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  1. Totally. for years they had set up the condition for that show to end, they reached that in a decent episode... then came back with that stupid Batman and Robin rubbish. It was so disappointing, in fact I was disappointed as I sat there and saw them appear, awful.
  2. Judge John Deed - Entertaining courtroom drama, each week would be a different case, add in the scheming to take down the rogue judge and you had a nice set-up... which they totally trashed in series 3 which admittedly had a couple of good episodes but ultimately it ended up turning into a dysfunctional family drama where the cases took a back seat to badly-realised interpersonal strife. Prison Break - really should have ended after season one. How they managed to stretch that out is beyond me. Any shows that start off procedural and move to fully concentrate on the story arc. Peep Show - the last episode of series 7 was a perfect goodbye to all the characters... then they brought it back. Utterly pointless and added nothing.
  3. Dangerous Driving.
  4. CIA: Code Name: Alexa (1992) Agent Alexa funds herself caught between the CIA and a megalomaniac who wants to hold the world to ransom. PM Entertainment do espionage the only way they know how: gun fights, exploding cars and excessive bloom lighting. Alexa was tasked to recover a chip for cliche charming villain Victor Mahler but is brought back in by the CIA, all whilst police detective Murphy is investigating murders linked to the missing chip; Le Carre this most definitely isn't. Shoot first, do spying later seems to be the order of the day, The action is pretty good although not the best PM have produced. Production design seems to revolve around ordering as many strip lights as possible and putting them in every single shot. It does have that lush PM cinematography. A pre-trial OJ Simpson throws himself into a limited role. And you get a bit of tasteful 80s-style sex thrown in. It all adds up to something rather underwhelming, not action enough to be exciting, not espionage enough to support intrigue. The Great Hack (2019) Documentary follwing key players involved in the Cambridge Analytica data scandal. This may not be big news or new information to the tech-savvy 'mukkers here but this gets over some complex information in a largely engaging and visually-stimulating way. It is one of those right-place-right-time docs where the film-makers were able to document events relating to the scandal, starting with American data academic David Carroll's legal action to recover his data held by Cambridge Analytica and by extension expose their operation, moving on to spend a lot of time with former CA business director turned data rights advocate Brittany Kaiser. Kaiser is an intriguing, complex character, the film does a good job trying to understand her motivations. The film eschews dry explainers and endless talking heads for something that feels like a low-key espionage thriller, with international travel, earnest fly-in-the-wall conversations, serious people getting in and out of big cars and walking into hotels and office blocks, all to a sombre piano-and-synth soundtrack. Whilst this builds an atmosphere it did feel like they could have cut down the excessive running time by minimising the shots of people in airports and the like, but that's just the style they went with. Important information, lush production, interesting characters, but some may find the lack of emphasis on the information a let-down.
  5. I didn't mention this was adapted from a novel, although I've not read it so can't say how well it was adapted. To be honest it doesn't really matter when the film is this good.
  6. In The Line Of Duty III (1988) Jewel thieves get ripped off, a Japanese police officer wants to avange the death of his partner, it all comes to a head in Hong Kong. Third in the series of HK action films, with new lead Cynthia Khan (who was only 20 at the time) taking over from Michelle Yeoh as the ass-kicking HK police officer, this time getting mixed up in a beef with some jewel thieves and a Japanese police officer out for revenge. This will feel familiar to anyone who has seen the first two, with excellent hand-to-hand fighting scenes, gunplay is less satisfying, and humour that doesn't travel well, by all accounts. The final fight in particular is spectacular, with tension right up the very end. As before I can't profess to be an expert on Hong Kong cinema, but as a fan of action this really did hit the spot. Fast, slick, with a plot just twisty enough to make it interesting. Mind you, whoever translated the subtitles didn't do a great job, some of them didn't make much sense, but thankfully you get the gist and just follow the action. Pontypool (2008) An early-morning radio show gets reports of a disturbance in the local area that goes way beyond their expectations. Let's be honest here, this is superb horror with real invention. Without giving too much away, this is a highly-original take on a zombie outbreak, handled with precision and style. You're just as intrigued as the crew at the local radio station as to what the hell is going on out there, and the script does wonders building a picture of events elsewhere and how they could have a wider impact, largely through the maverick morning DJ played by Stephen McHattie. Once you get what's actually going on the film takes on a more surreal quality, but I won't spoil it, suffice to say it is unusual and gripping. This is how you do a one-location film. It may be a bit too theatrical for some who are expecting something more visceral, but for those prepared for it this delivers a well-executed, novel story.
