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  1. Time Soldiers is the one I'd like to revisit.
  2. Yep, we liked Schmigadoon. Some decent songs, a nice story and a bit of fun.
  3. That’s the type, though my memory is of a red and black version.
  4. Yep, horrible things. I can’t find a photo, but does anyone remember the c64 controller that was like a giant mushroom that you had to move with your whole hand?
  5. I think quite a few of us did the same.
  6. I’m rewatching For All Mankind. There’s a lot of detail I didn’t pick up first time round.
  7. This looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun. I assume they aren’t going to mention Tiberius at all.
  8. Anyone for a NSFW version? https://sweardle.glitch.me
  9. We watched the finale last night, and yes, it’s gone a bit crazy but still brilliant. They e fitted a huge amount in 12 episodes and there’s clearly more planned assuming they get another series.
  10. looks like we’ll be getting a revival of Grange Hill as a film, potentially with some characters returning, presumably as parents or grandparents. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-59907925 I watched it when it was probably at its peak, from the tail end of the original characters like Tucker, through the second set like Roland and Zammo and into the third set. Good times
  11. That was tricky. needed help from a crossword solver. Wordle 202 5/6
  12. Yep, I shall be watching it tonight. I’m still a bit surprised it doesn’t get more love in the Uk, but it’ll be good to see a proper planned conclusion.
  13. Either this, or being able to do the Robocop or Prehistoric Isle arcade games on a single credit.
  14. Decided to go and see this in a daytime IMAX screening on New Year’s Day for a nice empty cinema. It would have been nice to get more of an audience buzz but seems a sensible choice. Anyway, I loved it. I didn’t get quite the same buzz that some of the more action driven films provided but it was a really nice layered story with proper consequences.
  15. I enjoyed it, but where Mandalorian was more accessible for the newcomers, this was one for the hardcore Star Wars fans and relied a lot on that knowledge.
  16. Although Checkhov didn’t arrive until S2 so wouldn’t have known about the Botany Bay.
  17. The first two are clearly streets ahead of the others, and on a different day I could go for either as the best. But… there are still some positives in the other films. T3 is a lot better than people give it credit for, and if they’d stripped out the bad jokes it would have made a big difference. It was good to see some early T variants, and the ending in the bunker with nukes going off, then the radio messages has a real weight to it. I thought the opening of Genisys with alternate versions of key scenes was a really nice start before it all went to shit. Dark Fate was a fairly solid 7/10 action film with some good female leads and it sounded like they had a different conclusion to the war with the machines planned for the third film that we’ll never get.
  18. The poll should be directly connected to a ban button for wrong choices.
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