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  1. I'm looking forward to this one after the dismal dissapointment that was V
  2. I don't know what they will be like in terms of spec, but the end result is probably easier to predict - full HD graphics with a decent framerate. The hardware will need to be powerful enough to do this, but there's no point them aiming higher as 99.9% of their end users will be using a single 1080p tv or lower as a display so they can keep the costs down. As for the rest of the system.... Blu Ray drives on both machines as the infrastructure isn't there for full price games to go download only and there's no cost effective higher capacity alternative. I don't think we'll see anything radically different to what we already have - more a playstation 3GS than a PS4
  3. Just one find this morning - Pac Man the board game for £2 in shiny mint condition. I'm pretty sure I've got one in the loft (and a Zaxxon) already but mine's not going to look this good.
  4. I don't think it's that much of a spoiler for this show to say that some of the characters will die at some point.
  5. Vespa Alex

    Star Trek

    I liked Elite Force a lot - that was probably one of the first games I really got into for online play, at least until people figured out how to launch themselves right up into the eaves by shooting at the floor and jumping at the same time
  6. Saw someone at a boot sale this morning buying an unboxed woody and a pile of games plus a shiny boxed colecovision and a pile of boxed games. A very nice find for him indeed.
  7. That makes a huge difference - where can you get a compiled binary of 0.142u4? I had a quick look but could only see the source code updates.
  8. Move sales are going to go through the roof I think.
  9. Monsters is my favourite of the year so far.
  10. I found my PS1 Namco Arcade sticks in the loft plus the USB converter. They still work fine but I think I'm going to replace the sticks and buttons - they are all a bit too soft and the joystick has too much travel compared to my MAME cab. Where's the shop of choice for arcade parts?
  11. A bit of luck today - got a Dreamcast VMU for 50p as that was the only thing worth buying, then later today I found a Dreamcast Arcade Stick for £3 at the local cash converters. Woo Hoo!
  12. He was also in The Borgias for an episode recently. It didn't end well for him though.
  13. Vespa Alex

    L.A Noire

    30 quid at Best Buy if you have one convenient.
  14. There's a Game Gear and a pile of games in there somewhere, but they are in a carry case. Oh, and the TV tuner for it (soon to be even more useless) and a Master Gear converter. What's the converter to play GB games on the SNES? I saw a boxed one that I didn't know that I had. The DS is on a bookcase downstairs and that's it for handhelds. I don't think I ever had a GX4000, though I did have the C64 equivalent at some point (64GS?) but that got sold to a collector from Italy.
  15. Ah, just remembered something - a breadbin C64 signed by Rob Hubbard, Jeff Minter and a load of other well known people from back in the day.
  16. There's actually two of them - one that's boxed in mint condition and another that's unboxed and a bit scruffier. That labelled box is all the Dragon games. I've been pillaging the cardboard box stores from work
  17. I don't think I own anything you could call genuinely rare - possibly some of the boxed 2600 games that might fetch 15 to 20 quid or I know there's some nice big box C64 games in there too. I sold a lot of the more rare computers I used to own, but as they were things like a Videopac G7000 or a TRS80 that didn't make them valuable, just unpopular. I spotted that someone sold a PS1 Namco Arcade stick for £50 recently - I've got two of them in the loft that I spotted earlier.
  18. Mine's not at all "Set up", more "Shoved up in the loft". Still, I'll be moving home in a few months and will have some more room to get some of this out and into use. I've only actually played about half of this lot - the rest was bought over the years and stored.
  19. I bought a couple of unremarkable PS1 games today, but that was it. There was a decent looking boxed Gamecube with 15 games and a wheel for £30 which was a fair enough price for anyone that needs one, but not cheap enough to make a profit on, and as I already have a GC I left it for someone else.
  20. I believe so. A pointer to a female Doctor next time round I assume.
  21. Well, that was an instant classic episode - brilliant from start to finish. Like quite a lot of people I'd have loved to have seen a white control room rather just "Last year's model" but I can see why they used the one they did.
  22. For the first time in quite a while I saw some old consoles and games that were at least worth stopping and investigating. Only a couple of megadrives, a few controllers and a pile of 20 or so N64 carts, but they were all sports games so I gave them a miss.
  23. That really is superb. I'd *love* somewhere like that near me, but I just can't see it happening.
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