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  1. £35 is a good price, but what worthwhile content is there? Are they getting the full Star Trek catalog of new and old shows?
  2. Banned at stadiums, apart from in corporate hospitality boxes. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/63674631
  3. Tickets for the 3rd and 10th December are up now. Just got mine for the 3rd
  4. If it’s on screen on Disney Plus, surely it must be?
  5. Mine was 53 when I glanced at the tracker just now. It’ll go down as low as 45 at times so I may technically be dead, but it definitely doesn’t stay that low when doing stuff.
  6. Pretty sure I’ve posted a version of this before, but… I lived in a town that didn’t have any proper arcades. The nearest was under Dayville’s in Birmingham. What we did have in the late 80s/early 90s was chip shops and pubs, and they all had two or three cabinets. Most of the time there was a football game (couldn’t tell you which, didn’t care) a fighting game or beat-em-up, and a shooter. Street Fighter 2 featured a lot, as did Double Dragon 1&2 and Golden Axe For the shooters, there was stuff like 1943, Prehistoric Isle, Sunset Riders, Aliens, Time Soldiers, Robocop (could do that on 1 credit), Twin Cobra, Tiger Heli, Salamander or Vulcan Venture, R Types… Capcom games didn’t feature all that often.
  7. It’s entertaining but not essential viewing, so not as highly recommended at The Orville or Lower Decks. It does get more Trek-y after five or six episodes though.
  8. On the main Facebook fan group there was a bit of discussion with people making quiet reference to what had happened, and it was as predicted. Mostly very defensive. Anyway someone had the confidence to call it out for what it was, and got a lot of support from many of the regulars which was good to see. Then an admin stepped in, said it wasn’t allowed to be discussed and locked not just the post but the entire group which is a real dick move.
  9. Anyone else has a problem with it crashing on the El Sin Nombre mission? Every time I get spotted, it happens and it’s impossible to complete without that happening.
  10. That’s a fair summary I think. It’s obviously tailored more to the seaside audience rather than the retro obsessive, but that’s no surprise in Blackpool. I bet it’s still the best coastal arcade in Britain and if you didn’t know the Bury one existed you’d be amazed at how good it was.
  11. If your sub lapses then you rejoin, do you regain access to previous monthly games that you’d “purchased”?
  12. What a dick, and the sad thing is that the cult of followers he’s built up won’t believe any of it.
  13. Yep, it’s got the look and feel of things like Logan’s Run absolutely perfect, and the mundane brutality of the Empire couldn’t be clearer.
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