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  1. The best way to get easy evil points is to kill your wife.
  2. Everyone's going to hate Imagine but I've heard it a few times now and think it's great. I'm looking forward to this album and the DVD, but as you say I'd rather Maynard would get on with the next Tool album.
  3. There's a place where you can go and do a bit of fist fighting and if you take on the whole club and defeat the leader you can earn quite a bit from it. I'm completely engrossed in this game now. Probably more so than in any game since Ocarina of Time. And, as geeky as it sounds, it's certianly the only one since then to have me not wanting to leave it and go outside. But that's the beauty of it: for all its flaws, and there are a lot, if you can put them and the hype aside and take it for what it is it's one of the richest, enjoyable and engrossing games there is. The morality system, for example, has little if any relevance to the main storyline, often judges you unfairly; and, if you know how, there are several cheap ways of making it swing one way or another without ever having to alter your general behaviour. On the other hand, witnessing the affect it has on your character from your appearance to the reactions of others around you; whether the sight of your character makes them fall in love, cower in fear, or just take the piss, adds so much to the experience of playing it. Maybe I haven't played enough RPGs, but I've known a game make you feel so much in control of who your character is (rather than simply what he does) and that the world you are in genuinely reacts to him based on who he is. Or maybe it's just an illusion. Either way, it's a lot of fun. Anyway, can anyone tell me how to find the black rose?
  4. Seriously, bump this in a month or so or whenever people start making siginificant progress, it could be a great little forum project and I know I'm geeky enough to take insane amounts of pleasure in writing an article comparing all the different weapons and under what circumstances each is most useful.
  5. Who wants to be even cooler and join my playing all the way through on legendary first club?
  6. I'll happily write some single player strategies, though ONLY AFTER I'VE COMPLETED MY LEGIT COPY WHICH I WILL PURCHASE ON NOVEMBER 11th.
  7. Damn right. What Have you got to gain by reading spoilers anyway? NOTHING. a big boy
  8. a big boy


    For Gods sake. If it's got good games, "hardcore" gamers will want to play it. There's nothing else to it.
  9. I just tried that. Great fun. Thanks dangerboy I didn't know about the sweeping B move, which came in very useful in the Hobbes cave. I'll try getting the surround flame spell once I've got enough xp too because at the moment I'm having to spend it all on making my character strong enough to carry his new weapon.
  10. "Mature gaming" is, above all, not caring about mature gaming.
  11. Yeah I know but I find it too hard to realistically pull off in a crowded battle. Is that something that should come with practice, or what? COMBAT TIPS PLEASE.
  12. Playing a very proud and very good Scottish friend at Pro Evo, him playing as Brazil, myself as France, I very flukily managed to win the first couple of matches with him dominating possession, shots on target and hitting the post loads, before contemptuously suggesting he switch to England and I to Scotland to even things out a bit.
  13. After around ten hours play (but probabaly not getting anywhere near ten hours into it, if you see what I mean) over three days, I've developed a bit of a love/hate relationship with it. It's easily one of the most beautiful games I've ever seen and gives you far more freedom over your character than anything I've played before. You really do find yourself stopping just to admire the scenery and to watch the inhabitants of the little villages going about their day. Aside from the invisible walls the whole world is so rich and believable. So far my favourite "little touch" is back when you're a little 'un, if you grass up the cheating husband to his wife (better yet accept his bribe, then grass him up) and then go back to where he was having an affair he's now having a full-blown very stereotypical row with his wife, her screaming things like "I bet she's younger, in't she? So, go on then, where did you pick up the little tart?" I can't remember the last time I saw attention to detail like that and it's all so British. On the downside the things that's annoyed me most has been the combat system. It just seems like they've made a more fiddly version of KOTOR's system, added a poorly implemented version of Zelda's Z targeting system, where you can't see who you're locked onto in a crowd, leading you to fry innocent tradesmen even though you're trying to play good; and taken out the pause feature, making it needlessly frantic... Have most people managed to get used to it or is it just me?
  14. Erm, I live in England and bought Rez from my local Game about a month after it came out.
  15. I was at the first London show. There were people officially recording it. It was the greatest gig of all time. Please post a link.
  16. Well, it's not quite as good as when I saw him at the Royal Festival Hall... But God, it's amazing. Basically, everything that Moose said. Except for me it's easily the best album of the year.
  17. They really couldn't have chosen two better games, could they?
  18. Glad you like it. The Tool connection is hard to describe and probably my own delusion anyway, but in case it isn't I'll give it a go. Basically, while both bands are very obviously from different genres and generally sound nothing a like, they are both placed on the "psychedelic" fringe of their genres and whether either really should be described this way, it is an example of how, in my opinion, both are basically attempting to communicate the same message and an appreciation of one should therefore lead to an appreciation of the other. Hopefully that didn’t sound too gay.
  19. Neutral Milk Hotel - In The Aeroplane Over The Sea Probably the only album I have to listen to at least once every few days or something just doesn't feel right. It's one of those albums that sounds alright until about the third listen all the way through, when everything clicks, so whatever you do don't listen to any previews! It's hard to describe what makes it so good to someone that hasn't heard it because it's really about the connection you make with, Mangum, the vocalist, while listening to it. The honesty and child like sense of wonder in the lyrics and the passion with which they're sung are a big part of it, but there's more... It is, without doubt, my favourite album that I won lyrically, and from what you say in your original post, moreover because you're a Tool fan (and no I have no idea how to explain that connection), should be exactly what you're looking for. Anyway, you can get it here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/ASIN/B...2114442-9523020
  20. Well it',s obviously worked and, yeah, I can',t say that i wouldn',t bite if I were in their shoes. Fair play to them.
  21. How is Legendary unbalanced? As Popo said, the Covenant are supposed to be every bit as tough as they are on Legendary - by contrast watch the marines slaughter them on Normal Difficulty and you wonder why you',re even needed. As for the argument that the Flood don',t present a step up from them, well, personally Library is the only level I haven',t completed and they',re hardly going to on any difficulty level.
  22. Not that I disagree, but did he admit to them selling out, or is that just your opinion?
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