape on original hardware now, especially multi-load. Disc games still hold their value though, it's difficult to get hold of C64 disc games, people don't want to let go of them. 


    The PS2/GC/Xbox generation is probably going to be the next big thing for collectors as the people who were kids in the 2000s want to relive it, but even then emulation is getting to the point you really wouldn't need to. 


    A lot of GC games are now too expensive to collect, PS2's library is vast and diverse and I've noticed the prices for some previously easy-to-get games rising. Xbox is a bit of an odd one, there are some very collectable games but it doesn't seem to have the nostalgia value of GC and PS2. 

  4. 2. Apocalypse On The Set by Matt Taylor - short book covering nine disastrous film productions including Apocalypse Now, Heaven's Gate and Waterworld. Some stories are well worn but it's nice to have them in a neat volume. 




    1. Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson

    2. Apocalypse On The Set by Matt Taylor


  5. 3 hours ago, ImmaculateClump said:

    Alan Partridge: Stratagem - *½

    Tried watching this this afternoon. It has some good lines but overall lacked the tightness of earlier Partridge. It's about 90 minutes of Steve Cougan basically riffing on his character, probably felt confident enough to do this but couldn't see it was all a bit aimless.

  6. Fringe season 1 (2008)

    Watched this on Netflix many years ago and didn't get to the end of season 2 as it got taken off. I really enjoyed it, you get a freak of the week story but it ties in really well with the overall arc of The Pattern. Not sure how they'll keep this up for another four seasons but the reveal at the end of season one has me wanting to carry on, so it's doing something right.

  7. Survivor (2015)

    Slick enough but ultimately tedious cat-and-mouse thriller. Milla Jorovich is running around London after surviving a bombing that kills her US embassy colleagues. She's been framed for something and it's all vitally important she is caught but there's Pirece Brosnan who is this terrorist/bomb-maker running about too and- yeah, it just feels so bland, it's difficult to get excited about any of it. On a technical level it's fine, the bombing near the start is suitably explosive, and the streets of London look the part, moody and cold. I want to apologise to Frances de la Tour, every time she came on screen I couldn't help but liven things up with a cry of "Miss Jones!" Well, I had to do something to get through the tedium.



  8. Bless This House (1972)

    As was the trend at the time, this is another big screen adaptation of a popular sitcom, this one starring Sid James and Diana Coupland. The humour is gentle but very dated, hugely reliant on lame slapstick and the sort of overdone social faux pas that seem quaint today. The whole thing feels like a Carry On film from the time, not just due to the likes of Sid James and Peter Butterworth appearing, but it was produced by Peter Rogers, directed by Gerald Thomas and has the ever-present comedy Eric Rogers soundtrack that sounded dated at the time. Being born in the 70s the look of it felt familiar and despite it's overall crapness somehow warm and nostalgic.



  9. Journey To The Centre Of Time (1967)

    I want my time back! This was a great example of how to pad a film out and pretend to do something but deliver nothing. Incomprehensible plot largely made up of science gobbledygook, montages and stuff generally. They go 5000 years into the future! Then go 5 million years into the past! Look, it's awful, avoid.



  10. Detective Bureau 2-3: Go to Hell Bastards! (1963)

    Never watched any of these Seijun Suzuki films before so this is just going on what I saw which was a rather entertaining, twisty and stylish Japanese crime caper from the early 60s. A ballsy private detective goes undercover investigating some stolen guns, getting one over the cops and the gangsters in the process. It has bags of style, from the groovy soundtrack to the sharp suits, fast cars cruising around early 60s Tokyo, and varied characters. There's never a dull moment, it has a lot of colour for something set in a largely grey world, and it moves swiftly and with apry humour. Simply great fun.



  11. Another query, this one about the Amiga core: I just updated Mega AGS and was checking the recommended config settings in the readme. Under Aspect Ratio it says 40:27, yet in the core the only options I have are Original and Full Screen. Was playing the superb Roadkill the other night and in menus the top and bottom of the screen are cut off. Did they remove 40:27 as an option recently?

  12. 20 hours ago, ImmaculateClump said:

    While in the gameboy colour core, go to the audio and video options




    and turn this option on




    If that doesn't sort it, you could change the vsync settings that core is using.
    If you're using vsync_adjust=2 for lower lag, try adding this to the end of your mister.ini file.




    and then try changing it from 1 to 0 if it's still wonky.

    Yes that worked perfectly. Cheers again.

  13. I think I already know the answer to this but I was trying to play a GBC game and every time the screen clears and displays something else the MiSTer output goes black for a second. I believe it does this for other cores too. On my old telly the screen would reset but not go off like that. It's bloody annoying. I'm guessing that's just the way the MiSTer outputs via HDMI, am I right?

  14. 1. Red Mars by Kim Stanley Robinson - Well I was wrong in the post above, this book isn't "great" but it is thought-provoking and throws up some interesting ideas about the relationship between a dying Earth and new frontier Mars, whether a new Martian society should be free to do their thing without corporations taking full advantage. Shame this audiobook (23 hours, not 29, although it feels like 50 at times) can drag, largely down to meaningless descriptions of rock formations, landscapes, and the like that are impossible to visualise and just go on and on and on. Didn't mind the excessive scientific detail though although I acknowledge that's a bit excessive too. 

