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  1. Thanks both. It is mostly comedy that I’m looking for, but Pilgrim sounds interesting so will give that a go too. And one more from me… Quanderhorn is ridiculous and funny. Red Dwarf crossed with Quatermass.
  2. Does anyone have any recommendations for radio comedy drama series (as opposed to panel shows)? Thinking of stuff like Cabin Pressure, only not that as I’ve listened to it plenty of times.
  3. There’s a 20% discount code on eBay so you can get this from Boss Deals for £56.
  4. Totally different theme, but equally high quality storytelling and a similar time, Halt And Catch Fire
  5. I've decided to go with Enterprise next, as it's the one I've watched least so it'll probably all feel pretty new to me. S01E01 really is a damn fine first episode.
  6. And it's still an enclosed space with lots of touching stuff that might be putting some people off visiting
  7. Nope, but definitely going to visit before long.
  8. Without spoilers, is Ep 140 the last in the campaign, or is there a wrap up coming next week?
  9. I reckon the Dragon version is the original, as it's got the proper Trek badge on the uniform and more detail in general, then they just gave it to the work experience kid to copy for the Oric.
  10. I had that for the Dragon 32. And bizarrely, they didn’t just change the label but redid the entire shitty image from scratch.
  11. Yep, I think it’ll be Enterprise. When it aired I remember thinking that S1 was the strongest debut of any Trek show though had its flaws. S2 was pants then it picked up a lot for S3 but by that point they had lost most of the viewers.
  12. I'm on the final sequence of DS9 Season 7 where there's no filler - just the conclusion of the war. As you say, a big advance in story telling compared to what we've seen before. Not sure where to go next. Possibly some TNG that I've not seen for years, or maybe even Enterprise.
  13. From a comment Matt made, it definitely sounds like this is going to be the conclusion of the campaign.
  14. Easily fifteen quids worth of entertainment.
  15. Well I think the kidnappers might be able to get the phone number from his wife.
  16. First really successful run on Biome 2. Didn’t get to the boss but made some progress.
  17. Just listening to Sheila… for the first time and got ELO vibes from some parts which is obviously closely related.
  18. I think the concept is better than the execution, but we’re still enjoying it.
  19. Thank phuck for that. Finally completed Biome 1 with a level 5 shotgun, decent suit integrity and a spaceman. Didn't have time to do more than a couple of minutes in Biome 2 but I can sleep soundly tonight.
  20. Really? I love it but that seems like a stretch. S3 will be the first Mars landing and then jump to an established colony in S4, possibly with the Chinese or other nations joining in but where do they go from there?
  21. Only had one proper go so far, but it plays really well. The weapons have a very pleasing weight to them and it feels pretty fair.
  22. Mine just arrived from Boss Deals/eBay.
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