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  1. Oh man 3-0 would have been sweet
  2. I reckon they'll let him have his hat-trick first, then sub him maybe on 60
  3. Absolutely loving this. God like performance from Balotelli
  4. Again, you're taking things too literally. Obviously I realise there's a goalkeeper in the way. And, sure, if you just hit the ball down the centre of the goal for an easy save of course that's worse than something that might actually stand a chance of beating the keeper. These things are a given. But if you don't want to assume those things I'm saying the minimum that should be expected of an international footballer is that in a high pressure situation he's able to get a shot on target that has a reasonable chance of beating a goal keeper. Anything less than that and unless the ball moves before you kick it or something, it's a bad penalty, not bad luck.
  5. It's only really since Mourinho took charge that he hasn't been one of the busiest keepers in La Liga. I guess he'll have to move to Arsenal now to get back what he once had.
  6. You're taking this way too literally, and making a bit of a straw-man. Some players are able to hit a better penalty than others, that isn't to say they literally hit a perfect penalty 100% of the time. Lionel Messi is a better player than Fernando Torres in all sorts of ways. Penalty taking is one of them (I pick Torres because he was Atletico's take and a had a horrible record). If Messi takes 100 penalties and scores more than Fernando Torres taking the same number, that doesn't mean that Lionel Messi's technique is literally perfect and that he's able to do precisely what he wants with a football 100% of the time.
  7. I understand the pressure on the guy. That's why Nani was an idiot to send him on his way. But your ability to deal with pressure is part of your overall ability as a player... and clearly some players rise to the occasion better than others. Le Tissier isn't the only guy with a fantastic penalty record out there, and Torres isn't the only guy with a horrible one. It isn't luck that separates them.
  8. He didn't miss by miles, but my point is the target is big enough and near enough to you, that you that for players above a certain level, any penalty that misses that target is a bad penalty. Clearly some players can and some players can't.
  9. Yeah there are good penalty takes and bad ones. Le Tissier took 48 in his career and scored 47. That isn't luck.
  10. You could say Cesc's penalty was accurate enough. Like a basketball player shooting a free-throw that goes in off the rim, no one aims to hit the rim, but it's not lucky that you hit the inside rather than the outside and it goes in.
  11. These are international footballers, kicking a ball reasonably hard in a general direction should not be beyond them. Any penalty that misses is a bad penalty. And it doesn't take a body language expert to see that Alves was shitting it. I think Nani should take some responsibility for potentially putting the shits up him even more though. Who actually cares if you take your penalty 3rd or 4th?
  12. Pirlo isn't particularly mobile either, so I don't see the contradiction. Tom Huddlestone's a classy player with a fantastic range of passing. He's no Pirlo, but he could do a hell of a lot to improve our possession game and creativity. He could also walk into starting XI ahead of Henderson right now, so I'm not sure where that puts him in relation to the Championship?
  13. I'm quite happy with our little Euros outing. With Roy at the helm and star players out, I saw us like Fulham playing in the Champions League. Anything we could get whatsoever was a bonus. And remarkably, not only did we win our group, but in the knock-out stages we managed to take Italy (Juve) to penalties. That's the beauty of low expectations. Hopefully at the World Cup we'll have Wilshire, and some other people who can actually play football, and not be quite so outclassed at the first sign of decent opposition, mind.
  14. After Chelsea in the Champions League as well, it does kind of seem like these things only become an issue for him when England benefits https://twitter.com/SeppBlatter/status/215372031506657281
  15. Isn't Parker carrying an injury? He looks off the pace, and it's only going to get worse. Ox or Jones in his place depending on how negative we want to be.
  16. I find it weird when when former club mates embrace John Terry like that... like he might actually be an OK guy
  17. It's got to be a hard one for the next Dutch manager when on the one hand you've got virtually undropable talents like Sneijder, Van Persie and Robben going forward; and then in defence you've got a load of dross you simply have to make the best of. Apart from Van Bommel Who do you actually replace in that side?
  18. Midfield is probably their weak-spot, but Veloso, Moutinho and Meireles are all solid players with the ability to create their fair share of chances. For me they've got by a distance the best defence in the tournament, they're strong on set pieces and Ronaldo and Nani give them more unpredictability going forward than Germany have. If they play Germany whoever's up against Boateng will tear him apart. Spain have the edge over them simply because their midfield is so superior it's almost unfair... But even then Portugal could probably park the bus and hit them on the break.
  19. Portugal seriously have quality all over the pitch. With Ronaldo on form they're the second best team in the tournament for me.
  20. Just turned over to the Germany game just in time to see them bury one. It's going to take all of Nicklas Bentner's world class ability to turn it around now.
  21. Probably ahead of actual gaming for me.
  22. When you spell it out it actually isn't that hard to see. They simply have to go for this time, surely. Van der Vaart instead of Van Bommel, and Huntelaar in place of Afelaly, please. Get through this and they'll be amongst the favourites again. Although that would of course mean the untimely exit of Nicklas Bendtner and his lucky pants
  23. France, Russia, Portugal and Holland come to mind? You could argue Spain as well with Silva and Iniesta, who aren't exactly there as James Milner types, although they press with the rest of the team. When you think about it it's a bit weird having a winger who's there mainly to defend, and a full-back who's there mainly to attack. I guess it can work though. Johnson arguably had a similar relationship at Liverpool with Kuyt.
  24. I assume Nelsen'll come in as cover, and possibly with a view to joining the backroom staff when he retires. Should be a valuable addition if he can stay fit. Fabio looks to be joining from United on loan. And Robert Green and Andy Johnson on frees as well. All potentially good signings, but I hope this isn't a sign that the board have suddenly decided to be stingy when by rights this should be the first summer transfer window we've gone into with some money since I don't even know when. Regardless, the best news of the summer so far has been: http://www.westlondonsport.com/qpr/surgeon-happy-with6-qpr-mans32-recovery/ He's better than anyone we can hope to sign, I cannot wait to see him back.
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