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  1. Ooh, good call. I was born in the early 70s so didn’t watch too much but there’s a huge list of classics there.
  2. You're not wrong there. Networks are quicker to bin underperforming shows now. I'm not sure many post-TOS Trek shows would have survived to a second series if they had been met with the same pressure.
  3. Just looking down the topic list in this forum we are really spoiled for choice at the mo. There's serious shows like The Expanse and Man In The High Castle, more superhero shows from DC and Marvel than you can shake a stick at, and several versions of Star Trek competing with The Orville. The other time I felt this content was the mid to late 90s with Babylon 5, DS9, Voyager, X Files, Space Above & Beyond, Sliders, Stargate etc.
  4. I'm also rewatching T2, and it just occurred to me that there should have been more parts of the original T800 than just an arm and the chip. Granted, a lot of it would have been squashed by the press, but there were other parts that had been blown off by then.
  5. So hyped for this. It looks fucking awesome.
  6. Yeah, that’s looking damn good. It seems there’s a few new bits mixed in with book content as per part 1 which is fine with me. Some good casting choices for the adults too.
  7. Talking of ratings, Terminator on Netflix has a warning for "Strong Language, Moderate Horror, Violence" The episode of Stranger Things I'm watching now has "Strong Threat, Bloody Violence, Moderate Sex, Discriminatory Language" How on earth does Linda Hamilton conceiving John Connor not get a mention?
  8. I see T1 & T2 in the same way I do Alien & Aliens. Both excellent films with slightly different audiences in mind and at times my favourite has changed. I think I’d go T1 over the sequel and Aliens over the original right now.
  9. If we are nitpicking that scene, a phased plasma rifle in a 40 watt range isn’t going to kill anyone. 40 watts is basically a lightbulb.
  10. The whole timeline is such a mess now that a reboot is the only way sort it out, and do we really need that?
  11. I’m rewatching the original again for the umpteenth time but first in several years now that it’s popped up on Netflix, and it’s pretty much perfect. Character development, great action sequences and effects that, while dated, still manage to be effective and creepy. The soundtrack is excellent and there’s a great supporting cast. I remember the hype for T2 being unlike anything else at the time and it didn’t disappoint. A much bigger budget and groundbreaking effects, but they still had a good consistent time travel plot. T3 had the potential to be a decent film but there was too much forced humour and then things really started to go downhill. I might try and rewatch the lot before T6. I’d like to think we’ll get a return to form with the latest instalment but realistically I can’t see it happening at this point. Other than the films and TV show are there any books or comics worth a look, or any fan films?
  12. Yep, James May had worked in print a lot before TG. Richard Hammond had been a local radio presenter.
  13. Some things will always feel like a step change, and proper online gaming is one, so it’ll be a long time before the PS3 or 360 seem Retro to me.
  14. Which Pike? Anson Mount would be pretty close to the top of my list.
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