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  1. I bought Soel from my local indie (in Godalming, Surrey). I'd be very surprised if you can't buy it online. It's m favourite of the two but both are amazing. Hey Pete, that really sexy song I seduced you with over the summer, The Way You Are, is from Soel.
  2. He created some of the best hip-hop of all time. That is not worthless.
  3. Get this: Game in Woking phoned me on my mobile today in the middle of a lesson, which got my phone thrown in the bin my teacher, to tell me they were selling it early so i could come down later today and pick it up. So when I get there they're all like "oh sorry we shouldn't have done that, we're opening tomorrow at eight". Eight? I want it now. Naturally, I was very British about the whole thing and said "don't worry about it, see you tomorrow". Cunts. Good thing I'm 10 day returning it as soon as my Amazon copy arrives. And what's a Chicken Pizzatilla? Sounds nice in a fusion-foody kind of way, is it like a wrap?
  4. Yeah, even if it’s pretty much useless for almost any other game, the Fat Controller was blatantly designed around Halo and it shows. Nostalgia has nothing to do with it, I wouldn’t even consider using anything else. Anyone who disagrees is a small-handed freak.
  5. I disagree, something tells me not to invest in Microsoft hardware because Nintendo are going to drop the Megaton in '05 and it will blow everything else out of the water. Three words: Virtual Boy Online
  6. I didn't advocate ignoring other mediums - I said I'd take the general opinion of the forum over any magazine's. Kahless has also given a couple of good reasons why this is a good idea. Anyway, I fail to see how the obviousness of the tactic enchances its morality. Subliminal messages would be even more obvious, surely? You can call it overreacting if you wish but the problem is that the message is not coming from the advertising bar you see above you. It is coming from someone posing as a gamer genuinely sharing their opinion withing the spirit of the forum. It's the same distinction as between a commercial during the break on TV and product placement during the show itself. Moreover, as already mentiond, its perfectly analogous with someone coming up to you in a bar and telling you how great Budweiser is. Actually, its worse because in some of these examples already respected users and moderators were being paid off, so it's more like an aquaintance telling you what to buy. So yeah, what is it with this forum being so apologetic towards big business?
  7. I rate the forum's general opinion far higher than any magazine's. I'd be very surprised to find that I'm alone here.
  8. It's disgusting and indefensible. There's a massive difference between a fanboy talking crap and a plant: the fanboy is being honest, the plant is lying for money. I can't understand how anyone, let alone a forum user can find this morally defensible.
  9. I just think it's nice to have something in front of you that explains the controls and so forth. I understand the statement of not having one, but at best it's only a reflection of the game's quality rather than something that raises it in itself. Surely if the game really is that intuitive we should be able to tell that by playing the game itself than by reading into whatever statements the developer feels like making about it.
  10. That's subjective. I love a good manual. Is anyone else paranoid about just downloading it and not having a proper retail copy? I can't get to grips this fangled new technology these days...
  11. Thanks for the warning and for not posting any spoliers, I'll make sure to let it grow on me regardless of first impressions. How did you find the difficulty levels on single player, by the way? Would jumping staright in on Legendary be wise?
  12. Fortunatly, music's far too large and diverse nowadays for any one act to shape the direction of or symbolise the entire generation. I anything sums up this generation (or at least teh generation we're heading for), however, I think we're moving less into a new genre of music and more into a genre-less space entirely. Take a look at artists like DJ Shadow, DJ Danger Mouse, Outkast, and you'll notice they they all work in a genre-less limbo - mixing different styles from all over the place - showing complete disregard for categorisation. If you want an example of how this reflects modern-day culture, well, "our" culture is progressively more multi-cultural than ever.
  13. Yeah, I saw it when a friend asked me to tape it off Sky for her. I was skeptical because the Radio Times only gave it one star but thought it was hilarious. More people need to see this movie.
  14. No doubt about it - the combat and the game in general is too easy. Even on my first play through I can only recall having to redo anything a few of times, and on the few occasions when I did, it really felt like it was because the game hadn't explained the mission well enough or the combat system's a bit fucked, rather than because it was actually my fault. Considering how much the game bigs up the importance of the arena, I can't imagine anyone struggling to complete it and the game in general is much better if you just sell all your extra life potions and limit yourself to the weaker weapons.
  15. I've completed it twice now, the second time doing all the side quests, and dancing between my good and evil sides like a mad man. (Spoliers) The best thing I've done so far was, after repenting my sins at the Temple of Avo and playing good for a while, getting all the women in Oakvale and the Barrow Fields to fall in love with me and follow me through darkwood and into the evil temple to be sacraficed, the whole jouney chanting my name like so kind of travelling cheerleading squad. Upon returning to Oakvale, word had apparantly got out as instead of worshipping the ground I walked on, everyone cowered in fear of me and the female population was now extinct. It ended Happily ever after, though, as I still managed to find a man that would marry me (only after buying him lots of chocalates and perfumes, mind) and live with me in my childhood home. Bless. If only you could confront Lady Grey about her murderous past, say that it turns you on, and suggest you embark on a campaign to rule all of albion together under a torturous and sadistic iron fist, as part of an over-elaborate sexual-fantasy, we'd have the greatest game of all time.
  16. Try sponsoring the guard's break and if anyone else is giving you bother march them down the pub and get them pissed.
  17. Don't forget the Britney Spears avatar.
  18. pfffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffft.
  19. It won't happen but if Microsoft managed to release Xbox 2 with a Fable and Halo game they could do very well for themselves, although that might cause me to leave the rest of the world for a couple months so perhaps it's best they don't.
  20. Yeah, Kane used to be one of the best with his moody music, kinky mask and sexy skin tight top. Now he's just an ugly has-been in black trousers. No Mercy is one of the greatest games of all time. What the hell happened to that franchise?
  21. Apparently you were going to be able to have a proper family originally and there were going to be even more little touches like if you became really famous in one town all the kids would start copying your hair style. I agree that they ran the risk of being overly ambitious with all that, though, and did well to concentrate on making it a decent game instead. Hopefully Fable 2 will offer the best of both worlds...
  22. It's great, isn't it? I love just trying on different outfits and seeing how people react to them. Especially showing Lady Grey the tramp beard I got straight after I married her. Still managed to get a shag, too. I was playing as a kid again last night and after doing loads of good deeds I spoke to one of the guards and he said "keep up the good work lad and, who knows, maybe one day you'll be a guard too."
  23. Yeah, all quests will be lost but you'll still be able to mess around in the world after. I've completed it now as a light-side-leaning-no-nonsense-gladiator with full strength, tatoos all over his body, who charged himself through every wrong-doer that dared cross his path. An evil wizard next, I think. The only loose end I need to tie up is getting either bright plate armour or bright will user's outfit so I can be a proper goody. Where do I get these?
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