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  1. i'd never heard of oxegen. if all those bands are playing together there as well, hopefully the cure and ash will be announced for t in the park soon.
  2. t in the park is better: pixies david bowie muse the chemical brothers massive attack the darkness black eyed peas pj harvey n*e*r*d basement jaxx wu tang clan starsailor dj yoda the libertines badly drawn boy pink the strokes
  3. a big boy


    when i first got into tool with undertow they were the first band i really got into. and that was the album that really showed me just how good music can be. i immersed myself in it for months before i bought aenima, listening to it every single night. then i got aenima and lateralus and loved them just as much. for me, it was amazing how i would listen to each album at least three or four times a week yet months later they would still get better with every listen, and to observe the progression they had made as a band, too. i'd also credit them for getting me into bill hicks and areas of psychology and philosophy. that said, i don't listen to them that much anymore, having got into loads of other stuff in particular the beach boys, boards of canada, radiohead, david bowie, the pixies, miles davis and sigur ros (hardly any other metal), but when i do i'm always reminded that they're my favourite band. i could go on but i've rambled enough already and anyone that's actually still reading would be better off spending their time looking through the links i posted. go tool!
  4. thanks for the info, but it would appear that mine downloaded overnight. i'm listening to holiday song right now, sounds great. i'll leave it all up for you all to leech off while i'm at work.
  5. my bit torrent's gone downto 0kb/s. is there any free way to access this newsgroup?
  6. looks like a fantastic setlist. a million thankyous.
  7. a big boy


    not knowing what you'd be interested in, i'll give you everything. toolshed.down.net is the best tool website out there, very comprehensive. in particular you'll want to make yourself aquainted with the faq. the official site: toolband.com is better than most band's but still not all that, imo. this is a forum about tool that is now closed but makes for some very interesting reading: http://tool.kubed.net/phpBB2/viewforum.php?f=2 from it, this is a great thread about aenima and carl jung that i have bookmarked: http://tool.kubed.net/phpBB2/viewtopic.php?t=905 toolgasm is the name given to an experience where you expereince a sudden rush or maybe a kind of explosion energy inside of you of you similar to an orgasm at the climax of a song. i've experienced them before (only with tool, i might add) but it's often poked fun at because obviously it implies that tool deliver a unique experience in music in terms of the way it climaxes. maybe it's all subjective and tool fans are just that much more pretentious than any other band's. probabaly a mixture of the two. i've seen them live. i suggest you all do the same. on mushrooms.
  8. so all we have to do is buy loads from play asia, sell them on ebay and we'll be rich!
  9. Good god. Even assuming that only those confirmed will appear, I need to buy a Gamecube.
  10. Did anyone else feel like a spot of zombie hunting in the town centre after? First thing tomorrow I'm going zombie hunting in the jag. Anyone that so much as absent mindidly crosses in front of me is getting run down in self defence. EVERYONE NEEDS TO SEE THIS MOVIE
  11. Though it's fantastic as it is, imagine Frequency being released on Xbox or PS3, allowing you to play songs recorded to hard drive.
  12. Halo co-op on with two players that know their shit = better than sex. Give it a go.
  13. I wasn't actually. I can complete every other level easy peasy but haven't got close on Library. In fact, I find it harder in heroic than any of the others in legendary. Same story with all my friends.
  14. no one's ever completed it on legendary in single player though, right?
  15. is that the actual reason? how the hell did he test zoe? and yeah, i had hardly any health at the time and fell for that. would hate to have not been playing it on my massive widescreen tv then. B)
  16. my younger brother used to do it all the time with my n64 saves when he was too young to read and thus know how to navigate a menu. including goldeneye invincibility and pokemon 100hours in. worst thing was, my parents wouldn't even give me the authority to ban him from the games and instead laughed at me for wasting so much of my time on them.
  17. how much better are the controls on the ps2 version? i found them very tricky at first; it obviously wasn't designed for the xbox pad (i only have the original as well). also, does it make use of having two shoulder buttons in any way? i ran out of fingers and toes when counting the amount of times i accidently selected an item with the l trigger instead of peaking around a corner to my left when in the middle of a fire fight. not being able to move in first person felt strange and was very frustrating at times. i suppose it was done to prevent people from playing through the whole game in first person.
  18. after a couple of days of solid playing, i just completed sons of liberty for the first time. it blew me away and after having previously never played a metal gear solid game has become easily one of my favourite games, with probably the best storyline and characters i've ever seen in a game. to everyone complaining that it's too short i'd say that it's obviously intended as a cinematic game rather than as a traditional videogame per se. you play it for the expereince, which is greatly enchanced by the fantastically directed cut scenes. personally, i've never played a game with such outstanding gameplay in such a personal, coherant and gripping context. the way it was all summed up in the final cutscene was fantastic as well. i also preferd playing as raiden to snake, purely for his ninja handstand x move. it's so good sneaking up on an enemy and kicking them in the head! the joke where the president (looking very bill clinton-esque)goes to grab you thinking you're a girl also made me chuckle. the only dissapointment were the controls taking a while to get used that while the gamplay was fantastic, it didn't feel like it was expolited enough by the areas themselves. hopefully the vr missions and snake tales will remedy this and any problems with replay value. ace!
  19. i understand that, which is why i used windwaker as an example rather than doom 3 or something. from an artistic perspective things are a lot more subjective and i do think it looks pretty. just not amazing. by any stretch of the imagination. i think at least a few of you are exagerating your excitement greatly.
  20. it looks quite nice, particularly in the dinosaur shot, and will probabaly be a great game. how anyone can say it looks amazing after playing windwaker is beyond me, however. are you sure you're not just creaming yourselves over it because of the fact that it's a stylised 2d mario game?
  21. too true. thinking about it, i'll have to play halo 2 on legendary from the beginning to see whether i'm really that good at the original just because i know the levels so well, or because my mad skillz really are that mad. for this reason i'm creaming my pants in anticipation simply for a whole new set of levels to play around in. throw in all the extra stuff and i'm positive halo 2 will be the thing to make my life complete.
  22. is it me or is legendary really not that hard? i'm normally quite shit at games but after completing halo on heroic without too much hassle. and legendary, though it took quite a long time, never had me really stuck. maybe because it just 'clicked' with me like no other game before it.
  23. 'star wars episode III: jar jar snuffs it', anyone?
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