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  1. Cameos from Nice Scottish Mechanic and Arsehole Rival Driver from TOCA Race Driver 3.
  2. 10 Minutes Gone (2019) Marking another notch in the downward slide of Bruce Willis' career, this is a very generic, cheap and tedious crime caper with the usual job-gone-bad plot. Michael Chiklis does all the heavy lifting whilst Willis mainly stands in a hotel suite growling into a mobile phone (apparently they shot all his scenes bar the final one in his actual hotel suite, now that's lazy). It was clear Willis didn't want to be there, he puts zero effort into the role, in fact you can see the pain he's going through doing this. There was a point where I just wanted everyone to shoot everyone else and be done with it. And it's one of those cheap action films where a shoot-out is a montage of people shooting but you never see what at. Boring and pointless. 1/5
  3. The Tomorrow War (2021) The phrase "dumb action movie" is pretty much a cliche these days, but like all cliches they are useful, especially here because this film had the potential to tell a compelling story, and it squanders it in the dumbest ways. Some effort is made to build a believable scenario, albeit one with the usual plot holes associated with time travel tales. There is a bit of tense action although the majority of it is of the whiz-bang CGI-heavy scale-over-watchability variety. A fair proportion of the plot revolves around a mawkish family drama about An Ordinary Guy Who Just Happens To Be Ex-Army and all that tripe. In fact anything redeemable here is drowned out by the obvious. There was some potential to make a statement about how stupid we are as a species, how we think we know best, but again they go for the crowd-pleasing. And of course every problem can be solved with either science or guns. If you're feeling in the mood for an undemanding action film that makes absolutely no attempt to try something new or answer its own questions then knock yourself out. 2.5/5 I've written that many of these I reckon I've done that "dumb action movie cliche" intro before. But who cares!
  4. 10. Alphabetical by Michael Rosen - fantastic book just brimming with interesting information not only relating to the letters of the alphabet but everything from dictionaries to letters we don't use any more. The audiobook is read by the author, he has one of those voices that takes me back to my childhood, hearing him reading poems on schools programmes, and it just makes it that bit more enjoyable. If you have any interest in language then this is essential reading.
  5. Just moved into a new flat and am annoyed to find how uneven the floors are. Finding it hard to set my turntable up on a level surface, it tilts forward a bit. Is it okay for a bit of an angle on a deck or does it have to be dead-level?
  6. Vice City but bring all the old characters back 20+ years older, but not in a GTA V Michael "I'm too old for this shit" way.
  7. I think 505 published my big gaming regret: Rule Of Rose. Had that on pre-order, cancelled pre-order as I needed the £30, it goes for over £300 easily now. Funny how the "cheap" games are the steep ones now.
  8. I'd echo the fact PS2 games are going up in price, not just the usual suspects. Not sure if it's more down to less being sold/people holding onto their collection or just plain demand. Definitely an increase in the low-mid price (£15-£35) range too. I'd be up for those Atelier Iris games btw. The first one is superb.
  9. Been moving house and haven't watched anything for ages. Tomorrow Never Comes (1978) Middling siege thriller where a guy returns to town after an extended business trip, finds his girlfriend has moved in with some other guy, he wants that fella there or he'll kill the girl. Outgoing police bloke Oliver Reed and the younger guy he's been mentoring disagree on how things should pan out. Despite the cast-iron setup this didn't hold my attention, it doesn't really keep the tension high enough, at least not until it's too late and enough is revealed. Raymond Burr, Susan George and Donald Pleasance fill out the cast but can't stop this from being a bit of a damp squib, frankly. There are some attempts at humour with some of the onlookers, it feels like Reed's character is going to do something epic at times but it never really goes anywhere. In fact there's not much interaction with the hostage-taker. Ending is well done by that point I'd ceased to care. 2.5/5
  10. I have said here I should think about selling stuff, but this last fortnight I've moved to a new flat and man alive was there a lot of crap to move. The spare room in my new place is is literally my WFH desk, my CRT and the rest is boxes and crates of half-arsed retro-gaming stuff. It really brought home to me how much of this stuff I actually don't want or need. Even my old Amiga 1200 (that I cannot find a good box for sending off to get recapped) feels like an indulgence. Once I get settled in I will definitely be shedding a load of this stuff, seriously.
  11. I'm curious to know if anyone here owns or has owned a Falcon. My ST-owning mate at college was obsessed with the Falcon, made it sound like it had landed from another planet, crammed full of custom chips and whatnot. They were rare then, virtual hen's teeth now.
  12. I find that the ST is easier to handle if you look at it like a really good 8-bit machine, it always felt like a half-way house between the 8-bit home computers and an Amiga (that's not a diss BTW). It was more straightforward in operation, if you wanted to do anything more than games you really needed a hi-res monitor and other bits. The games felt like more colourful versions of 8-bit and yes, they tended to come off worse than Amiga versions although it had a few years head-start whilst the Amiga was too expensive. Once the A500 came down in price though the ST struggled, the STE was too little too late really. Probably worth getting old of STeeM Engine SSE and some pack disc images if you want to satisfy curiosity. However, there is something chunky and rough about ST hardware that makes it feel good to use.
  13. I own a 520STE that was upgraded to 1meg, so it can be done.
  14. I used to have extenders for mine but they've gone walkabout. Made putting a mouse and joystick in so much less painful.
  15. The Omen, Superman, Lethal Weapon 1 and 2 (not going to mention the other two), all quality films. RIP, you left a decent legacy.
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