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  1. Ooh, excellent topic. Will reply properly tomorrow. I bet I’m the only person here who started with a Dragon 32.
  2. Once More With Feeling is the absolute gold standard of musical tv, but Riverdale does a decent job of fitting songs in. Does Glee count?
  3. I took my time waiting to watch the finale as I didn’t want it to be over, and it didn’t disappoint. I need something else to fill that slot in my viewing now.
  4. I’ve watched a bit of the first one and it’s ok but not gripped me. Should I carry on or catch up on CR?
  5. Same here, and yes, no problems on an older TV
  6. That’s the same cab I have. Mine has been MAMEd with a PC in the base and a PC monitor though.
  7. Pop a wanted ad on there and I expect someone will oblige or at least point you in the right direction.
  8. The UK Video Arcade Collectors Facebook group would be a good place to start. Do you want an early wooden Jamma cab or something more modern like a white plastic Candy Jamma?
  9. No, not yet. That’s not the type of film I’d normally go for but it did look intriguing. I’ll track it down.
  10. Mackenzie Davis was great in the lone protector role. I’d mostly seen her in Halt and Catch Fire where she was superb but it’s big change from that to action hero.
  11. Same here. I thoroughly enjoyed it, and there’s stuff that happens in this new timeline that I’m keen to see more of.
  12. Yep. Somewhat inevitable but still a shock.
  13. That looks excellent. I'm not a subscriber but dip in and out when there's stuff that looks interesting. Will definitely get this issue.
  14. I'll have to dig out some old pay slips and see what I earned as a store manager for Tandy in 2000. As I recall it wasn't too bad a wage for a job that was on the whole good fun.
  15. I think I have to go with the Atari Star Wars Coin op from 1983 for similar reasons. For a ten year old, that control yoke in a sit down cab were just totally mind blowing. The closest I got at home was Elite.
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