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  1. Vespa Alex

    Star Trek Discovery

    Sybok showed they can chuck in extra family members when it suits them, and they changed the appearance of not just the whole race, but individual Klingons with Kang, Kor and Koloth.
  2. Vespa Alex

    Star Trek Discovery

    I’m a huge Trek fan and can see everything wrong with Discovery, but I’m still enjoying it a lot. The Enterprise bridge is just perfect.
  3. Legitimately, yes. It’ll be on the high seas within an hour or two of broadcast.
  4. Looks great. When is it due?
  5. Vespa Alex

    The Orville - hang on, its actually good!

    Yep, can’t miss Tony Todd’s voice. I’m surprised he didn’t do more assorted alien parts in Trek.
  6. Vespa Alex

    Netflix - Releases & Recommendations

    On My Block is an interesting if slightly unusual show. It’s 1/3rd light teen drama like Freaks and Geeks, 1/3rd gritty LA gangs and guns and 1/3rd Goonies. There’s two series now and it set up a third.
  7. Vespa Alex

    The Orville - hang on, its actually good!

    Yeah, I like sone of what Discovery is doing, but there’s no contest. Both arrive on the same day and The Orville is always the first choice.
  8. Good recommendation with Halt.... Sex Education is funny and recent. Lost In Space was way better than I expected. GLOW is due a third season soon. Russian Doll is clever and a fairly short self contained series.
  9. I called in here tonight for a beer and a few games, and it’s a pleasant little spot to pass an hour or two. https://retroids.co.uk/ I wouldn’t make a huge journey, but if you are nearby it’s well worth a look.
  10. Will do, ta. I can get to the hard ending on auto, but this is worth a try too.
  11. Me in Outrun 2. Just a brief dab of the brake as you come off the gas then back on to throw it into a drift.
  12. Sounds like it’s going well. Looking forward to seeing this go live.
  13. Vespa Alex

    Love Death and Robots

    I thought The Witness was technically excellent but a poor story, so it’s interesting to see how people’s opinions vary.
  14. Vespa Alex


    Good to know, ta

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