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  1. At least Jeff Minter would probably buy one.
  2. Does it still only let you have so many game updates downloaded at once or did they actually do something about that?
  3. Yeah I had that, couldn't edit my car's skin or anything. Seems to be working now. Yes, I can recreate my old purple car with flames on.
  4. So far so TM. Not 100% keen on some of these new blocks like no-steering and fragile. Just imagining some multiplayer track where some arsehole puts tons of those in for the lols, those and lots of slo-mo blocks just to make it even less playable. However, the ice bits are great, all about the counter-steer. Probably going to just try and rinse the tutorial tracks and get gold on all, by which time hopefully the online will be populated fully. That list though, peak Ubi.
  5. It's really low, like the recommended graphics card is a Geforce 970.
  6. Jeff was saying there was a heavy embargo on the game, which doesn't bode well. Hopefully they'll not have the crap situation where you had to buy Valley, Desert, etc and just have it all in one game, albeit a game you don't actually own. Hopefully that would also mean any new environments would be more widely played online. Stadium was the standard one, you'd very rarely if ever be able to play any of the others. Also keen to know if the likes of TM United Forever and TM2 are still being played heavily. I couldn't log in to ManiaPlanet a while back for some reason. Wouldn't put it past Ubisoft to shut all that down to serve the new game.
  7. That's the Trackmania I know and love, with all the pointless crap around the outside of the screen, that psychedelic screen effects, hundreds of cars on the track at once. Like Jeff I'm hoping this all comes back.
  8. You can certainly detect the tentacles of Ubisoft Corporate/PR running through that decision. A real shame because I am bang-up for some new TM.
  9. This was totally out of the blue, a new Trackmania. What's worrying is they seem to be charging per year for access to the game: Standard Access - £8.59 for 1 year LET FREE YOUR CREATIVITY - Create tracks and have it tested on dedicated servers. LIVE EVENTS - Play community-made campaigns live in the Arcade Channel and the club rooms Compete in casual tournaments or in international, top level leagues. A CURATED CONTENT AVAILABLE SOLO OR ONLINE - The best of player's made tracks in the daily Track of the Day selection Club Access - £25.99 for 1 year or £49.99 for 3 years Access all Trackmania features ACCESS TO CUSTOMIZATION -Create skins and customize your game. INTERACT WITH OTHERS - Join any club you like, find friends with similar interests to play with, and enjoy exclusive content. CREATE YOUR OWN CLUB, CONTENT AND ACTIVITIES - Share your replays, ghosts, campaigns, competitions, skins. You can offer your club a never-ending entertainment. Really hoping this isn't a trend going forward, it's effectively renting a game, albeit at a very low price. The Standard version seems the best for me as I'm not interested in getting involved in clubs. I assume this is aimed at esports or whatever. As long as I can download tracks and do the time trials online then that's fine. There is also a Starter access option that's currently unavailable, presumably this will be the free-to-play version: IMPROVE YOUR RACING SKILLS - In this new episode, players can constantly improve their skills thanks to brand new features like: a training track, velocity at each checkpoint and ghosts to help players progress run after run. THE MORE THE MERRIER - You’ll never race against a computer: even solo, race against other players’ ghosts that are close to your level to see how to improve progressively, at your own pace. REGULARY UPDATED CONTENT - 25 official tracks, updated e very 3 months and playable solo, online and locally to practice your racing skills. A NEW TYPE OF ESPORT - Trackmania makes esports accessible to everyone, with in-game daily competitions to international open leagues. Giant Bomb's Jeff Gerstamann is well known as a big Trackmania fan: Really low system recommendations for this too, so will run on the proverbial potato. Nice to see them going for playability over flash, although I think some people may find the fact the game seems to have stuck very closely to the classic TM style a bit of a turn-off. Anyway, I pre-ordered it (used some of my Ubi Space Coins to get a nice discount, £6.78), so will definitely be giving this a go. Couldn't find a topic for this, but I apologise if it's already there. You know search.
  10. It'll be like the Dreamcast where it got to the point of being able to put a copied game in without any modding whatsoever, the holy grail. Thankfully this exploit is open source so hopefully there are lots of talented people out there getting this to work on more models of PS2. I am no expert but I assume things like that HDLoader/HDAdvance discs used signed code or a variation of that, a bodge. This exploit allows the execution of unsigned code so basically anything can be run without a mod, that's the ace part.
  11. I've added this to my list. Not a huge fan of Ferrell's more recent films but apparently his wife is Swedish and doubtless has talked to him about the spectacle. Could go either way.
  12. Equalizer 2000 (1987) This is a thrilling mess of a film, various factions in the borderlands constantly fighting, the sound of foley explosions and gunfire is almost constant. All you need to know is the guys in black are the arseholes, then you can just sit back and enjoy the confusion of combat. At the centre of this is Richard Norton's character, a deserter from the bad guys who, in a montage that could only really come from 1987, crafts the ultimate OTT gun with more barrels than you could ever want, all without his shirt on - prime 80s. This features a pre-T2 Robert Patrick in his first feature, puts in a decent performance. Definitely a decent enough straight-to-video post-nuke watch. 3/5
  13. Blood Games (1990) "Don't let them knockers hypnotise you, boy!" Unfortunately for the hicks in this film they didn't heed the advice. Members of a women's baseball team are attacked, their coach is murdered. The survivors will have to fight for their lives against a small town full of determined, if comically-inept, rednecks, and ultimately get their revenge. Brilliantly trashy revenge flick with plenty of T&A, baseball bats to the bonce and oh-so-satisfying slo-mo payback. The pace never lets up, both sides take a proper beating, but the feisty girls give it right back. It's straightforward but no less entertaining for it. 4/5
  14. You might need to find a patched version that uses buttons.
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