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  1. Blonde Fist (1991) It's sad to see Margi Clarke coming off doing Making Out to this frankly forgettable film. Sloppily-directed by Margi's brother, Frank Clarke, it just feels baggy, doesn't hold together at all. There appeared to be parts that were aiming for social commentary but they were so poorly written they just didn't work - Ken Loach this ain't. At least there were a few moments where Margi got to do some satisfying gobbiness, she does the best she can with the material. 2/5
  2. I recall my then girlfriend's reaction to Deathsmiles. She shook her head and went "no no no", she didn't flip out but she was definitely uncomfortable. I would have left it if the game wasn't enjoyable and playable.
  3. I'd be up for one of these no doubt.
  4. Submarine (2010) This really is something special. A rich and affecting coming of age drama that manages to get over the complexities of being a teenage boy, especially how seemingly small things feel earth-shattering. There's love, loss, comedy, lots of letters and notes. These things may not matter when you're 38 but they still have an emotional impact. Great performances all round but Paddy Considine's character had me in stitches. 4/5
  5. The Life And Death Of Peter Sellers (2004) Film that largely manages to capture the complexity of Peter Sellers, barrelling through his life and career in an almost dreamlike way, surreal at times, but also brutal. The main draw is Geoffrey Rush's amazing portrayal of Sellers as well as many of the characters Sellers was famous for, with almost constant movement and energy. Obviously the whole film hangs on this performance, Rush's efforts make this work, but there's a strong supporting cast including John Lithgow, Miriam Margolyes, Peter Vaughan, Charlize Theron - I could go on. Blink-and-you-miss-it appearance from Richard Ayoade as well. Peter Sellers was a talented man but also arrogant, flawed, hiding behind a character, and this manages to get that across. 3.5/5
  6. The Ice Road (2021) Liam Neeson does his blue collar hero thing, there's a bit of peril, some pointless corporate skulduggery, and trucks on ice. The truck bits are the best, everything else was undercooked. They go into all this detail about how driving on ice requires all this knowledge of speed and weight distribution then throw all that out of the window about half an hour in. If you really can't be bothered you could do worse filling 100 minutes. 2.5/5
  7. Wordle 210 3/6 Got lucky there. Plenty to work wirh.
  8. Busy day at work so only just had a go: Wordle 209 3/6 Happy with that. In essence the two letters on the right suggested the right word.
  9. TwilightMenu++ is still being updated. It's a good idea to install Universal Updater on 3DS anyway as it gives you access to a ton of 3DS homebrew.
  10. I'm dreading the day my 2070 packs in for whatever reason. I paid £510 new for it in March 2019. If I wanted to buy one second-hand I'd be paying more than that now.
  11. If Ryan Reynolds goes anywhere near this there will be hell to pay.
  12. First time I've done one of these. Wordle 206 5/6
  13. Let's face it, whilst there were a lot of talented people working at Ocean, a lot of the output was mediocre, especially later on. They got into a formula, bought up any old rights they could get their hands on and adapted similar game design to it, rarely taking risks. Yes there were the occasional outliers like the Frankie game, and they had high standards compared to a direct rival like US Gold, but they were the white bread of games, trading on big names and putting out acceptable if unspectacular games, with some exceptions. Definitely not The Greatest.
  14. I think we already have a thread for these books somewhere, I can't find it right now.
  15. It's difficult to get nostalgic about It's A Knockout in the UK without Stuart Hall being mentioned. Used to love the show as a kid, even the European one, but revelations re Hall mean it's all tainted. In a way I'm glad the game is crap, it means you don't have to consider it that much.
  16. Always had a love/hate relationship with E3, I'd book time off work to watch the presentations, but the main draw was being on here or, going further back, Steam chat, raging against the cringeworthy presentations, empty trailers and the like, back when you genuinely got surprises and it all hadn't been leaded or reported on. I don't believe COVID has killed E3, it has just ran it's course. Nintendo pulled out to do their own thing, probably inspired the rest to do something similar, it just took the pandemic to give them that final push.
  17. Not wishing to go OT here but that is how I feel a lot of the time. The idea of games is a lot more satisfying than actually playing them, so in essence we're setting ourselves up to be disappointed. The best gaming experiences are ones where you just go "right, let's load this" without the anticipation and just enjoy it for the hell of it. In other news my brother got a pre-assembled MISTer a few days back and is raving about it. Even he admitted it was either going to be full-on can't-stop-using-it or instant buyer's remorse, but by all accounts he feels his MISTer has long-term potential. He's more into 8-bit computers so he's very happy to be able to run those, says it feels like real hardware. Not sure if he's just convinced himself of that or that's how it feels though.
  18. Like many I'd say the PS2/Xbox/GC sort of era is the latest I'd consider retro. I have a fondness for 2000s gaming, especially the PS2 and Wii which weren't really online, and OG Xbox had online but it wasn't the always-there-from-the-box experience you get now, it wasn't considered a default thing. And that's why I like them, pre-online, focus on single player. 3DS and Vita are tricky as they had access to the internet, so I'd lump PSP and GBA in with the above.
  19. Blood Rage (1987) Enjoyable slasher set on the best-lit housing development ever. Got a few good laughs from this even though I'm assuming they weren't intentional. Louise Lasser overdoes it brilliantly, absent-mindedly vacuuming with a glass of wine in the other hand. 3/5
  20. The Chain (1996) Gun-runner Victor Rivers ends up getting chained up with the cop who has been trying to get him, a past-his-prime Gary Busey, and they have to get over thier differences and stay alive after escaping a prison camp in a war-torn South American country. Spoiler alert: they end up best buds at the end. What a twist! The plot consists of a string of sticky situations, their partnership is put to the test, there's some character development, all the moving parts work, you get a few explosions. The film manages to hang on by its fingernails thanks to the two leads, especially Busey although it's fair to say Busey is very much playing Busey here. 2.5/5
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