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  1. Dinobot

    Football Thread 2018/19

    I can't believe the cheek of Paul Ince on the radio! Saying that he could do a job as good as Ole has done the last five games. Oh wait, he could.
  2. Dinobot

    The Spurs Thread

    Swap you the UCL for a PL plz xxx Do them on the weekend!
  3. There's a whole lot of indicating of "why bring these people back" I.e. "Luke was rubbish in the last Jedi" which has nothing to do with the character. So some are indicating it, sure. I don't get the whole upsetness of many. You've got plenty of time to hate it once you see it - try not to get too upset about a backflip just yet will you dears? You may have a heart attack !
  4. Ah see I thought you said the first Star Trek film. I really liked that one. It was a really good start point. The second one was pretty dire though. Again as far as the IM's performance in ROTS - that has to still based off what he's given to work with. Vader NOOOOOOOO was never going to be a good line, delivered by anyone. JEJ did not give a bad performance, it was a bad piece of writing.
  5. That Star Trek film was superb. JJ really stuck the landing with it. Also it was great they had the old Spock in it. Theme.
  6. Exactly. Yoda was awesome in the film, and it was great to see Luke back. Grumbles about how Luke was; that's the writing. Remember when we saw Han on TFA trailer? Amaze. Having Leia back was brilliant too; the space flying was rubbish - again nothing to do with the character of the performance. A good idea on paper gone shit in execution. Bringing the old lot back = awesome. Hyped for Lando too. Dude.
  7. Bit intense isn't it. So you mean that's probably Yoda at the controls? We only see the hands! See on that note; two of the best bits of TLJ were Luke and Yoda. Everyone agrees. Now people are trippin bcos Paps is back. Back again. It's going to be ace. I just rewatched the trailer again, I'm pretty hyped.
  8. I thought the jump was cool. Also it wasn't quite the stupid force jumps that they had Obi1 and Taken man doing within about a minute of TPM opening. Super high speed rubbish, awful trashy CG. The jump itself is cool. On repeated viewings if looks like she could have just ducked thou. Show off.
  9. Dinobot

    Liverpool Football Club Thread

    You are all super lucky, because even though I started the Liverpool thread, I'm leaving the forum soon! Rejoice! Dizzoggz especially, good work. You were right. Enjoy it all man. I hope it all works out for you. At the same time I came in to say that if was super funny to see Babel assist and score against Everton. Superb.
  10. So Luke is clearly back, right? He needs a proper fight.
  11. It appears that a lot of you are miserable bastards who could not understand joy if it beat you in the face. God speed, all x
  12. Dinobot

    Football Thread 2018/19

    Amazing! Superb! What a comeback!
  13. @dumpster Driving music is very subjective. Comparing to Mario does not work for me because we've got an experiential context where by our playlist for driving in real life is often very personal. Broadly when I'm driving our car, I'll stick on some classic FM, or a similar Spotify playlist My other half hates that, she's radio X or one of her rock playlists. Ridge Racer - I loved to stick my Genesis CD in the PS1 and having some Phil Collins belting out tracks when the game finished was superb. For me anyway, I'm sure most other people would be horrified PGR2 used the Xbox music playing feature to brilliant effect. That was my playlist. I'll always remember driving around to specific songs which I now associate with the game. And it was my choices that made the game more personal to me. For me, that idea of creating your own playlist for driving is absolutely hitting the brief on the head. A platform or adventure game requires far more musical cues and hints. They are often set in magical new environments, and so it needs music and sound that builds that experience - it becomes a part of it. That's not needed for racing around streets, in fact it would become a lot more difficult to position it. Let the people have their own choice, it's a perfect solution.
  14. Dinobot

    Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

    Skyrim is a pretty old game. They were making it a decade ago.
  15. Dinobot

    PlayStation VR

    I tell thee; you need to add PSVR to the thread title to make it easier to find! I've not pulled fire on this yet, however with No Mans Sky coming - it's got to be done. So my question is - move controllers. I suspect they're needed/or for the full experience?

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