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  1. I finished this today, and it was outstanding from beginning to end. I’d love to go straight into Season 2, but as that’s not an option I think I might rewatch it with my GF.
  2. Watched episode 5 today and I'm torn between wanting to binge them in one go and really making them last.
  3. Vespa Alex

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    So what do we get then?
  4. Vespa Alex

    Formula One - 2018 Season

    Per year, but it’s only highlights on demand If that’s like the terrestrial coverage with about two thirds of the race, a few hours after live, that’s fine by me.
  5. Vespa Alex

    Star Trek Bridge Crew VR

    Still going to buy it.
  6. 1943 is much better. After that they went downhill.
  7. I’ll always stop for a game of Galaga - 1981. Realistically, most of the 8 bit home era is interesting for a quick 5 minute game but I don’t think there’s much I’d actively seek out to play.
  8. Just watched the first one, and it’s superb. There’s an entirely believable journey from the movie to the characters now, and it’s so well written. Really looking forward the rest of them.
  9. Vespa Alex

    Star Wars - the new canon

    Thanks. Grabbed a few for my holiday.
  10. Vespa Alex

    Films you’re sure will never get made

    I never watched it, but I can imagine. The original books would make such a good set of films with strong likeable characters and plot that lends itself to the screen, but they seem to be consistently ignored. At this point I'd have thought they'd be far more likely to end up as a Netflix, HBO or Amazon TV series.
  11. Vespa Alex

    Does The Dark Tower get better?

    Read 2-4 then be prepared to bail out
  12. We are four episodes in and it’s decent if not “best show ever”.
  13. Vespa Alex

    The Goonies

    At some point I'll get round to watching it. It's one of those films I've always managed to miss despite being very much target audience.
  14. Vespa Alex

    Lost in Space - Netflix and Neil Marshall

    Time to watch Babylon 5 then.

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