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  1. I'd say the two Far Cry games on OG Xbox. They were really pushing it on there.
  2. I'm amazed I only missed one week and that was because I had an ear infection. It's been a fantastic project.
  3. I gone and done a Christmas cover:
  4. Flatout 2 maybe. That became Flatout Ultimate Carnage on 360, but yeah Flatout 2 is still really playable and fun, especially the mini games.
  5. Haven't updated here for a while but have still be reading. I did go through a low period where I would get into bed and not read, or I couldn't find a nice quiet place to read at work on a lunchtime. Not sure I'll hit 20 by the end of the year even though I have three books on the go. 1. The Panama Papers by Frederik Obermaier and Bastian Obermayer 2. Broken Skin by Stuart McBride 3. Can't Stand Up For Falling Down by Allan Jones 4. Masters Of War by Chris Ryan 5. The Speed Of Sound by Thomas Dolby 6. Divine Justice by David Baldacci 7. Them by Jon Ronson 8. Rip It Up And Start Again: Post-punk 1978-1984 by Simon Reynolds 9. Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson 10. The Growth Delusion by David Pilling 11. The Establishment by Owen Jones 12. Church Of Fear: Inside The Weird World Of Scientology by John Sweeney 13. Hunter Killer by Chris Ryan 14. Utopia For Realists by Rutger Bregman 15. Blind Eye by Stuart McBride 16. Clear Bright Future by Paul Mason 17. The Courage To Be Disliked by Ichiro Kishimi and Fumitake Koga 18. Hired: Six Months Undercover In Low-Wage Britain by James Bloodworth
  6. Okay this has probably been covered somewhere but right now I'm paying £7.99 a month and getting 1 credit. I can buy 3 credits for £18 (£6 each). What's to stop me buying 12 credits and then stopping the monthly? Do I lose all my credits? Is there a catch?
  7. Pandorum (2009) Crew aboard a colony ship bound for a new Earth awake to find things have gone horribly wrong. This is deep-space horror that owes an obvious debt to Alien, as these sort of films usually do, but probably more so to Event Horizon, not unsurprisng considering this was co-produced by Paul W S Anderson, and it brings with it the slick industrial creepiness he's known for. And like Event Horizon this is definitely a mixture of physical and psychological horror in space, although somewhat underdeveloped, at times rather muddled. Essentially a couple of crew members awake to find themselves on a damaged ship, they have no memories but soon find some nasty mutated things scampering about. Maybe the chaotic story was meant to mimic the confusion of waking from years of hypersleep, it's probably the excuse they'd use, but if it wasn't for a big dose of well-delivered expostion a way in that brought things up to speed it would have been a total mess. Production design is excellent, the ship felt huge, full of dark, confined spaces and massive chambers, with excellent atmosphere through minimal lighting. It's a shame then that the action suffers from 2009's biggest bugbear, fast-cut editing. It may generate excitement but it is hard to follow. Dennis Quaid does a good Harrison Ford impression, other parts get the job done without being stellar. Things did improve towards the end, it has to be said. Probably forgotten not long after release (this was the first I'd heard of it), I get the feeling this will be picked up in years to come as some hidden gem, it is technically fine, if a little murky on the writing side. Worth it for fans of outer-space terror.
  8. Whilst some of it was filmed in NY: (from Wikipedia)
  9. Surprised no-one has mentioned one of my favourites: The Seven-Ups: Plus Wiliam Lustig did some of the grittiest NY-based films going: Vigilante, Maniac Cop, and Maniac. Really grimy visions of The Big Apple.
  10. Plays really well, probably shouldn't have started it just before bed though. I'm debating whether I want to play this online at all. Used to enjoy some forum-related Halo 3 back in the day but playing with randoms was pretty much a case of getting one in the back with the laser sword thingy. Still, when it all hits Steam properly that's plenty of single-player action for the money, no mistake.
  11. That's like keeping the remote on top of the telly.
  12. Ultimately we'd all be the target market. No-one under 30 is going to get excited at the prospect of a Bitmap game remake, not unless it's a blinding game anyway. And it would have to be a solid game in its own right to get past the pure nostalgia factor. It's possible, certainly.
  13. I'm stoked I'm getting a CD copy of that gratis as I'm on it. Didn't know it was this huge.
  14. You could, with a little effort, try something like Amibian:
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