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  1. Didn't any of you morons read the first post? The folder's here because elmo requested it. Can you request a kittens folder next please, elmo?
  2. You can't go wrong with Tool. Their ep, Opiate, is their heaviest CD overall and probably the best place to start for a metal head such as yourself. It is, however, no where near as good as their most recent CDs, Aenima and Lateralus. You may also like Dream Theater (sic), as they are very heavy, very epic and, IMO, second to none instrumentally. Shame about the vocalist. Their best CD is Scenes of a Memory.
  3. I thought this year's lineup was amazing (even without Bowie) and may have to grab one. How consistently great has the festival been throughout the years?
  4. Sk8er Boi is ace, and I shan't hear otherwise.
  5. IMO, Pablo Honey is by far the least accomplished Radiohead album. It's just about one of the better CDs in my collection, with a few good songs and the occasional genuinely inspired moment (eg creep) but I personally couldn't listen to it with no prior knowledge of what they were to go on to produce and guess that they would be anything more than just another one hit wonder indie band. Post Pablo Honey I find it hard to place any one of their albums as being better than any other. Perhaps due to Kid A, Amnesiac and Hail To The Thief being far less accessible than The Bends and OK Computer, or in some cases simply because they stoppped being a rock band, lots of people have said none of their new stuff is any good. While others say that they only really discovered their potential with Kid A and it's been all good since. Radiohead are just an awesome sounding band, nothing more and nothing less (certianly not original or particularly 'important'), that have produced five outstanding albums of sometimes very differnet styles of music, and frankly whichever you prefer says more about your personal taste in music than about whichever's better because they simply cannot be compared for quality.
  6. I saw it for the first time last night and went to bed to dreams of reptiles invading my kitchen, while me and my family attempted to kill them them with kitchen appliances. Scary stuff indeed. I did think it was fantastic, though I have one question. How did the Alien manage to make it into the escape pod? This would make sense if he was supposed to be a conscious being and therefore able to work out what was going on and get on board in time, but he's supposed to live purely on instinct and how could he have instinctivley known to leave the ship before it blew up and get aboard the escape pod?
  7. I've seen it. I thought it was fucking shit. I'm sick of people who seem to think that just because he's in the public eye and criticising Bush he should somehow be beyond criticism. His films and books are not a means to a greater end. Indeed by presenting stories of truth, such as the stolen election, amongst so many lies, he succeeds in presenting the right with an easy way to laugh off such claims. The fact that it's being shown in a cinema doesn't excuse all the blatent exagerations and outright lies, either, as they are presented as fact in an entirely serious and non-fictitious documentry. What's laughable, in my opinion, is the idea that anyone with a good general knowledge of the Bush presidency should take much seriously here. And as PeteBrant said, I will never forgive him for making me feel even the slightest amount of pity for Bush. There is no doubt that Bush needs to be criticised in the mainstream media, however there is also no doubt in my mind that Moore is about the worst man for the job, with about as little integrity either as a human being or as a journalist as you're liekly to find for the job. As he himself has asked on numerous occasions, why the hell is he the one being left with the job of making these movies? Here's more on why the film's shit. http://slate.msn.com/id/2102723
  8. I didn't know so many of you were at T. Despite Bowie cancelling I had a fantastic time and managed to sprint starught from the main stage to the slam tent to finish the festival with IMO the best two acts there, Pixies and Chemical Brothers. The only downside being that Pixies clashed with Orbital and NERD, while Chemical Brothers clashed with Massive Attack and Strokes. Seriosuly, guys, I know headlining acts but with so little worth seeing during the day especially on saturday, cramming all the good shit in on the last night is inexcusable. Muse were predictably full of energy and fantastic. Easily the highlight of saturday for me. I'd never heard of Goldie Lookin Chain before but they were hilarous and a great way to start off sunday. DJ Yoda was ace. Where else are you going to hear White Stripes, A Team, Star Wars, Fresh Prince and Jackson 5 mixed together with some unbelievable scratching? Pixies were my reason for buying a ticket in the first place and were simply amazing. The highlight for me was everyone singing along to Hey. Chemical Brothers bought the house down playing all my favourite songs of there's and ending the event on an unbelievable high. My first ever festival and a great way to kick things off.
  9. I can see them. They look shit but it's nice to see it's definitly not going to get another delay.
  10. bla bla bla bla bla http://www.lik-sang.com/info.php?category=...oducts_id=4115&
  11. exactly. unless you're some sort of dungeons and dragons geek there's no fun in dying regularly for the sake of being 'proper' about things. just have fun advancing the storyline and creating your own character, like a star wars geek.
  12. and now, having realised the armchair psychology approach won't work and he has in fact no argument what so ever, it gets personal. seriously, just how much of a false view of the series do you want to present?
  13. dude, like, woah. i never thought of it like that.
  14. i'm guessing you don't practice psychology for a living.
  15. someone not watching friends, last night
  16. you may be right but i can't think of a show with such long running, worldwide popularity as friends that has been bland. it's subjective to a certain degree of course but right off the top of my head cheers (and frasier), mash, seinfeld and the simpsons have all been superb. if you want examples of genuinely bland tv shows that have enjoyed just as much hype as friends (and most of which would probably never been made if it weren't for friends) but never made it simply because of their lack of quality, take a look at the cable tv guide. personally, i find the idea that friends could stand alone in this regard and be so succesfull over its contmporarys for absolutely no reason what so ever a little absurd.
  17. yeah, you guys suck. if it's not for you, fair enough, but to call such a long running and popular tv show bland is just ignorant.
  18. i don't see the point his point. he berates the industry for its over reliance on sequels and a general lack of originality, then calls ea stupid for ignoring mature rated games. but when he's presented with an original, m rated game in Kill All Humans says it won't sell because it's too violent and different from the status quo. i think he's having a laugh.
  19. a big boy

    Best of Pixies

    On the DVD, Jonny Greenwood is interviewed saying the Pixies are one of his favourite bands, one of the most important bands of all time and the reason Radiohead stopped doing guitar albums is because they ran out of Pixies stuff to copy. IN YOUR FACE.
  20. coachella's lineup looked amazing, for the pixies to be the highlight of the show is very promising indeed. i can't wait to see them at t in the park.
  21. a big boy


    did you get it for £19.99 in amazon deal of the day?
  22. The nicest picture on the internet:
  23. Xbox and Pc in Feb 2005 according to Soong's article, you blind gayers. Spoilers for KOTOR: You couldn't finish the game in the grey, it forced you to choose a path at the end and even if you'd played all the way through on light side and in the end chose to embrace the darkside with Bastila you'd be at least 2/3rds dark. Spoilers for KOTOR2 from the article: I would imagine any plot twist would ahve to do with revan returning or to do with their being "plural" sith masters instead of just the one Darth Malak. I don't think we know enough about the story yet to say that there's no way it could be as impressive as the originals.
  24. it's a little on the easy side but i love my 2d platformers and i don't think i've ever had so much fun playing through a game for the first time. easily up there with rez, ico and frequency as one of the best reasons to own a ps2 in my opinion. i *heart* klonoa 2.
  25. he's also playing at glastonbury. i'll have to listen to his albums before i go.
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