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  1. Well I think the kidnappers might be able to get the phone number from his wife.
  2. First really successful run on Biome 2. Didn’t get to the boss but made some progress.
  3. Just listening to Sheila… for the first time and got ELO vibes from some parts which is obviously closely related.
  4. I think the concept is better than the execution, but we’re still enjoying it.
  5. Thank phuck for that. Finally completed Biome 1 with a level 5 shotgun, decent suit integrity and a spaceman. Didn't have time to do more than a couple of minutes in Biome 2 but I can sleep soundly tonight.
  6. Really? I love it but that seems like a stretch. S3 will be the first Mars landing and then jump to an established colony in S4, possibly with the Chinese or other nations joining in but where do they go from there?
  7. Only had one proper go so far, but it plays really well. The weapons have a very pleasing weight to them and it feels pretty fair.
  8. Well Rosales will be in an important position at NASA, and Kelly Baldwin will be one of the crew. I’d expect most of the S1 cast will be retired by this point but Piscotti will be in there too.
  9. What’s the most you would pay for a new PS5 game, with £5 increments?
  10. I'm ok with this for certain games. It has to be something that I'm really looking forward to, and it would depend on what else is coming out at the same time. If I've got nothing new to play and two games release at the same time then I'm buying the fifty quid one, but if there's nothing else, yep I'd probably pay it. I'm more time limited than cash limited so I'd prefer to hand over the extra and get it *now* rather than wait a few months and save some money. If it's something that I'll put a lot of time into like previous Housemarque games or Horizon... then I'm down to £2 an hour to p
  11. That was superb, and S3 is going just where I thought it would.
  12. The car crash in “In Time” with Justin Timberlake. It’s a pretty decent film but this was just.... wow
  13. Are any of the PS3 CODs still playable online? I’d quite happily spend a few evenings on most of them if I thought there was a chance of a decent game.
  14. Love And Monsters shows it destroyed right at the start.
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