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  1. Thanks. Going to give them a go as they are on offer at Currys
  2. I like the light panels people are using. Any recommendations on what to buy?
  3. Just a few from today, including evidence of Neil from the cave on a dress down day. Set quite a respectable score on Bubble Bobble. Level 42 on on credit.
  4. I've just got to this point in my rewatch for the Nth time, and it's probably been the longest gap since I've seen it. I got goosebumps in a few places
  5. It made no sense when it originally aired, but the Christmas episode was very good tonight.
  6. And the earth ships also demonstrate proper inertia as they move and turn. Some of the alien ships are more free with their motion which you can explain away with advanced technology that we don’t have.
  7. We watched 1883 as a stand alone show, and didn’t feel like we’d missed out by not not having seen Yellowstone. I can’t say enough great things about it.
  8. Just watched ep1 of 1923, and it’s decent but not as gripping as 1883. Still plenty of time to really impress though.
  9. I’ve had a few games where people have actually played tactically rather than just spamming Semtex or rushing in with shotguns which made a nice change.
  10. Agreed. There’s so much that needs to be watched without spoilers, then rewatched again once you’ve got to the end so you can see all the little references and details that were hidden away
  11. Dates for the Arcade are now open including the 29th and 30th December. Afternoon and evening sessions are available. I’m booked for the Friday afternoon.
  12. Ah, it’s only £30 for the complete series on Apple TV at the moment.
  13. I’m sure there was another Babylon 5 thread somewhere.
  14. It’s a Christmas gift for someone, just not sure which one yet I expect we’ll get some more for ourselves before long.
  15. Garak should be high up the list.
  16. Yes, but it’s still full price (about £30?) so only worthwhile if you want a full set
  17. And I stuck my head round the door of Arcade Archive which looks just as good. It’s much smaller than Arcade Club but everything is in amazing condition and the selection of games is perfectly curated. Alex said they may open around Christmas and New Year so I’ll definitely be back.
  18. Definitely. I’m at the cave in the afternoon, so I’m considering doing the arcade in the morning as well.
  19. Mine is basically the same cabinet with a different colour scheme. It’s got a 21” PC CRT monitor in, and an old MAME system running on XP. It doesn’t get used much as it’s in the garage but as and when I move house I’ll find a better home for it. Will add photos later.
  20. Very much so. The first three eps work as a smaller story, as do the second three, but it’s great all the way to the end.
  21. Having just watched the first episode, Wednesday on Netflix
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