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  1. I saw a bit of Roma last season, and Borini was always class. Can see him linking well with Suarez as well.
  2. The FA couldn't launch their own investigation while a criminal one was already under way. This is why the way the Suarez and Terry cases were handled cannot be compared. I don't know why people find this so hard to understand.
  3. Kind of. I think he's probably guilty, but I can see why the Magistrate came to the decision he did. Once the defendant raises a defence the prosecution have to prove it to be false beyond any reasonable doubt. So with Terry's defence being that he said the words sarcastically, simply standing up and saying it - even without evidence - is enough to raise that defence. The prosecution then had to disprove it definitely in order to convict. I've only briefly read the live feed of the Magistrate's statement, but he seems to allude to this saying both Terry and Ferdinand are 'credible' witnesses, and he couldn't be 'sure' Terry meant the words offensively. I imagine if the FA were to hold a trial with the burden of proof being on the balance of probabilities (like Suarez), rather than beyond reasonable doubt, the outcome might have been different... I do think if anyone earnestly believes John Terry used the words 'fucking black cunt' inoffensively they're kind of deluded. I guess the CPS didn't think there was enough evidence to charge Suarez. I can't really remember, but there wasn't any video footage in his case, was there?
  4. If it came to them having to join the bottom tier of Scottish football, could they instead apply to join the bottom tier of English football?
  5. As much as Zlatan is the greatest man ever to play football, Thiago Silva could be the bigger coup here. He and Alex at the back are going to be beastly.
  6. Crumbs. http://sports.yahoo.com/news/ac-milan-accepts-psgs-60-100000350--sow.html Looks like Zlatan's about to add another domestic title to his collection.
  7. I think I like this trial more than actual football
  8. I like that team a lot. You're right no matter who we sign Mackie forgotten either. I see him coming off the bench when we're holding on to a lead a lot this season. This is getting ridiculous: http://www.heraldsco...switch.18131420 Looks like Fernandes is gambling on our ever increasing wage bill being subsidised by the entire population of South Korea suddenly supporting us. I like it.
  9. Apparently I forgot Djib is also a CL winner. We're such a team of winners. So only the mail but OMG I hope this is true http://www.dailymail...or-Hoilett.html Winning the race for Hoilett. Also mentions that Wanyama chap. We're so finishing above Fulham. Edit: There's also an interview with Adel here after signing his new contract http://www.dailymail.co.uk/sport/football/article-2172111/Adel-Taarabt-signs-new-QPR-deal.html I love him. Even with all the new signings still potentially our best player in my eyes, and it sounds like he's got his head screwed on at last. Hopefully he can hit the ground running next season and really light up this league.
  10. If I remember the match correctly that won't be hard to prove. He also squared up to Paddy Kenny and gestured what a fat bastard he is by rubbing his stomach, although admittedly that was quite funny.
  11. Prosecution to start cross-examining Terry. This better be good. If he's found guilty it'll be a huge blow to his reputation and legacy. You can see him losing far more in sponsorship deals, Chelsea may even feel under pressure to consider his position.
  12. Yeah I saw Dark knight in IMAX and it was amazing. They used it for the sweeping, panoramic views of Gotham. IIRC it was the same deal on the blu-ray - letterboxed other than for the IMAX scenes.
  13. I don't see what the problem is with people watching football, reading articles about it, and then expressing an opinion based on that. It's kind of what you've just done on the FA's footsal programme. But yeah, from personal experience that is how young kids in this country are taught to play. Every match between schools, junior teams and even youth teams of local clubs that I've ever been aware of from the age of 6 has taken place on full sized pitches with full sized balls. I played full-back and was always taught to lump it forward at the first opportunity. The only exception would be 5 a-side, but that was only for kids not good enough to get into their local junior or club team. To be fair I wasn't actually very good, but even the kid at school who played for England school boys had much the same experience until he joined West Ham. But maybe Surrey's particularly bad... we don't seem to produce anyone.
  14. You could say Spain have the same 'problem' of all their top talent being congested in an even smaller number of top clubs. The difference is their talent is good enough to break through regardless.
  15. The problem with England isn't that we're actually shit... A team that regularly gets to quarter finals has to be fairly decent... It's just our flaws are so maddeningly apparent, have been for so long, and there is so little sign of them being addressed. We produce good players, but they're all basically the same as each other, and we can't pass the ball. Steven Gerrard, Frank Lampard and Wayne Rooney are all great at charging up and down the pitch pretending to be Roy of the Rovers. But when you try and play them all together they're not disciplined and they can't patiently build possession while looking for an opening. They either all try and play their natural game leaving great holes for the opposition to exploit all over the pitch, or as is more common they're paralysed by fear knowing that they can't actually trust anyone along-side them to cover for them should they try and do anything the smallest bit creative. The end result is of course lumping the ball forward to Carroll/Heskey in the hope that one time out of a hundred something might come of it. Perhaps once a game something will, and we once again bluff our way to the quarter finals without actually playing football. Even the likes of Scott Parker, James Milner, Theo Walcott and Joe Cole, who do in theory have more defined positions answer to this description to some extent. They all love running, and aren't so great when it comes to stringing the odd pass together. In fact the only midfielder we took to the Euros who is a genuine specialist in his position is Stewart Downing, and to be frank that just says it all. When we do randomly produced the odd gem like Hoddle or Scholes who are capable of dictating a game for us they're treated suspiciously and shunted out to the left-wing.You could say that the likes of Silva and Iniesta are hardly specialists either, but they're all so good at passing, moving, receiving the ball and interchanging positions that it doesn't matter. For our players of more limited ability it clearly does. Similarly to say we can't learn from the French because they've had their fair share of failure recently seems more than a little churlish. Even if they've been dreadful since winning in 98 and 00 a player like M'vila still represents a level of technical and tactical accomplishment that our system just seems incapable of producing. Needless to say, other similarly sized and smaller European nations from Germany to Croatia all have their examples too, whatever their other faults may be. We unquestionably need a cultural change in this country if these short-comings are ever going to be addressed, and I guess the only positive is that does seem to be being recognised, even if the fruits of that will inevitably be some way off. In the mean-time I've got my fingers crossed that when Wilshire returns from injury, England see the best of him starting to dictate play through the middle, and Roy doesn't his best position is on the left of a 4-4-2.
