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  1. The latest Short Trek, Children Of Mars, is a prequel to Picard. It’s also absolutely superb. Proper edge of the seat stuff.
  2. I’ve not been paying attention to Apple Arcade, but can you only play these games by subscribing? No option to buy them on their own?
  3. Has anyone been to this? Similar setup to Arcade Club with everything on free play but it’s on a smaller scale and fixed time slots. https://www.fatsoma.com/future-artists-bristol
  4. It’s worth it if you include all the special ops online coop stuff.
  5. It’s still well worth watching though, and ep4 is back on form.
  6. Were they using stop motion for IG11, or just cgi designed that way?
  7. There's something in that, definitely. I've enjoyed watching all of this trilogy, but if you write out the main storyline and plot from the prequels then there's a decent and plausible story of how the Empire finds it's way to Power, and Anakin turns to the dark side. Do the same for these and I don't think it'll sound as entertaining or coherent.
  8. I’m part way though the finale and yep, TV of this quality would happily get me paying. As it is, I bought a new phone so get it “free”
  9. Some highlights of new shows in no particular order. Chernobyl The Boys Beforeigners For All Mankind Sex Education Pennyworth Good Omens Russian Doll
  10. There’s definitely a resurgence in arcade gaming at the mo. Is it still straightforward enough to get hold of all of the classic machines you want, or is supply becoming more of an issue now?
  11. What was that? Don’t remember seeing it mentioned.
  12. For All Mankind is excellent. A very plausible alternative history. We’ve also tried a couple of episodes of See which is ok but not amazing. I think the show with Jennifer Anniston is doing well.
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