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  1. Do any of the streaming services have old Black & White sci-fi serials? Stuff like Flash Gordon etc?
  2. Ah yes, that looks like a quality product.
  3. I never completed it, but did make plenty of progress. It always felt on a whole different scale to most C64 games.
  4. We bailed out after a couple of S2 as there wasn’t a single character we actually liked in it.
  5. Yep, I’m at that point I think.
  6. Am I imagining it, or was the Mercedes fast enough in a straight line when it was porpoising at the start of the season? Did they fix that and add drag at the same time?
  7. There’s dates in October and November available now.
  8. Well that was weird, but entertaining.
  9. Yep, same here. I still kick myself for not buying them when I spotted them at car boot sales for under fifty quid.
  10. Get a Readly subscription and you can plough through all the back issues of retro gamer (plus all the other magazines of course)?
  11. If he starts making videos in support of the Russian Army, you’ll know why…
  12. Glad to be of assistance. Some amazing stuff you’ve got there. I dread to think how much like this went in the bin instead of being saved.
  13. Nope, there’s just no slots available at the moment. There’s normally a couple of months available.
  14. I can only assume that they are given direction from the showrunner on what they are looking for, and they are very different instructions.
  15. “Oh. I don’t want to give away too much. But I’m going to tell you that you will see Tasha Yar, but I’m not going to tell you how. You’ve got to watch.” That sound more like Picard will reminisce about Tasha, rather than we’ll see her return.
  16. Even now, I’m still surprised how they can write something so well crafted as that scene with Ortegas after churning out years of Discovery.
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