  16. Club captain when I was a boy. Can't say any more than that. Delighted with Diakite and Park in particular. Diakite probably the better player, but there's something symbolic about bringing a player of Park's status in the game to Loftus Road. It's less than 2 years ago we were scrapping around for Championship rejects like Nardiello and Simon Walton for peanuts and frees. Now we've got a guy who won the Champions League in recent memory. For all we've been through in the last two seasons it's still barely believable. So I've been thinking about the starting XI from the current crop and came up with: ......................Cisse...Zamora Park/Fabio...Diakite...Faurlin...Taarabt Traore/Fabio...Hill.....Anton.......Onuoha ...........................Green I don't actually like 4-4-2. But Cisse, Diakite and Faurlin should be the first names on the team sheet. Cisse probably needs a strike partner, and Zamora plays that role perfectly so he's in. Then you've just got to try and fit the rest in to something reasonably coherent. I like Taarabt on the left, but at the same time playing like this we'll always have a balance of at least one attacking and one defensive player wide, and if that means Fabio giving us some creativity from full-back, covered by Park then so be it. I have no idea who Wanyama is? Bircham was on Talk Sport saying two or three more 'marquee signings', so maybe he's one. Hopefully if we do bring anyone else in they'll be a little younger than the other guys. As exciting as it is to see established talent coming through the door, we don't want to start resembling a retirement home. Also as much as or squad is ridiculously massive and needs trimming of all its dead wood, I hope Kenny stays. He was unlucky to have to play through injury last season, and we can't ask for a better back-up keeper. Rob Hulse, on the other hand, just cannot be serious about wanting stay and 'fight' for his place... I do wonder how many players still on big contracts we'll have at the end of the summer 'fighting for their places' a million miles from the 24 man squad. More positively, I reckon with that squad we should be aiming for about mid-table? Finishing above Fulham would be nice
  17. a big boy


    Things like this are all the worse when the player in question has previously gone out of their way to show their love for the club and appreciation of the fans. Like when Torres used to give interviews about how in love with Liverpool he was and how he hoped his daughter grew up with a scouse accent (lol)... Only to go to Chelsea for a bigger pay packet, and promptly declare that allegiance and sentiment plays no part in football, and anyone who claims otherwise is a bit thick. I don't actually mind mercenary footballers as such, and as a fan of a smaller club you kind of just accept that sooner or later your best players are going to leave you anyway. It's just the ones that disingenuously kiss the badge and lap up the admiration, only to slap those same fans in the face the first chance they get that pisses me off.
  18. Seaons' ambitions staying up hopefully a little less desperately than last season, and Joey Barton being banished to the reserves. lol. I wonder if the bookies will even take bets on the Scottish league any more.
  19. Spain also happened to be winning 2-0. Through the tournament people have said this Spain team are overrated, and they get the praise they do because of the reputation they brought coming into the tournament. The truth is their every weakness - real or imagined - has been scrutinised like no one else's before, while any 10 minute period their opponents might get the better of them for is inflated out of all proportion. They're criticised for being boring, when any team who sets up shop with even a hint of success against them is praised to the heavens. Even Portugal were said to have got the better of them over 90 minutes by practically everyone, when in fact they didn't have a shot on target in that time. Italy played well tonight and in fact executed their game plan to perfection, but they were simply outclassed. Just as the rest of the world has been for the past 4 years.
  20. Spain proving the doubters wrong once again. This is the greatest international team of all time.
  21. 5 years ago when Pirlo, Seedorf, Gattuso and Ambrosini were all at their peak, and Kaka was the best player in the world. Kind of different to he Milan side he left behind.
  22. That is true. In the Champions League we've seen AC Milan's midfield just be completely overrun by English club sides numerous times. The difference is that both Juve and Italy have a lot more athletes in midfield than the bunch of geriatrics at Milan that can both cover for him defensively, and provide the runs for him to hit those long balls to. He isn't any kind of imperious force of nature, but he is a player of absolute class and vision, and thanks to those around him he is now much harder to shut out than he was when Alex Ferguson simply asked Park to chase him around for 90 minutes.
  23. Pirlo's like a rich man's Xabi Alonso. A footballing God.
  24. I think people didn't realise how good Italy are going into it, so it made their total domination look even more ridiculous than it was... Despite the scoreline Germany have still given them as much of a game as we did, though. And Gary Neville is still the best pundit.
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