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    Halo 3

    halo 2 will not be a flop.
  2. a big boy

    Halo 3

    edit your post.
  3. a big boy


    you can't trade them in but can take them back. for new pc games you can always use the excuse that your pc isn't powerful enough to run it.
  4. so wrong. well, you're right that they show little acknowledgement that they are playing to an audience, but that's not the point. the music was so much more powerful and impressive when played live, and considering taht this is tool that's saying a lot. they also tend to vary their songs live, i saw an extended drum solo opening for ticks and leeches and an extended version of stinkfist. and the live version of pushit on salival is easily my favourite tool song. on a completely unrealted note, if you have any good ones it can be great to see local bands live as they can be far more intimate affairs than proper sold out venues.
  5. jesus christ, i don't even know you but that is the poorest, most meaningless response to criticism i have ever heard. ambiguous for obvious reasons? like the fact that clearly setting out your intentions, your motivations and how you intend to achieve them will make you sound like the most pathetic geek on here? here! you sound like a politican, albeit one without any power, influence or even noble cause. in fact any cause what so ever that reaches beyond trying to make a games magazine look slightly silly. edge is better than you.
  6. it's obvious what nintendo need to do with the n5: make it the technically superior console so all 3rd party games are better on it bring it out first to undercut the competition make it the cheapest console to keep the gcn's market share easy.
  7. i did too. the fact that its tits are obviously the result of a boob job at first glance, it looks a bit masculine and the title of the show being "there's something about miriam", gave it away.
  8. personally, i think it's comparable to a band deciding they want to deviate from their usual style and experiment a bit. sure, it may alienate members of their usual audience, but they're being creative, doing what they want to do and if they pull it off they'll have thousands of adoring fans that appreciate what they've done. the squarenix designers were set to work on a platform that's new to them, looked at what doors this new technology would open for them and, as artists, made the creative (if financially risky) decision to create the game that they have. and, i might add, surpassed their sales projections in doing so. this is why everyone complaining that this game is inaccessible for them are missing the point. and they'll be back with Ok Computer X-2 later on in the year, so why complain?
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