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  1. Was watching a related video with a guy reviewing one of the other box sets and, frankly, that whole thing about a fool and his money rings true. I'm sure it sounds amazing and all that, but what you appear to be paying for is the luxury of it, the hand-cut, pure vinyl, premium experience. The fella reviewing was orgasmic about the sound quality, but I got the impression if you pay that much for one album you're damn well going to try and justify the outlay, you will hear the nuance in the sound even if most people would just say it sounded crisp. Plus with this you would need a proper high-en
  2. What is she actually doing there? I can't quite make it out but she appears to have four CDJ thingies, is playing a shitty trance techno track, there is no evidence of anything being mixed just a track playing. I'd have had more respect if she'd just stood back with her arms folded nodding to the beat.
  3. 06. The Prime Ministers by Steve Richards - More analysis then profiles of PMs since Wilson, it jumps about, drawing comparisons in various areas. It's obvious Steve Richards has favourites but at least makes an attempt to keep it balanced. 07. Beneath The Bleeding by Val McDermid - Finished watching all six series of Wire In The Blood recently and wanted more of Dr Tony Hill. Found the first four of the 11 books were adapted for the series so skipped to book 5, and whilst it's obvious I've missed a few plot lines it wasn't enough to ruin my enjoyment of this quality easy read.
  4. I'm one of those people who put a game on, play it for hours and hours and hours then see Steam reckons I've played for 3 hours. Can't imagine putting more than 100 hours into something, I'd have to be on that all day every day for months and I'll be bored of it well before that. Games just don't have that addictive appeal for me, for some reason. Looking at some of the numbers above I get the impression if you're playing an online game with others regularly, especially in a team, that probably makes the time stack up. I am not part of any online gaming groups, The Division 2 I pu
  5. I suppose this classic has to count:
  6. Commando (1985) It's really difficult to review a film that my 14 year-old self would describe as totally ace, and it is difficult to imagine how this would play out to modern audiences. When I was a kid my dad would talk about films like Rebel Without A Cause with the sort of reverence I'd speak about this. It struck him as a film that that young man would vibe with. I doubt kids these days would see Commando in the same league. But from my perspective this is ludicrous fun, eminently quotable, full of no-nonsense action and an efficient use of screen time. Today it feels cliched, if you
  7. I'd try and recreate my female Sheppard from the 360 days, her look fit with the voice acting really well.
  8. The conspiracy is spreading to other shows now
  9. The Division games are all military industrial cobblers with a dubious notion of restoring safety to the streets. If you're being very generous you could say it's a comment on American imperialism, where the player is one of The Good Guys even though what they're doing is just as bad as everyone else, it just so happens they're doing it for All The Right Reasons. However this is Ubisoft inspired by Tom Clancy, so it is simplistic good-vs-evil with a right-wing perspective, wrapped up in authentic-sounding military gobbledygook and a twist of mild near-future SF. Once I'd got past t
  10. That tweet and that ending were a cop-out, no pun intended. He was that tied in knots plot-wise it was his only way out.
  11. Yeah that is a pretty good summary
  12. Been having a think about this argument that this was the perfect ending because it was a comment on corruption in government, and generally the shady interests always win out. Okay, that's a fair enough analysis but I was under the impression Line Of Duty was the TV equivalent of those crime novels you get in supermarkets by the likes of Peter James, where each subsequent novel has some feedback from the previous ones, they're largely from the police perspective and adhere to authentic procedures and practices. The BBC's promotion of the show has always been around the thrill, the mystery, "w
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