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  1. https://dlo-games.com/product/qbee-for-zx-spectrum-next-digital-version/ Q-Bee on the Next, a decent-looking Q*Bert clone, is roughly half-price on digital at the moment (£4.99). Seeing this sort of thing makes me want to get the Next out because, sadly, it's not got much love recently.
  2. I've been reading Zucked: Waking Up To The Facebook Catastrophe by Roger McNamee but am close to binning it. It's not saying anything I didn't already know about Facebook's shady way of doing things, about using various tricks to keep people's attention, its inability to do anything about hate speech, interference in election advertising etc. It spends a lot of time talking about his role in the early days of Facebook and him generally. Not sure where it's going but so far it hasn't been worth it.
  3. It's depressing to hear the first games came out 25 years ago. Okay so that's in Japan, Red and Blue didn't get here until 1999, but still, those 10 year-olds playing it then would be 32/33 now, probably have kids and a mortgage etc. If that doesn't make you feel old, and increasingly more things do these days, nothing will.
  4. I have a number of the old Gold Box D&D RPGs on the C64 and did attempt to play them back in the 90s but they're really hard going. Like a lot of these games they require a significant amount of deprogramming of the brain, to try and forget everything you've learned about RPGs in the last 25-odd years. My main issue was finding the combat difficult to follow, a jumble of icons and messages that, if you're not concentrating, can be overwhelming. There are a ton of these on GOG and pretty cheap too. I've been meaning to have a proper go but was a bit put off when I attempted to
  5. Are Orcs Must Die 1&2 on Game Pass? If not then they're worth a go. Hybrid of 3rd person action and tower defence.
  6. Ghost In The Shell (2017) I've not watched the original so my opinion is based entirely on this film, and whilst it looks absolutely stunning I couldn't help but feel there was something missing. It's like an artier Robocop with themes of humans in robotic bodies, albeit with more pop philosophy thrown in. There was food for thought around what possibilities body enhancement would have but it gets pulled down to the basics of being able to fight well and all that, a bit more grounded perhaps. Enough visual bling and pace to mask the underdone plot, it almost felt like they'd held back som
  7. Deliverance is great. It's a shame pop culture has basically boiled it town to the duelling banjos and "seqeeeeal, piggy" because once it gets going it's a superb thriller.
  8. My brother mentioned it to me the other week, we both had memories of seeing it on the telly as teenagers, and certain bits brought it all back, especially the helicopter.
  9. Holocaust 2000 (1977) Pretty blatant UK/Italian rip-off of The Omen with Kirk Douglas taking on the Gregory Peck role. He wants to build a state-of-the-art nuclear plant with the help of his son Angel, but things aren't running smoothly, not least because Angel may very well be the antichrist. They make little effort to hide the fact they're ripping off The Omen: English setting, set-piece deaths (although not nearly as well handled; mind you, the helicopter bit is still effective), ageing Hollywood actor, a bit where someone won't go near a church. It's somewhat uneven, takes bloody ages
  10. This might be fun for, say, Spectrum games where you could get a few random tapes that cost next to nothing and could end up being a fun afternoon. Random carts though? More often than not you'd end up with the sort of stuff people normally discard from a job lot.
  11. Well do yourself a favour and add all the radiangames stuff asap.
  12. Double Jeopardy (1999) Strictly alright thriller livened up with some ludicrous and incongruous action scenes. Tommy Lee Jones doesn't have to stray too far from his comfort zone, extra characterisation being him putting some whisky in his coffee and some awkward overheard dialogue. Whilst you have to root for Ashley Jodd's character I wouldn't want to be the one to have to explain to her son what happened to daddy, but hey if that's the happy ending you want to give us there you go (and if you think that's a spoiler come on, you know what happens right from the off). Speaking of daddy, B
  13. When I set up my 360 a few months back I did fire up Leave Home and that still looks and sounds amazing. Pretty much anything with banging acid in the background is going to be approaching great anyway. Qrth-phyl was going for that classic DR/Warp vibe and largely succeeded, but I found it really difficult to navigate, although that's probably just me being shit. Beat Hazard was initially an XBLIG game. Probably easier to play that on a PC now as it's a bit of a bleeder trying to get the tunes in, plus the PC one can get seriously trippy. Sadly I seem to be more sensitive to flash
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