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  1. Given the huge number of words that could have been used to describe a galaxy altering catastrophe, I think it's almost inevitable that Burn and Burnham are in some painfully obvious way connected.
  2. That looks great. Is the recipe online?
  3. Never had a PC Engine, so I'm in. Not going to lose out on this even if I don't get hooked.
  4. Not for much longer, but yes. I could have bought as many as I wanted 15 years ago. Wish I had more!
  5. Yep. Sealed and unused, but it's exceeding my expectations.
  6. I've got quite a lot of those in the loft. I need to either get them out and on display, or eBay them. I'm selling a PSone at the moment that's going to cover half the cost of my PS5
  7. Nope. I've swapped the HD for a CF card so it will play some WHDLoad games but not all without an expansion. I've been meaning to eBay it or do a proper ad on here so won't clutter this thread up.
  8. Hmmm, for me the three peak gaming eras were the Commodore years when I was at secondary school, the PS1 when I had my first proper job and disposable income, and then the PS3. The C64 and A500 were a huge part of my life back then, so absolutely need to be included. The PS1 felt like a huge leap forward in terms of quality, though I'm not sure I actually spent as much time on it as before because of pubs and girlfriends. The PS3 was another step change because of online gaming. Spending a couple of hundred hours on a COD title was easy for example. If we discount the fir
  9. Pretty sure there are DS9 references in there.
  10. I did Voyager before this, and it was a pleasant surprise. There was much more that I’d totally forgotten and it was definitely better than the Trek hive mind would have you believe.
  11. It’s worth watching if you find it anywhere.
  12. The Dragon beat that by a few months
  13. Did you watch The Astronaut Wives Club? https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Astronaut_Wives_Club That wasn’t entirely complimentary about their personal lives?
  14. The two original trilogies are both great, but the quality drops off rapidly when it opens up to other authors.
  15. The Dragon 32 had analogue joysticks. It was fairly compatible with the CoCo
  16. Angua looks like a decent fit, but the rest are all wronger than a wrong thing on a very wrong day.
  17. Space Bar to lob a grenade rings a bell on the C64
  18. This could win “worst adaptation ever”. It’s one thing going so far off the source material, but to make it look so bad too.....
  19. Books rather than film, but there’s a trilogy by an Australian author called John Birmingham that has a similar premise to The Final Countdown that I think are great fun.
  20. The finale was superb, but the whole series is well worth watching.
  21. I wouldn’t suggest MAMEing a dedicated cab, but there are plenty of generic JAMMA machines that would be just fine to convert.
  22. My week away has a bit of an unintended Wildhearts theme. On Monday I saw Ginger walking past in York and now I’m stood in Scarborough castle. It’s no warmer than it was in 2005!
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