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  1. Well, what do you know? IGN have remembered how to write a good article. I now can't wait even more for this game. It sounds like all the stuff they've thrown in has worked out for the better and you just know there's going to be even more little touches to discover six months into playing the game obsessively every single day since release. Go Bungie! Hey, Beertiger, I'd imagine it's a redesigned Covenant tank because the articles above say you can drive this time around, unless we've already seen pictures of that. I was only joking in the other thread, by the way. Friends?
  2. Yeah, to be honest, it's not going to impress the birds like a PSP is is it?
  3. Well, as pointed out by Steven Poole in Edge ages ago, limiting the number of weapons MC can carry to two isn't realistic - he's supposed to be seven foot tall, possess unreal strength and could could easily strap a couple of rifles to his shoulders, have a rocket launcher on his back and a couple of pistols attached to a belt. The decision to only let him carry two weapons (regardless of size, of course) was purely to supplement the gameplay by demonstrating that no one weapon is better than any other in all situations and therefore to encourage the player to prepare themselves for all situations best they could by balancing their choice of weapons. Disregarding the health system is more realistic in that MC really shouldn't be able to take more than a couple of shots under any circumsytances when his shield is down but it will be a decision based on what effect they have on the game. Maybe I'm just speaking for myself here but I always found having a health meter on Halo a bit strange as once you're shield's down, say in a multiplayer game, it doesn't matter if you manage to run over a health pack in the same way as body armour would in Goldeneye, at most it would keep you alive for an extra couple of shots, while a head shot would still kill you instantly, yet it seemed like it should be more valuable, at least as valuable as hiding behind a corner for five seconds while your shielf recharges, rather than being comparativley useless. I can also see it making me a play a lot more carefully: even on Legendary I often take my chances and piss around a bit safe in the knowledge that I've got full health and were I to lose any there's a pack right around the corner anyway.
  4. a big boy

    Leaked info

    I agree. Also, haven't the last few months' development time been almost exclusively for multiplayer? I'm sure everything will be polished to perfection. My only worry is not being able to rely on my mad pistol skillz anymore.
  5. The poor review editor at Edge is going to have to go out and buy a whole new thesaurus after reading this thread, I hope you all realise.
  6. Wow. How correct can one person be?
  7. Congratulations, you know how to appeal to my musical vanity. So i just put them into Limewire and downloaded "When good dogs do bad things". You're right, they sound very good and more to the point like exactly the kind of thing I wouldn't have appreciated in my nu-metal days. Could you reccomend anything else before I decide whether to buy one of their CDs? My favourite metal bands are Tool, Dream Theater and Sikth, if that helps. Cheers.
  8. "Here's a supplement telling you why to wait for the Xbox version instead"
  9. "The end game boss, almost as ripped as Justin Timberlake..." Or did Ste quit already? In that case: "Élan"
  10. When "he" removes the mask, it will be as an ill-advised transexual parody of Samus Aran. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST.
  11. Yeah, it was at Brixton. To be fair, I was only little at the time and it was one of my first gigs so maybe I couldn't appreciate them. Either way I just couldn't hear anything remotely likeable in what they played and the fact that hardly anyone in the crowd was getting into them confirmed their shitness for me. So with all the praise they're getting here, have they got a lot better or are they just too hardcore for most?
  12. When I saw them open for System of a Down a couple of years ago someone through a water bottle at the singer (because they were shit (note past tense)), which he promptly pissed in and threw back. It's just not Sigur Ros, eh?
  14. How come virtually all of the footage in the trailer is from the E3 single player level, which isn't supposed to be in the game? Technically, wouldn't that make it false advertising?
  15. Yeah, sorry but that was just bad.
  16. I thought the whole point of the first game was that the flood were on Halo and Halo was destroyed?
  17. Why shouldn't any game that could be said to be the best in its genre be worth a 10? The expectation is clearly for Halo 2 to achieve that.
  18. I haven't heard anything about it, I would imagine that Bungie would have been thinking of putting them in when the game was originally being made, as a strategy game. Could be wrong, though.
  19. If Halo 2 doesn't even stand a chance of getting a 10, and Edge can't review games' multi-player features, it's hard to see anything getting a 10 ever again, IMO. There was some debate over whether Halo itself was truly revolutionary or not, and if Bungie manage to deliver the best game the genre has seen, with all this new stuff, it could easily warrant a 10 in my book.
  20. Because you're European and therefore Square hate you so much they only want you to have half the game?
  21. Anyone who loves RPGs needs to play Chrono Cross and Chrono Trigger as they are two of the finest ever, in my opinion.
  22. I can honestly see them messing it up a little, they've tried to put a hell of a lot into it, and to be honest I doubt all of it will be to the benefit of the game. The second half of the original wasn't even that great, IMO. On the other hand, it's going to be amazing.
  23. Loads of stores opend for Zelda 64 IIRC and probably a few others. I'd actually be very surprised if at least Game didn't open early.
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