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  1. I see the RG353V is available to pre order has anyone pre ordered one? I already have the RG351V, so debating selling that and getting the newer model which has android and touchscreen. The one thing I don't like though is the placement of the dual analogue sticks so not sure what to do
  2. I've been playing Donkey Kong on the Gameboy ( well my RG351V ) I cant believe I've never played this before, think I've skipped it thinking it was just the old Donkey Kong game, but this has lots of levels/maps bonus games, reminds me a bit of Mario V Donkey Kong on the GBA. Looks good as well for a Gameboy game, I'm really enjoying it.
  3. I had that and I'm sure I used this guide to fix it : https://www.reddit.com/r/WiiHacks/comments/nrv55m/how_to_fix_system_update_error_32004_or_no/
  4. how do you get into attract mode? i dont seem to be able to select anything
  5. Ive now managed to get on the course with my brother, but is that it? All you do is run around to each hole trying to beat the scores of the day? I remembered having tournaments on the older versions where it went right down to the nail on the last few shots, this seems very casual.
  6. Guys I dont want to sound like an idiot, but if me and my brother want to play online how do you create a game? cant see how you enter tournaments like the old ones with a few friends.
  7. Anyone know if this will run much smoother on a PS4 pro? Im only on a 1080p TV, so i dont need 4k output but just wondered about the frame rate. Literally going to buy a PS4 just for this game.
  8. No just my LCD tv, i can force each emulator into 60hz by pressing A when they start, that works fine but i just cannot get the menu and the pi to boot straight into 60hz.
  9. Thanks, read that last night and tried everything but no joy, always boots into 1080p 50hz mode.
  10. Guys, i for the life of me cannot get my retro pie to boot into 60hz mode....these are the settings i have changed in the boot config : hdmi_group=1 hdmi_mode=16 Anyone got any ideas as to why it would keep booting into 50hz mode?
  11. churchhawk

    SNES Mini

    No mate, just pre order then pay in store on the day....well thats what i did with the switch.
  12. churchhawk

    SNES Mini

    In stock for collection at Smyths ( pre order )
  13. This is a Mario kart 8 deluxe forum mate, i didn't even mention anything about the snes version....thanks for the help anyway...much better with the map turned on
  14. My 6 year old niece just showed me how to do it, so yes it does have a mini map.
  15. Ive lost 100 points due to disconnections today Tried the dns fix but no joy....very frustrating when 1st on the last lap and it kicks you out and then you lose points.
  16. Hi Have you changed the XML file with your region code?, i had the same problem and had to edit the region in the file to "UK"........ Also you have to have content manager running as well........it took me a good few goes to get it to work but i eventually got there. Good luck!
  17. Strange, ive got more than enough power but its like it drops to 25fps in places then up to 60fps in others.....weird.
  18. Frame rate suffers on the X bone, in fact id say its quite bad, also the screen tearing isn't nice. To me it looks like a 360 game, maybe just a little bit better. Apart from that it isn't a bad game, I wouldn't say its 10/10 though and has defiantly been over hyped.
  19. Its OK, just became really boring after 20 mins. Might be due to it looking bland.
  20. Just bought the fire emblem pack brand new from Ebay, 175 delivered. Seller has 1 left! Couldn't resist, this console has a great line up of games
  21. Has to be Raiden Trad for me ( arcade version ). Great shooter, probably one of the best i've ever played.
  22. Great system, the screen is to die for and it has an amazing back catalouge of games. I had the Famicom version, bought it brand new for around 50 quid i think a few years back, sold it a year after for about 90 quid, wish i didnt now, should of kept it Go for it
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