  15. Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astley was on release in 1987 just another SAW production, although it was to mark a new more bland era for them. It was number one, natch, but easily avoided, and pretty harmless. Whilst the song did remain in people's memories it wasn't granted 'classic pop' status really, it faded away as any pop ephemera should. All was fine. 


    Then some bellend created the Rickroll. Probably funny the first time someone saw it, but it soon became intolerable. Worse though the song seemed to take on this ironic classic mantle, all of a sudden it was the epitome of "old pop", most likely lofted to this position by people who weren't born when it came out in 1987. 


    So now the people who had hoped it had gone from the cultural consciousness forever have to put up with this insufferable record. Enough!

  16. Telegram Sam by T Rex. Can't really complain about that. 


    Just looking at that week's chart, it's choc full of total class:


    29 - Theme From Shaft by Isaac Hayes

    22 - If You Really Love Me by Stevie Wonder

    20 - The Persuaders theme by John Barry

    15 - Family Affair by Sly and the Family Stone

    9 - Let's Stay Together by Al Green

    4 - Horse With No Name by America


    Lots of other fun stuff like Brand New Key by Melanie and Son Of My Father by Chicory Tip too. 

  17. Turbulence 3: Heavy Metal (2001)

    Proper mess of a film, fin in places but it's so all over the place it's difficult to get with the vibe of it. Essentially a metal band (industrial metal, strictly speaking) do a gig on a plane that's being live-streamed, it gets ... well, saying it's attacked by terrorists is a stretch, just another mis-hit. It sets up nicely, and the ending section is a good take on the old Airport talking-them-down cliche. The rest just felt like it was made up as it went, plus there's so much stupidity on show here. I have to say I was recovering with the flu whilst watching this, and maybe I wasn't totally up to PARTY like the people on board.



  18. Last couple of films off that 6 Flight Disasters box, firstly:


    Flight From Hell aka Mercy Mission: The Rescue Of Flight 771 (1993)

    TV movie based on a true story about a pilot flying a crop-duster from Hawaii to Australia, loses his navigation, a commercial airliner searches for him. Everything that could go wrong pretty much does, well, except the plane crashing, obviously. Honestly, this is medical-grade emotion-baiting stuff scientifically designed to get the old heart strings pulled so tight you think they can't take any more. It uses every trick in the book to get an emotional response, right down to the frankly awful continuously mawkish soundtrack. They were doing something right because even this massive cynic had a lump in his throat towards the end specially when the two pilots (Scott Bakula and Robert Loggia) meet up. Go on, take the piss! The downtime in the drama was all a bit too wistfully sentimental, but I guess that was all part of the cunning plan to rev it right up, the swines. Can't give this anything less than a 3, honest.



  19. 1 hour ago, yakumo said:

    it's sad but inevitable. I remember arcade scene dying when I started seeing more gimmicky arcade machines that simulate an experience than the typical machines I grew up with. It was around the time when Silent Scope, etc when arcade machines were seeing a decline, thanks to home consoles bridging the gap in graphics. I did find one arcade which closed down in Southampton, which had a mame machine. Think Sega World, or the Arcade that replaced it there had a mame machine before that went when I went back last year. 

    Barring things like Beatmania, there were some terrible novelty arcade "experiences" in the late-90s/2000s. And at a quid a go you couldn't fully adjust to them without spending a load. Well remember some bloody awful skateboard one that was just unplayable.

  20. 1 hour ago, Parappa said:

    Doesn't help when in some arcades you need to put your bank card in a machine to get a plastic top up card to then use to pay for the games!.


    Llandudno pier have converted all their machines (including Sega Rally!) to only accept these massive waste of plastic cards! 



    In the end I could not be bothered so just walked out whereas if they took cash I would have spent a few quid. 

    Bet that card has a minimum value too. 

  21. Stating the obvious here but these sorts of arcades are just so damn boring. There's only so much enjoyment you can get out of dropping some 2p's into a machine, or watching a claw limply scrape over a cuddly toy. If you need to make the money to cover costs then this lack of sustainable enjoyment really won't cut it.


    Last time I went to a seaside arcade was in 2018 with my then girlfriend, afternoon in Scarborough. I tried really hard not to moan about the good old days etc and just enjoy spending some time together, doing a bit of people-watching whilst feeding a 2p pusher, exaggeratedly pretending to be some rich guy gifting her 50p to go on a grabber, anything to get some fun out of it. But we were bored rigid after about half an hour. Every other place was exactly the same, so rather than having a go on different machines in each place we'd walk in and go yeah, nah. Back in the day you could literally spend all damn day in those places and never get bored.


    Obviously on here we're going to be all bring back proper arcades. They're never coming back into general use. But unless these arcades start offering something genuinely compelling at a reasonable price (not paying £1 a go for some crappy on rails shooter) then, and I hate to say it, they deserve to close.


    Yes the seaside wouldn't be the same without them. The sights and sounds of an arcade wafting over the seafront whilst you have a 99. But then I guess everything has to come to an end eventually.

  22. Serious answer: Manhunt - maybe not 10 episodes but you could do some grotty Maniac-style slasher for the first half, then he gets caught and sent out as in the game. Pure, grimy, exploitation telly. 


    Not-so-serious answer: The Sims except it's as if the game was played by a complete arsehole. The various characters just having the worst days possible, totally out of their control. Could contrast nicely with the clean American suburbia style the game goes for. 

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