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  1. It was the same a couple of seasons ago against Barca when he came on and turned the game around. Not a chance he'd have been able to play like that from the start.
  2. I'm up for Denmark and Portugal going through. That was a great game.
  3. This is ridiculous. They need to just realise their mistake and take Torres off for Llorente now.
  4. To be fair to Spain they are an attacking side, and if their games are boring it's normally because the other time decides their only option is to park the bus.
  5. Not at all sure about Fabregas upfront. Obvious;y he's going to be more of a 'false 9', but if Italy are going to sit deep with a back 5 you'd have thought a proper striker like Llorente would offer better presence. They need to drop one of Xabi and Busquets to give the midfield more dynamism, too. Spain should still be favourites but you can so see Cassano and Balotelli hitting them on the break.
  6. It's hard to even think about football outside the euros, but probably worth mentioning that Argentina beat Brazil 4-3 just now, with Messi getting a hat-trick. His third is stunning. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ylrvg0hDqQE
  7. Surely Portugal are better off throwing on another winger for Postiga and shoving Ronaldo up front. They're toothless otherwise. Edit: good to see the Portugese bench are keeping up with the thread.
  8. I like how 'Arry's only analysis is to describe players as either 'good', 'talented' or 'top'. So predictable.
  9. Also, just because one English player was probably racist once, doesn't mean the entire Bitish press should be silenced from reporting on any abuse through the entire tournament whatsoever.
  10. The Panorama documentary said UEFA are leaving security up to the National authorities. There's a temptation to say it's all just media sensationalism and scaremongering, but when you look at some of the footage they managed to capture unfortunately I think there is a genuine concern there.
  11. Really? It wasn't that long ago England players were subjected to monkey chants in Spain...
  12. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2155603/QPR-ambitious-bid-Olivier-Giroud.html?ito=feeds-newsxml LOL
  13. In that case all the demo pods both at E3 and eventually in stores will power down in a matter of hours... So I'm guessing not.
  14. They're making avatars for Kinect now?
  15. On the plus side Retro and EAD must be working on something. Plus it is big at least for Nintendo themselves to finally a console 3rd parties are willing/able to work on. But there's no doubt that was a huge disappointment. Going out on a fucking Nintendo Land fireworks display right when you were expecting the big next-gen Zelda / Metroid reveal was nothing short of a kick in the balls. They don't actually think this launch line up is SO impressive their simply isn't time even to trailer what's coming on the horizon, do they?
  16. With Danny Welbeck as Didier Drogba, Gary Cahill as Gary Cahill and John Terry as David Luiz. I believe.
  17. I suspect a midfield of Fellaini, Witsel, Dembele and Hazard would set you back the best part of £80m, if not more, No shame in Hodgsoning our way through.
  18. Yeah I was expecting us to get battered. Pleased with that.
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