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  1. I want this but I really want a bonetcam view. The behind-the-car view obscures oncoming traffic.
  2. Vimster

    Neill Blomkamps..... ROBOCOP!

    2 is superb because it literally is Robocop 2, they're picking his replacement. That's the genius of it. 3 though, that can do one.
  3. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    I'm Not Feeling Myself Tonight (1976) A cleaner at a sex research institute creates a sonic aphrodisiac that causes anyone nearby to go sex-mad. Admirably dreadful 70s British sex comedy starring seasoned TV actor Barry Andrews as the constantly-misnamed John Pigeon, trying his best to woo his boss's PA using his special device. It's difficult to watch this without having to imagine the time it came from, where the tame bawdy comedy of the Carry On films was increasingly seen as old hat, and attitudes were changing (the producers would try and bring the series up to date with Carry On England). A mixture of limp knob gags and boobs that probably went down a storm with the dirty mac brigade. Whilst it's not hardcore, it wouldn't be suitable for TV. The sex scenes linger that bit too long, and most of the physical comedy is essentially women being sexually assaulted, with a few rape jokes thrown in - "well shut your eyes and think of England". James Booth, Chic Murray and Brian Murphy leer their way through this, probably following direction like "do it again, but less subtle". The most interesting thing for me was the large mainframe computer centre they used as the sex institute. History has forgotten this film for a reason. It's not a great comedy, and this is coming from someone who loves a good double entendre. It's about as sexually-subtle as shoving your hand up a woman's skirt, you'll probably want a shower after watching it. For curiosity value only.
  4. Vimster

    Ridiculous unjustified retro listings

    I don't think the padding in that bundle justifies the few genuinely collectable games there. Nice try though, seller!
  5. Vimster

    The Commodore 64 Appreciation Thread

    "After seven years of development" Super Mario Bros 64 Grab it before Nintendo step in.
  6. Vimster

    Bibio - Ribbons

    Just sat and had a listen to this and mostly enjoyed it. I've been a fan of his since buying Fi when it came out and it's been interesting to hear him develop a sound. Vignetting The Compost and Ovals And Emeralds were for me the zenith, and whilst his output since has been really good, he has veered off what I liked about him most (although that's his choice, not going to begrudge him that). So I was pleased to hear that this album is a throwback to the more guitar-heavy days of Vignetting The Compost, and some of the tracks really feel like they came from then (You Couldn't Even Hear The Birds Singing, Ode To A Nuthatch). My issues with the album are purely personal preference though, mainly I've never been a massive fan of him moving to more vocals, they somehow make everything sound a bit straighter. At least it doesn't have any gear-shifts into hip-hop and keeps things consistent. I think I need to give it a few more listens, maybe it'll grow on me. It's great to have more Bibio, I just don't get as excited any more.
  7. Vimster

    Bibio - Ribbons

    What he adds in production is, to an extent, what sets him apart from anyone else with a guitar and some beats. That's not to say the actual music is generic or bad, it's just enhanced by that bucolic, fragile sound, like it was left in a barn for 30 years.
  8. Vimster

    The electronica thread

    https://concretecollage.bandcamp.com/album/brainlores-vol-1 Manic Amen/Acid/Aphexy tuneage.
  9. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    30,000 Leagues Under The Sea (2007) When a nuclear sub goes missing, a rescue mission is launched, but soon the stakes vastly increase. "Based on the novel 20,000 Leagues Under The Sea by Jules Verne" states the caption at the beginning of the end credits, and seeing as this is The Asylum you can bet it's the loosest adaptation. The Nautilus on this version is a huge underwater cruise ship, basically, and Captain Nemo the genial host with a dark twist. Atlantis, sea monsters and imminent nuclear devastation are all on the menu in this admittedly lesser Asylum production. It retains the sense of fun and absurdity you'd expect, complete with acceptable CGI, acting and direction. There's not much more to say other than this is The Asylum, that's all you need to know.
  10. Vimster

    A movie watchers blog

    Black Water (2018) A man finds he is imprisoned in a CIA black site aboard a submarine. It's yer usual straight-to-streaming "action" starring old hands, in this case Jean Claude Van Damme and Dulph Lundgren, slightly over-complex plot, lots of earnest talk about black sites, packages, renditions and other military-industrial guff, yet it's all a pretty simple cat-and-mouse game aboard what looks like the largest submarine ever. And like a lot of these kind of films it is underwhelming, the action isn't thrilling, the tension isn't tense, the intrigue not that essential. So what you're left with is a technically-competent yet eminently unremarkable watch. In fact I literally awoke to find the film had finished, that's how thrilling this was.
  11. Saw a video of this going. It made Insect Armageddon look exciting.
  12. Is The Young Offenders still on iPlayer? Really enjoyed that.
  13. Vimster

    Arcade racer chat

    Future racer Formula Fusion had a big update on Kickstarter. They're relaunching it as Pacer. It has been languishing in KS hell for a while now but hopefully this means they're actually going to finish it.
  14. Vimster

    Sony PSP Appreciation Thread

    The excellent ModernVintageGamer just did a video about how the PSP got hacked: I well remember the whole 1.5 downgrade thing, then it got to 3.0 or so and things got a lot more stable. It's strange to think that the original 1.0 Japanese model could run unsigned code out of the box.
  15. Vimster

    The Commodore 64 Appreciation Thread

    Do you like SID music? Do you own a turntable? You might like this - https://zooparty.org/order/finnsids Also more SID on vinyl, this time SID Chip Club, house and techno -

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