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  1. The AN-225 is coming to flight sim. Proceeds go to the rebuild of the real aircraft https://news.xbox.com/en-us/2023/02/27/microsoft-flight-simulator-antonov-an-225-mriya/
  2. Level 6 of the original arcade game, and level 4 on R-Type 2 and Leo.
  3. Strange New Worlds is absolutely pure Trek at it’s finest. Lower Decks has been pretty Trek-y at times too.
  4. There was a fixed rectangular log at the base to stop them doing that, though you could get part way up if you didn’t have a roller too far forward. It was pretty obvious they got a detailed explanation of the rules that we didn’t see, so I expect they were told no rollers forward of that point. I reckon the key to success was having 2-4 people to push/lift the boat to reduce friction, then the rest of the team using the rope from the far end to make full use of the pulley.
  5. I did not see that coming! I liked the premise at the start, but it definitely failed to deliver.
  6. I think the balance of individual, group & team events was spot on, but I’m definitely looking forward to S2. I can see the format becoming a franchise with other countries running a localised version, but the Korean athletes respect for each other is going to be hard to beat.
  7. Yep, I could just stream on an Apple TV rather than use the built in LG app.
  8. If it’s got the humour and references right like that clip, it’s a good sign.
  9. Final Fight and The Punisher are some of my favourite arcade games, so anything with a similar feel will be good to check out.
  10. Strange New Worlds is the best Trek since DS9.
  11. Ok, I’ve got a bunch of emulators installed and opened. I’ll sort out some external storage then look at getting games on there.
  12. Yes, it definitely showed that teamwork and coordination was as important as raw strength, if not more.
  13. I had some of the books pictured above and wrote simple programs on my Dragon 32, but I think by the time I got a Commodore 64 it was pretty much a games machine. We also did BBC basic in school, and before that used a Commodore PET at Primary School, though that was just loading programs rather than doing anything creative.
  14. Watched up to the end of the bridge challenge, and all the teams I wanted to win did, Edit: just added spoiler tags
  15. Yep, I remember having to watch YouTube videos for tips and still struggling.
  16. Anyone else watched this? It’s really funny, set in a world where almost everyone gets a super power aged 18. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt14531842/
  17. I loved that show as a kid. https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0083461/
  18. I expect that once they identify and track your home location, that’ll need to be in the same region as the billing.
  19. Yep, all of the above. I love it, and the contestants are so respectful of each other and surprisingly well aware of people from outside their own sport or organisation. They do the expected posturing before a battle and the second it’s over they are all smiles. It’s oddly compelling.
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