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    Radiohead being hit and miss seems to depend on what side of the bed Thom Yorke's got up from that morning. I've heard some truly terrible Radiohead live performances on mp3, conversley I reckon the best version of each of their songs is a live one and wasn't their Glastonbury performance from ages ago voted the best gig of all time? Fortunatly he seems to have grown up a bit and decided being a rock star with millions of of adoring fans is actually quite good. I saw Muse at T in the Park and thought they were really good but only about the third best act I saw (behind Pixies and Chemical Brothers) and nowhere near as good as Radiohead.
  2. It doesn't necessarily*; if I was trying to prove a point, I'd have asked how many have actually heard their album. I asked how many of you had seen them live out of interest because I doubt you'd all hold those opinions if you had. And no, you could only use as an "excuse" for groups that are actually good live. *The rest of my post does, though.
  3. Not to mention that Xbox Next isn't all that necessary in the first place.
  4. See, to call something "pure novelty" it actually has to be just that: a work of no merit that requires no talent what-so-ever to perform. They're no where near being my favourite group, so if dissing them makes you feel better about liking your more serious music, or whatever, then fair enough, but I can't help but that they would get a lot more credit on this forum if they produced the exact same songs with generic lyrics and image. How many of you have seen them live, by the way?
  5. Nah, I think their music's genuinely good and they put on a great live show. People just call them gimmicky because they've got a sense of humour. And I wouldn't look at record sales as any indication of quality as far any genre is concerned, let alone hip-hop.
  6. The Christmas Album by Tool.
  7. I'm not too surprised as the N64 practically ignored it anyway. Even a lot of 2D games like Smash Bros disabled it, much to my annoyance.
  8. The sword lunge is instant death over a stupidly long range and they've got until their shield runs down to get that close to you. Sure, they're certainly not invincible but the difference is anyone can pull off a sword lunge, you have to be fucking good to get consistent headshots with a magnum. And sticking a sword wielder is only a ever a last resort tactic since they'll still kill you before the grenade blows up.
  9. Yeah, I've definitley seen Elites holding their plasma rifles as they cool down. They probably don't have to do it, just when they've decided to stop firing anyway, or something. Squirtle's band on though. If it was just a shit game with all these things wrong with it, we'd just call it a shit game and be done with it. I just love Halo (both games) so much that just the smallest thing wrong with them sends me insane.
  10. That's the thing, though, the whole multiplayer game seems designed from the ground up with a view to having massive team games. Not just for the rather obvious fact that even on four player mode only a couple of the levels are of a practical size, but the sword itself is the perfect example of this because, yeah, having an "ultimate close range weapon" would be fair enough in a massive arena full of snipers and vehicles. But it's as if Bungie either didn't even think to test whether 2-4 player deathmatch were still as balanced with all the new stuff thrown in or just decided they couldn't do both and sacrificed it in favour of bigger scale games.
  11. It's cheap in that just about anyone can go on insane rampages with it. It wouldn't be so bad if it didn't have unlimited ammo (how?), such an insanely long lunge distance (made even more unbelievable by the fact you can do this in mid-air) and the new health system didn't mean that no matter how close you got to killing someone with the sword it would come to nothing because their shield will just recharge in five seconds anyway. Admittedly, I'm used to playing smaller games of up to 4 players (no Xbox Live) and I can see how it would be less effective on the bigger levels, but that doesn't stop it being terribly unbalanced on levels like look out and ivory tower.
  12. Compare the number of times you've seen an average at best player going on a killing spree with the sword compared to with a sniper rifle or plasma pistol.
  13. Yay! And City of God is worth more hype than you can throw at it.
  14. The Ocarina of Time Soundtrack (free on CD with Official Nintendo Magazine Germany) manages to find itself in my head more often than not whenever I'm stoned.
  15. So I just realised how much more fun it is playing on heroic. A lot. See, no matter how good you are at legendary, Master Chief is still just a no match in straight fight against any elite, dying from a single sniper shot to the foot, pussy. Any way you do succeed will just be either through being "I play this game 24/7" good, getting tremendously lucky (that video being a mix of the two) or by being far more cautious than an elite Spartan warrior ever should be. And that's essentially the difference between this and the original, the balance of the original was genius because while retaining a very high level of difficulty it made you feel like you feel like you really were Master Chief. If you were good enough you could fight yourself out of any situation you found yourself in and a tremendous rivalry was created between you and the elites, as your equal in combat. Here, you either have to know the map like the back of your hand or just be stupidly careful to the point of tedium. And I have a massive inferiority complex regarding how much harder elites are than me. Watching an elite take a sword swipe from me as if it was a paper cut before brandishing instant death upon me with a single hit KO bosh from their plasma rifle simply isn't fair. Nor is it fair when I sneak up on one of them dual wielding whatever I like, getting the first rounds in by a mile, only to see them turn around and slaughter me with plasma fire like I'm some lowly marine. Fuck it, I've got an inferiority complex over my marines since watching one of them take a beam rifle shot and living to tell the tale. My marines! It just smacks of a cheap attempt by Bungie to rack up the difficulty level without having to code much better AI or whatever. Consequently, even though I can do most of it fairly easily now, without resorting to a Davros style panic attack, I still don't feel like the elite warrior I'm meant to be. And isn't that what Halo was all about?
  16. If it helps, Davros, I did the whole of the first level up to where you go outside without dying today.
  17. If they're not from Surrey, it's just not cricket.
  18. Really? I never even thought of doing that to be honest. It's amazing how different tactics procoke enitrely different reactions, though. Jump out of nowhere and start lobbing grenades in their general direction and they seem genuinely shocked and bemused, poke your head round the corner and take out a couple of grunts before they have the chance to get shot back in on you and you can feel their anger through the intensity of their returning fire, or remain out of sight after an intense battle for long enough and you can sometimes overhear them celebrating your death. Class.
  19. Yeah, to be fair I doubt he could do it that well all the time as he'd be a bit fucked if he didn't get the sword that early on. Still, though, I had no idea it was even possible to play the game like that. Davros, the point about holding back is that unless you really are amazing (or just get lucky) unless you're carefull you will die eventually. The way I described is very slow and systematic but following it will let you complete the level without too much difficulty.
  20. You didn't. You just asked what the point of putting them in the game might be and I replied.
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