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  1. Beforeigners. Not pure sci-fi, but it is excellent.
  2. Tempted, yes. Not seen GD for a while.
  3. Yep, that’s tonight’s viewing sorted. Any idea if this will get another season? I hope so as there’s loads more stories to tell.
  4. Some great choices in there. 10 episodes should do it justice too.
  5. Yes I do, but this is proving very hard to come by.
  6. Complete with subtitles! We're thoroughly enjoying Hyperdrvive. It feels like something we shouldn't admit to enjoying, but what the hell... it's fun.
  7. This was my first. A hateful piece of crap
  8. And annoyingly, Ep3 is proving tricky to locate
  9. The Zipstick was my preferred option. Similar design but black case and yellow square buttons.
  10. The high seas for now, though I’m sure it’ll end up on Channel 4
  11. I watched one last night, having never seen the film and thought it looked great but I wasn’t gripped. Will try another coupe to see how I get on.
  12. And then they pick a total embarrassment of a Brummie to represent England. Dreadful on track and they subtitled him off track.
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