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  1. That's Black Tiger. Does the character have a name, I wonder?
  2. Exactly. If you were lucky enough to buy at 6p then you've already got a 17% gain in a couple of days, and it's not out of the question that it will crawl back up a few p more over the run to Christmas. The sensible way of doing this is to sell 50% of your shares assuming they get back to 12p and then leave the rest as a slightly longer term investment.
  3. People with gift vouchers, and middle aged parents who don't know that there are better alternatives.
  4. There were similar tricks used hen I used to manage a branch of Tandy. One of our metrics was the number of add on sales we did but they just looked at the average number of lines on the receipts, so we would just put 20 metres of speaker cable through as 20 x 1m purchases and so on. Catalog sales was another target, but nobody wanted to pay for one even though there were vouchers in the back, so we would just offer people buying batteries a second pack for a quid and add on a catalog at the same time as that had the battery voucher in it. Usually the catalog never left the pile but it made it a three line sale which was seen as better than a 200 quid tv on its own.
  5. Yep, this weeks one did a fine job of turning things on their head - certainly nothing that I saw coming.
  6. I liked it from the start, but it does definitely improve as it goes on. Ep 7 was a particularly good one.
  7. Hmmm, time to use up any gamestation credit, I wonder.....
  8. It's turning into a very good series - this weeks episode was the best yet and it's well worth checking out if you've not seen it.
  9. For the Prestige Shop I saw mention that you could earn unlocks from prestiging in previous COD titles. Does anyone know if that include the prestiges I've already done before MW3, or do I need to roll it round again now?
  10. There comes a price point where I'd much rather just keep the game as a permanent part of my collection. Done right, trading in new games for near as makes no difference what you paid is a good way of gaming on the cheap, but it makes no sense to me to trade a huge stack of titles for a new release (and probably still have to pay cash on top).
  11. I've tipped a few people off about the CEX price match when I've seen them getting very poor offers in Gamestation.
  12. I'm still not loving the multiplayer, but it's hard to put my finger on exactly why. Some of the maps just seem really badly designed so that no matter what you do it's a case of spawn and die within seconds. On team games, the ease of getting effective kill streaks means that once you are on a roll it's almost impossible for the opposition to fight back against a never ending supply of air support. Then when your team start bailing out and it's you against six..... I'm also seeing far more cases of me apparently getting the drop on someone, only for them to kill me with a single shot, and then when I watch the replay it looks completely different. I know this could be blamed on a bad connection but it wasn't happening with mw2 or blops over the past month. I'm not at the point of giving up with it yet, but I know I'm a better player than my results would suggest. I'm on about 1.2 kdr on blops and well under 1 on this.
  13. This. It will probably rule out a universal control panel that caters for every single game, but there's plenty of good looking standard 6 button jamma cabs that can be had for under £100. Add in a pc plus an old 21" CRT screen and you'll have the basis for a decent mame system. As seen in the other thread, don't attempt to build anything from scratch unless you are really good at woodwork.
  14. Bloody hell, there's some real crap on there. The control panels look like they were designed by a blind insane drunk!
  15. I'm a decent way through (just done the mission with the Eiffel Tower) but so far I've not felt as involved as I did with the safe house mission towards the end of MW2 (the radio calls as your team are killed felt all too realistic) but I'm thoroughly enjoying the action. It's exactly what you expect from a COD title.
  16. I believe (s)he was a hermaphrodite in the Japanese original.
  17. I find them all to be pleasant and inoffensive, with the exception of Jon Bentley who should be burnt at the stake. It takes about ten seconds of his ridiculous gesturing and over pronouncing of words before I'm adding for the fast forward button, and just to add insult to injury he isn't even all that knowledgeable about gadgets!
  18. Vespa Alex

    Moto GP

    Indeed. I wouldn't be surprised if one or both of them decide to retire now.
  19. The resale value of a game is often a significant factor for me when I'm deciding whether to buy or not, and if that does get successfully killed off by publishers then it will have an effect on how much I'm prepared to pay. Games do inevitably drop in price so I'll just wait till it's 16.99 and buy it then. Strangely I do have a lot of sympathy for the publishers, as they are only reacting to the likes of Game who will offer you less than £20 for a new game then expect to sell it for just a couple of quid less than a new copy.
  20. Agreed. It just didn't feel like a quality product close up.
  21. Eh? They want to give you less because you checked a price using their app?
  22. Seems to be £28 new http://www.hotukdeals.com/search?action=search&keywords=resistance
  23. Ouch, those prices aren't good. As others have said, if you do need to trade stuff in at gamestation then always get them to price match HMV or CEX and you'll do a lot better. I ended up getting £37 for Dead Nation last friday against Rage by getting them to match HMV. They say they'll beat any price plus a pound. Some stores say that this is £1 on the whole selection, others will add the pound to each item. If they insist on the former, trade in one item and get them to put the credit on a trade in card. Then do the next and so on, so they have to add the quid each time.
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