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  1. That set looks superb. Nice to see a bit of the off camera stuff, but it sounds like we’ll see some wide angle shots anyway.
  2. Well that was just superb. Character development, a proper disaster of the week, and major plot points in the background. Easily the best Trek in the modern era.
  3. The Orville. They tone down the knob jokes after the first couple of episodes and it delivers proper TNG style stories. You can imagine some of the lines being delivered by Riker or Data very easily.
  4. Den Of Geek gave it a really good review. https://www.denofgeek.com/movies/ghostbusters-afterlife-review/
  5. And next we can do a poll to prove that In The Pale Moonlight is the best single episode. Or maybe The Siege of AR558….
  6. It was a chip shop/cafe with a DD cab that was my intro to this, though I think I preferred dropping coins in Robocop that I was better at.
  7. Paul Winfield (one of the cops in Terminator)
  8. Sounds good. I’m happy with three a month as it’s easier to keep up.
  9. I’m probably around 200 hours, maybe a bit more, but not evenly spread through the year. I don’t budget my time, but I definitely bear it mind when choosing what to play. A single player game that needs 40+ hours is really off putting as I could be on that for months.
  10. Now we’re 5 eps in, for anyone that has read the comics, is this following them?
  11. This ^^^^ There’s a remaster available so it looks better, and is always worth watching.
  12. I wasn’t aware this was coming, and as a pretty big Star Wars fan who doesn’t know that much about anime, it’s still really appealing. Just watched (and loved) the first episode so I’ll try and rinse the rest this weekend.
  13. I’ve got a PS5 so definitely don’t *need* one, but am tempted even if just for flight sim.
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