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  1. This fight sequence from The Last Ship
  2. I’m 16 episodes into Enterprise, and unlike DS9 and Voyager I’m watching every one as it’s been so long (plus I think I’ve only seen them twice). So far….. it’s pretty good. There’s some decent stand alone stories, a few world-building strands coming together, clear limitations of their technology, and even some character development. It’s a stronger first season than TNG or VOY. On the down side, there’s some really gratuitous “sexy” scenes with decontamination gel, or T’Pol falling on Archer, boobs first. I seem to remember S2 & 3 being weaker, so will see how I get on.
  3. I’ve actually just solved my own request before posting it. A sci-fi short film shown at primary school around 1980 with a moving large ball bearing. https://www2.bfi.org.uk/news-opinion/news-bfi/features/making-cult-childrens-sci-fi-glitterball I remember seeing a few others from that era but no details annoyingly.
  4. Anyone tried Schmigadoon yet?
  5. Not a huge cricket fan, but after 18 months of not doing much this seems like a great way to spend an evening.
  6. Or Marie Christine Anna Agnes Hedwig Ida von Reibnitz as she’s more accurately known. I can see why she might want a shorter option.
  7. Not sure why I’ve not tried this before as it’s ridiculous nonsense. Will enjoy this, ta.
  8. I happened to listen to the latest Gates McFadden podcast where she’s talking to him, and yes, he’s really funny. I didn’t know he was a really experienced pilot with his own F86 Vietnam era jet fighter! Well worth a listen.
  9. @Wickedkitten good call on Harper’s Island. Did we do Freaks and Geeks yet?
  10. She is very good indeed, and I like the way she uses more spontaneous checks and saves to determine what happens. Also interesting to note that she asks them to roll and then asks who was above/below a specific number rather than ask them for the numbers and then announce whether they succeeded. Less potential for adjusting the target without anyone knowing to get the results you want.
  11. As mentioned before, it may just be the novelty of a cinema again (IMAX, as well), but I really enjoyed this. It’s not top tier Marvel, but has good action sequences and really strong interactions between the family.
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