  7. To be fair even the Vita has a job running a lot of GBA games at full speed. It's one of those machines that seems to have some problems, especially when anything like 3D are involved.
  8. I'd add his novel Aurora too. My shout would be Eon by Greg Bear. It starts off in near-future Earth and goes from there to some really great world-building. Not read the sequel though.
  9. Recently I've been experiencing what I have come to find is arthritis in my right hand around the thumb. It's probably more relating to decades of daily mouse use, at work and though PC gaming. Ibuprofen does the trick but it's just a reminder how time is having an adverse affect on my body. It's not affecting how I game yet but I have a feeling this could be a problem in the future. Generally though I wouldn't be at all surprised if I'm part of a generation who grew up using mice who will have problems with their hands going forward. Having your hand in that claw-like grip all day can't be good.
  10. I'm either doing it very wrong or the Vita one is really really hard. In fact the one I had a go on on PS2 was hard too, consistently at or near the bottom of the leaderboard. Will definitely be having another go, although as has been said I find it just that little bit too cute. It doesn't quite chime iwith the more involved nature of the actual golf. Now if there was something like TW2004 on PSP/Vita...
  11. A recent one for me. I have a lot of music on at work usually via Spotify. I was going down a 70s soul/funk/jazz rabbit hole and came across this album called Tailor-Made by Bobbi Humphrey - and it blew me away. I'm not sure what purists with extensive knowledge of the period would think of it, and I don't know how it fits in with similar music from similar artists, but all I know is it was lush, pretty straight funk/soul, not an area I have an intimate knowledge of. Yes, I want to hear more.
  12. New 3.71 firmware Pain in the arse but it shouldn't be a problem for long.
  13. Escape Plan: The Extractors (2019) A Chinese billionaire's daughter is kidnapped and held in an Easter Bloc prison. It's up to a crack team led by Sly Stallone to get her out. The first Escape Plan was good fun, the second utterly woeful, so hopes weren't high for this, and whilst it is far from a classic it isn't quite so bad. Storywise it's a pretty slack affair, high-status person loses something they care about, the stakes are high, no attempt made to deviate from the norm, in fact they take so long setting up the ultra-flimsy premise you're sat there thinking just get on with it already. The baddies gloat over their captives, the goodies tool up and get tough, but ultimately there's not much else going on. Granted the hand-to-hand is pretty slick and well-shot. In fact I'd say it's easily the best thing about the whole production. Dave Bautista adds a bit of tough-guy flavour but apart from giving someone a good beating and engaging in some CGI gun fighting he isn't well integrated into the story. Sly does what Sly does these days and gives an adequate performance, saving it mainly for the frankly rather anti-climactic finale. At least he's in this for more than a token appearance unlike the second. This film has some of the worst CGI fire out there, one scene has someone burning the plastic cable ties around their hands - worth it to see just how awful it looks. The Chinese money is highly evident here too, with prominent Chinese characters and, I'd estimate, a good 50% Chinese dialogue. At the end of the day the best thing I can say about this is it wasn't as bad as the second, but lacked the novelty and action-daftness of the first by a long way, leaving us with a generic, unsatisfying lack-of-action film.
  14. Vimster

    Great CD Revival

    Will have a look and see if there's anything there not on Spotify that I'd like. Still trying to pick CDs up though not been going for it as hard as the last couple of years. Still loving CDs though, got one on at the moment (Warp10 remix compilation from 1999).
  15. This is what you want - https://www.champman0102.co.uk/
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