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  1. It's only a matter of time until they bring out Yakuza Kart racing.
  2. I like KOFXII but lawdy is it hard to get a game online. I've managed it once. It is quite bare bones though, I suppose it relies on the multiplayer that just doesn't exist outside of KOF strongholds like Japan and South America.
  3. Yep, still really active. When the servers are working properly that is.
  4. I have it. It started off okay then decided it wanted to be a really mediocre FPS instead.
  5. Putting lying prone back in would be ok so long as they didn't let you do stupid CoD style drop shots. Battlefied is not a John Woo movie.
  6. The M14 is my most used weapon in BC2, using the 4x sight makes it an awesome marksman weapon. Very handy on maps like Atacama or Heavy Metal if you're an engineer where you're swamped by tanks and wookies and need to deal with both.
  7. K/D isn't a very important stat, I wouldn't worry about it.
  8. It's all part of the EA online experience! Not knowing if you're going to be able to connect or not adds an additional layer of excitement to your game!
  9. It depends on the map, but in general i'd say regular BC2 has a gentler learning curve.
  10. It would make communication a lot easier. THERE'S A GUY! WHERE? BEHIND THE BUILDING TO THE NORTH! WHICH IS NORTH?
  11. POZZED because although I use spotify I agree that it isn't pleasant to use.
  12. Dice say the servers are fixed now. I got a game straight away on the 360 so fingers crossed. Awesome game too, best i've had in about a week. Very upset to find that you can't get the grenade launcher efficiency pin with the smoke launcher though.
  13. The problems on the 360 have only been happening for 2 weeks maybe (I say 'only' 2 weeks but it's still annoying as fuck). They say they're aware of the problem but don't seem to be in any hurry to fix it. You can still get a good game but it takes a bit of persistence.
  14. EA online has been a douchebag for a couple of days on both flavours of BC2.
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